Mahabaleshwar is a beautiful hill station located in Maharashtra. It is known for hill points, waterfalls, and temples.

Key Points
  • Ideal Duration: 2 days
  • Best Time: Oct-Jun
  • Nearest Airport: Pune

Mahabaleshwar is a small own located in Satara district of Mararashtra. It is a hill station located in Sahyadri mountain range. During the British raj, it served as the summer capital of Bombay province. It is known as one of the few evergreen forests of India.

The average elevation of Mahabaleshwar is 1,353 metres (4,439 ft). At highest peak, it reaches a height of 1,439 m (4,721 ft) above sea level. This peak is known as Wilson/Sunrise.

Mahabaleshwar is the source of the Krishna River.

Places in Mahabaleshwar

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