Azores Travel Guide: Things To Know Before You Go


The archipelago region in Portugal in the mid of the Atlantic ocean is one of the finest dramatic tropical regions to visit. From sports activities to fishing and enjoying scenic visuals, Azores has a lot to explore and dive in. This place is still an offbeat destination for visitors which hasn’t gained much recognition over the past years. Interestingly, they have gained some popularity because of the mineral springs and whale watching here over a few years.

Every hook and corner in the Azores has a unique nature’s blessing which will for sure satisfy your nature’s cravings. From the lush flora of Terceira to whale watching sights at Faial and the volcanic majestic mountains, the Azores is extraordinarily beautiful to feel nature closely.

The Azores are divided into islands, mainly 3 groups. The west consists of Flores and Convo, The central region covers Terceira, Graciosa, Faial, Sao Jorge, and Pico. And the east group has Santa Maria and Sao Miguel. 

Area of Azores: 2,346 km²
Largest city in Azores: Ponta Delgada
Official languages: Portuguese
Currency: EUR (€) (EUR)


Here’s a small Azores travel guide to know a little about this geopark, Azores.

Azores Travel Guide

Follow these tips to know before you go to the Azores to enjoy fully:

The Thermal Spring

azores travel guide

Since the Azores are all wrapped with some warm current vibes, make sure you enjoy the thermal spring swim here. There are places like Poca da Dona Beija, Caldeira, Velha, and TerraNostra where you can fully enjoy your swim surrounded by wild forest and palm views with the true essence of greenery in nature. This is a must-do if you ever plan to visit the Azores in winters or during pleasant weather.

Visit the lakes of Azores

azores travel guide

The Azores have plenty of Lakes around it to explore and enjoy the views. With different levels of accessibility, each lake is different from one another. You can also go hiking or maybe do some amazing photography here.


List of best Azores lake

  • Lagoa das Sete Cidades
  • Lagoa Rasa-Sao Miguel
  • Lagoa do Fogo-Sao Miguel
  • Lagoa das Furnas-Sao Miguel
  • Lagoa Empadadas-Sao Miguel
  • Lagoa Negra & Lagoa Comprida-Flores
  • Lagoa do Capitao-Pico
  • Caldeirao-Corvo

Enjoy the outdoor activities

There’s plenty of outdoor activity to try in the Azores. Hiking, canoeing, whale watching, horse riding, sailing, diving, paragliding, surfing, and much more.

The Azores has plenty of places to discover and explore. There are 9 islands and you need to make a correct logistics estimation on where you want to go. Check the prices with your guide and decide it pre hand. To be honest it’s expensive too.

According to us, a trip to Sao Miguel is the first preference to have a great deep look into the beauty of the Azores.

Right from flight tickets to taxi fares, everything might seem to be a little expensive here. moreover, it’s even more difficult to find buses according to your time to visit different places. It’s better to get your wheels by renting a car. There’s high demand here for transportation facilities. 

Discover Algar do Carvão

This is one place which you probably shouldn’t miss at all. The cave of Algar Do Carvao is stunning and mesmerizing to explore and discover. The cave starts with a small tunnel and as soon as you exit the tunnel, you get to see the most spectacular view of it.

The grotto here is almost 90 km deep with a rainwater river flowing by most of the time of the year. Make sure to get something warm along with you here so that you enjoy the weather here. don’t get afraid of the encounter bats here. the bat echolocation doesn’t work here. the fee for the entrance can cost €8 – €12.

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Visit the tea plantation spots

The Azores is the only place in Europe where tea is cultivated. You can find a beautiful tea plantation in Sao Miguel where different types of tea are grown and cultivated. Right from black, green, and orange pekoe, there’s every variety available here. Make sure you stop at Gorreana or Porto Formosa to check out some amazing tea boxes. Moreover, you can also plan a hiking trip here to enjoy the fresh green vibes.

Discover the different tropical beaches around

The Azores is one all-rounder destination where you can discover some tropical beaches to enjoy the sun and water. Most of the beaches here are of volcanic origin. They are dark, grey sandy, and as deep as the beauty that prevails around them. The water waves here are extremely impressive as they are rough, wild, and high. 

List of the most beautiful beaches here in the Azores

  • Praia de Santa Bárbara (São Miguel)
  • Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo (São Jorge)
  • Praia de Água D’Alto (São Miguel)
  • Praia Porto Pim (Faial)
  • Vila Franca do Campo Islet (São Miguel)
  • Praia do Fogo (São Miguel)
  • Praia Formosa (Santa Maria)
  • Canto da Areia (Pico)

Give a try to the spicy meat food

Who can ever say no to food when in Portugal? The healthy Mediterranean cuisine here is a must-try. They have some tropical flavors paired up with the meat such as pineapple which is unique and amazing. We promise you’ll love it eating here.

Best time to visit Azores:

The Azores have quite balmy and unpredictable weather throughout the year. Summers are hot and humid and winters are cool and breezy. Depending upon you, you can choose any season to visit here. but if whale watching and lush green sceneries are what you are excited about, then you need o plan a visit here in your next spring break.

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So, this was a brief Azores travel guide on the visiting Azores. But yes, we would like to remind you that, this is a remote island and there’s hardly any ATM nearby. So make sure you carry some cash along with you before visiting this place to avoid a shortage of money.

We hope this blog has convinced you enough to plan a visit at least once to the Azores.