Everything to Know About Fiji Before You Go There


Fiji is a beautiful island country in Melanesia. It is located about 2000 km from New Zealand. Fiji is an archipelago with about 333 islands, the major ones being Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Fiji is famous for its tropical island s and friendly people. It is an excellent destination for spending some time with family.

Fiji is also known as ‘Soft Coral Capital of the World. The place is worth visiting if you are a beach lover. Fiji’s beaches are just amazing.

If you are wondering whether to go Fiji or not, read these things about Fiji, which will assist you in making your decision.

  • Most Fijians speak English, and as mentioned earlier, friendly. If you are exploring Fiji, then you will hear these two words and frequently. Bula is the Fijian Hello. Vinaka means Thank you. So don’t be confused when someone speaks these words to you.
  • A common sight in Fiji is people walking around with machetes. A machete is a standard tool for working. It is used to open a coconut, cut grass, etc. So most people are equipped with the device all the time.
  • Fijians love children and will adore them as their own. Frequently Fijians resemble huge kids themselves. You can feel sure your children are in the best of hands. Or on the other hand, appreciate the collaboration among Fijians and children.
  • Much the same as Chinese, there is no gender-specific word in Fijian, so frequently they state “he” when alluding to a lady and the other way around. It may get extremely confounding. Focus on reference to the setting, and you will make sense of it in the long run.
  • Fiji is spread over the global date line and on the island of Taveuni, Which is quite interesting as you can change your time zone just by keeping your foot on the other side

Now that the essential nature of the Fijians has been talked about, we should move further to what you should explore.


Places to visit in Fiji

Here are the best places that you can visit in Fiji:

1. Museum of Fiji

Museum of Fiji
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This museum in Fiji, out of all interesting local interest points, offers a marvelous experience into the island’s social and correct turn of events. Situated in the core of Suva’s Thurston Gardens, the Fiji Museum holds a momentous assortment, which incorporates archaeological material going back 3,700 years and social articles speaking to both Fiji’s indigenous occupants and different networks that have settled in the island bunch in recent years.

2. Castaway Island

Castaway Island
flickr: Alison

Castaway Island, Fiji is a perfect private island 4-star resort situated in the core of Fiji’s Mamanuca Islands gathering. The island’s 174 sections of land are shrouded in rich tropical rainforest and encompassed by white sand beaches, lively coral reefs, and sky blue South Pacific waters.

The retreat offers customarily motivated individual bure convenience with smart and extensive interiors. Castaway Island offers the ideal family occasion in heaven. Its offices and staff are excellent. Awesome for families. Lovely beaches, extraordinary swimming, and movement choices, a bounty for small kids to do.


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3. Whale’s Tale Cruise Tour

Whale's Tale Cruise Tour
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For those adoration undertakings and angling across the board, they will not have the option to discover a game that is so testing as Hand line angling. The whole family will appreciate swimming and seeing our delightful coral in Schooners Islands’ perfect condition. Charm in exercises like seashore volleyball, swimming, riding water bikes, having a relaxing island massage, and tasting local treats like Kava tea.

4. Nakawaga Waterfall

Nakawaga Waterfall
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Encompassed by rainforest, Nakawaga Waterfall remains as a serene and undisturbed cascade. Take swimming clothing to chill free pool underneath the falls. The short climb to the fascination is straightforward, with individual scaffolds and shakes to explore. Appreciate the 360 all-encompassing perspectives on the scene with flawless photograph openings. You can also satisfy your appetite in the nearby restaurants in case you feel tired after having a relaxing bath. A must visit place for nature lovers.

5. Fiji Forest park(Colo-I-Suva)

Fiji Forest park(Colo-I-Suva)
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Colo-I-Suva is a 2.5 sq km park that consists of a lavish rainforest watering with tropical plants and melodic fledgling life and probably the best spot to visit in Fiji islands. The 6.5-km of walkable trails offer exquisite sights. At the height of 120m to 180m, it’s a calm and quiet rest from Suva’s urban change. Slipping through the boondocks over rocks is Wasilla Creek that advances down to Waimanu River and structures a couple of water openings on the way.

6. Sigatoka Sand Dunes

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Perhaps the best spot to visit in Fiji island is the sandhills that lie near the Sigatoka River’s mouth. Windblown and unpleasant, they remain around 5 km long, up to 1 km wide, about 20 m high because they were made a national stop in 1989. This is essentially a national park that is generally visited by nature sweethearts. For a harmony inducing experience, you can design a visit to this spot.

7. Flying Fish Restaurant, Denarau Island

flickr: A. Wee

If you get an opportunity to visit Denarau Island, make sure to visit the Flying Fish Restaurant. This café serves the neighborhood cooking to its visitor. Very notable among the neighborhood occupants, this spot offers great food at sensible rates to the clients.

8. Tavuni Hill Fort

flickr: edsturdy

This is believed to be the perfect place to visit in Fiji for an exclusive honeymoon. Worked in the eighteenth century by Tongan Boss Maile Latumai, this one was a watched site used during the war and is one of Fiji’s most interesting chronicled sights. The elevated 90m-high limestone slope at the edge of a contort in the Sigatoka River is a valid critical region for a fortress. The points of view over the stronghold are very eye-infectious, which makes it an extraordinary one among all the spots to find in Fiji.

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With palm-bordered beaches, flourishing coral reefs, benevolent appearances, and 330 islands, Fiji baits explorers desiring to unwind and loosen up. Although, the best time to visit Fiji is from mid-October to mid-November.

I Hope, you get all the information about Fiji from this post. You can also enjoy Scuba Diving in Fiji when you go there.