15 Interesting Things to do in Fiji on Your Vacation


Whether you’re taking an international holiday soon or going backpacking around the world anytime soon, Fiji Islands are great places and ideal destinations. The islands have destinations that offer something for everyone!

With amazing palm-lined beaches and even more beautiful coral reefs to explore, Fiji is a place you’re surely going to enjoy traveling to. Here is a list of things we know are the best to do and see in and around these 300+ islands.

Things to do in Fiji

Here is the list of interesting Things to do in Fiji on your next trip. There are more than 300 Island here and you can enjoy your vacation fullest if you do these activities.

1. Scuba dive and snorkel

Scuba dive and snorkel
Image by Manfred Richter from Pixabay

The marine life in the coral reefs around the beaches of the Fiji islands is the first thing you should discover after landing on one of these islands. Most resorts and hotels have snorkeling and diving gear along with qualified instructors so that you don’t miss out on this wonderful experience in Fiji.


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2. Go Island Hopping

Go Island Hopping
Image by Neramit Event from Pixabay

Don’t plan to spend all the time on your Fiji trip on a single island. Instead, hop from one island to another and see as many of the 330 Fijian islands you can. Not all of these islands are inhabited, but those that are made for great day trips and overnight stays. Some great places to explore are the Denarau Island, Laucala Island, Kadavu Island among many more. The Mamanuca Islands are the closest to the mainland are amazing destinations too!

3. Get your dose of adventure!

Get your dose of adventure!
Image by NOWAYNOSELF from Pixabay

If adventure is what you crave, there are a lot of options in Fiji for you to try! You can go river tubing, zip lining or maybe set out on a jungle safari at various places in and around the Fiji mainland. Go Dirty Tours also allows you to rent ATVs and you can rent one to make your time more adventurous and fun!

4. See the KULA Wild Adventure Park

Spend some great time with your family and friends in the KULA Wild Adventure Park. Originally established as a bird park in the 1980s, this park is located in the Viti Levu, Fiji’s largest island and capital. The extensive system of walkways and the great variety of flora and fauna at KULA Park is sure to make your trip so much fun. Also, don’t be scared if you see iguanas because they live at KULA too! And if you love these reptiles, you can hold one too!


5. Stay in a bure

Stay in a bure and experience life in the Fijian way. These traditional huts and bungalows are native to Fiji and are a must – stay if you want to have the authentic Fijian experience. Even though most bures have modern interiors, a few resorts have bures where you can lie and sit om straw mats and enjoy the local culture even more.

6. Explore the Nausori Highlands

Reach the Nausori Highlands via the Nadi Back road and see the divine landscapes of the nearby Mamanuca Islands or the rustic rural landscapes of the nearby Fijian villages. You can also hike around some of the hills up there and spend some quality time with your loved ones and friends. These highlands are great for making beautiful memories.

7. Stay in a Fijian village

Stay in a Fijian village

Yes, you read it right. Experience the local culture and traditions by spending some time on your trip to a local village on the Viti Levu, or the mainland. See how the local residents live without electricity and witness some of their interesting traditions. This should be totally in your itinerary if you are someone who loves learning about different cultures and traditions.

8. Visit a waterfall

Visit a waterfall
flickr: Luca Sartoni

The Fiji islands are a treasure trove of natural beauty and home to several waterfalls, each of which has a different experience. Most of these but require a short jungle trek to reach there! The most beautiful and amazing waterfalls in the whole of Fiji are located on the islands of Vanua Levu and Taveuni.

9. Ride a horse on the beach

Ride a horse on the beach Things to do in Fiji
Image by Michel Bertolotti from Pixabay

Fijians use horses for transport and so it’s not uncommon to spot horse riding along some beaches of Fiji. You can find a great horse ride in the mornings or the evenings at Natadola Bay and Wailoaloa. You are also going to see young village children riding horses around.

10. Explore the roadside stalls

The roadside stalls in Fiji are the places for you to get your daily supply of fruits and vegetables. Bananas, Paw-Paw, passion fruit, pineapple, tangy starfruit, soursop, cacao fruit, you name it and these stalls have it. Along these stalls are some vendors who sell coconut water. Spend a great day at the beach and get some coconut water from these stalls to rehydrate. If you’re in Fiji and haven’t tried coconut water, you should.

11. A Fijian Spa

A Fijian Spa
Image by Jürgen Rübig from Pixabay

Visiting Fiji for a break from work? Relax by enjoying a traditional spa massage. Most resorts in Fiji offer great coconut and milk treatments and you can choose from a large variety. The traditional massage is sure to totally relax you!

12. Watch a sunset

Watch a sunset
Image by FelixMittermeier from Pixabay

The sunsets in and around the Fiji islands are the greatest natural spectacles of the area! Watch the sky unfold its magic and the hues of red and yellow lighten up the sky. So as long as you are in Fiji, expect yourself to be amazed every evening while the sky does its magic. And we’re not exaggerating!

13. Visit the Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park

Visit the Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park
Image Source

The Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park in Viti Levu, Fiji is located at the mouth of the Sigatoka River. These dunes are also the sites of archaeological excavations. If you’re into history, you should visit the dunes and the site where 2,600 years old pottery was found.

14. Visit the Mount Tomanivi

Located in the northern highlands of the Fijian capital, Mount Tomanivi, which was earlier known as Mount Victoria, is the highest point in Viti Levu. This mountain is an extinct volcano and has a great variety of flora and fauna. For those of you who love hiking, you should surely head to Navai village from where the trail starts and hire a local guide who will take you to the top.

15. Learn some local recipes

Learn some local recipes Things to do in Fiji
Image by Suman Maharjan from Pixabay

Visit the Flavours of Fiji Cooking School and learn the recipes of your favorite Fijian delicacies. This will let you learn more about the culture of the Fijians. 

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Fiji is a great place to holiday, and try our list to make your trip to Fiji much more enjoyable. Do try all of these activities in Fiji and make your trip to Fiji more interesting. You will love to explore local culture over there and don’t miss the horse riding on the beach if you are on your honeymoon.