Weekend Getaway close to Pune and Mumbai

Key Points
  • Ideal Duration: 1 - 2 days
  • Best Time: Throughout the year
  • Nearest Airport: Pune

Lonavala is a hill station located at Pune district of Maharashtra. It is a part of Sahyadri range like any other hill-station in the state. Lonavala has got its name from the forests ‘Lonali’ and ‘Avali’ which means series and is a perfect description of its natural beauty. It is popularly known as ‘Sister Hill of Khandala’ as the two shows close resemblance in their ambiance and culture. It is closer to Mumbai as well as Pune and is easy-to-reach hill-station. Lonavala has a number of adventurous activities that can make you more excited to visit this place any time of the year. It is a perfect home for trekkers and hikers. Lonavala has a dense forest, green hills, lakes, and dam alongside the lakes. Considering its beauty, it is commonly addressed as ‘the Jewel of Maharashtra’. This place has a number of resorts and hotels to make your trip easy and comfortable.


Along with its natural charm, this old city has a great historical significance. Today is known as Lonavala, was once a part of the Yadava Dynasty. It was under the rule of Mughals for a long period due to its strategic importance. Later, in 1818 it was discovered by the Governor of Bombay Presidency, who was passionate about nature and its beauty. It is a favorite city for lots of real estate developers as it gives pleasant and pollution free accommodation.


People living in Lonavala are mostly Hindus, speaking Marathi as their common language. However, people belonging to other religion are also found here. They are decent, cheerful and helping. They are mostly dressed in tropical styles.

Popular Marathi cuisine is available at this place. Ganesh Chaturthi and Vijaya Dashami are the grand festivals, being celebrated by the locals with great joy and fun.

The hard candy- ‘Chikki’ made out of ground-nut, dry fruits and chocolate is famous all over the country because of its mouth-watering taste.


  • Visit the Pawna Lake to escape the hustle bustle of the city life. Beautiful calm water body with surrounding greenery is the never-ending glory of the City. People also go for Camping near this pleasing lake to witness its beauty.
  • Go trekking at the Canyon Valley during your visit in at Lonavala. This is a fun-filled thing to do at Lonavala as trekking is a great option to unwind the secrets of nature. Walk through the valley and mellow your feet in the wide range of flora and fauna provided by this place.
  • Hot air balloon Safari is something unusual that can make your day memorable in Lonavala. Of course, you don’t get this chance that often to make birds fly beside you! You will be able to see the eminence of Sahyadri over all the misty clouds.
  • Another trekking spot for trek lovers is the Lohagad Fort. It is known for its Architectural magnificence. This is the best place to go hiking in the rugged terrains.


The below mentioned are some must-visit attractive places that you can add to your list while planning a trip to Lonavala:

  • Tung Fort
  • Valvan Dam
  • Ekvira
  • Miniature World Museum- It is a perfect place for kids to experience the Miniature arts displayed in the museum with the model of village, city and airport.
  • Lonavala Celebrity Wax Museum
  • Karla Caves- These are old rock-cut caves of ancient Buddhists located at Lonavala.

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