10 Best Travel Blogs in The World

Travel has now become a way of life. A lot of people quit their jobs every year, and find solace in traveling. Their reason to travel? They are curious and have a desire to learn about the various cultures and traditions people follow. Travelers, unlike tourists, don’t just want to visit, but immerse themselves in the culture, making connections with the locals and visiting places that haven’t been frequented.

Best travel blogs in the world

With the advent of technology, it has now become very easy to travel and share experiences. Travelers have taken to blogging to share their stories, their lessons and motivate those who want to travel the world. Travel blogs are now more popular than ever because they have become the go-to sites for anyone who wants to know about a place. Here is the list of ten best travel blogs we have found online. And, believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

1. Wandering Earl

Derek Earl has been on the road since 1999, and till now, has spent more than 6,600 days on the road and visited an amazing 116 countries. He began his blog in 2009, ‘to prove that long-term travel doesn’t have to be a crazy thing’. Not only has been featured in TIME, The Huffington Post, he has also been spotted on the page of the New York Times. From acting in a Bollywood TV show to being kidnapped in Bangladesh for three days and working onboard ship cruises, he has truly experienced it all. His blog has travel advice, travel guides and much more for any budding traveler.

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2. Nomadic Matt

Authored by Matt, the New York Times Bestseller of ‘How To Travel The World on $50 a Day’, the Nomadic Matt Travel Blog has various helpful articles on travel. And he writes all of them in-depth so that they can be of actual use. Having visited about 100 countries and territories, Matt knows multiple languages and has flown thousands of miles. He believes that ‘you don’t need to be rich to travel’ and his travel blog shares how he traveled using this mantra. This blog has been featured on the New York Times, BBC, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, The Independent among many others.

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3. Expert Vagabond

When he quit his job in 2010, and bought a plane ticket to Guatemala, after saving for a year, Matthew Karsten no idea what to do. While traveling, he began his blog called the ‘Expert Vagabond’, and he hasn’t looked back since. During his travels, he has done a lot, from hiking Greenland’s Arctic Circle Trail go camping on an erupting volcano in Guatemala. He has a whole ‘destinations’ section on his website, along with the ‘Travel Tips’, which have tips on everything from Travel Resources to Travel Gear and Safety. His blog has over five million readers a year.

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4. Roads & Kingdoms

With a belief that ‘the more you know, the better you travel’, Roads and Kingdoms is a group of travel journalists from various different countries, who share their travel stories, experiences, and tips. Founded by the trio- Nathan Thornburgh, a former TIME correspondent, Matt Goulding, food writer and editor, and Douglas Hughmanick, an award-winning Creative Director, this website has won various awards in 2017 and 2017, for its fine content.

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5. Notes From the Road

Notes From the Road is a travel blog authored by Erik Gauger, and it covers all of his travails while traveling. What began as an experimental travel writing project in 1999, has now become a very famous blog which has been featured in TIME, Lonely Planet, National Geographic Traveler, and many more. Erik Gauger has a very keen interest in the floral and fauna, and he is always happy to add the newest flower or mammal he has seen to his ever-growing list. His blog has a special section which focuses on the various species of amphibians, birds, butterflies, dragonflies, spiders, reptiles and mammals he has come across. Other than that, his blogs have long, compelling and powerful narratives of his diverse experiences, making his blog a very delightful read.

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6. While Out Riding

Cass Gilbert’s blog ‘While Out Riding’ is a narration of the travails of a cycling journalist, who left Alaska on his bike in the summer of 2013. He had been on the go since, trying out the dirt bikes, among various others and giving out tips and recommendations to his fellow bikers. Even though he stopped in 2017, he is happy to check out a new bike every now and then.

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7. Atlas and Boots

Their journey began in 2014, Peter Watson and Kia Abdullah, the traveling couple started their journey in 2014, and have visited 70 countries in between. With a readership of 250,000 a month, their blog has everything from destination reports, debates, practical tips to listicles. Peter, having climbed the Kilimanjaro, also posts various articles on mountaineering and climbing. Their journey began when they took a 36-hour flight to Vanuatu, and ever since, they have been going. They have been featured on the Lonely Planet, National Geographic, and the Matador Network.

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8. Anywhere We Roam

Run by Mark and Paul, the blog ‘Anywhere We Roam’ has been adjudged the Best UK Travel Blog of 2019. Their curiosity, desire to know the world has let them travel extensively and published quick guides, complete guides, itineraries, and adventure sports, all on one platform. Mark, one of the writers, was born in Luton and raised in London, while Paul is an Australian who has been working in London until 2016. Even though their itineraries have places which are hardly traveled to, they believe spontaneity of travel has to be a carefully planned exercise.

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9. Maptia

Founded in 2012 by Dorothy Saunders, Dean Fischer, and Jony Miller, Maptia is another group of travel enthusiasts who have made it big. The reason they are so popular? They put together a string of inspiring and thought-provoking stories that their contributors have been a part of. They have more than two hundred contributors, ranging from photographers and writers to adventurers and conservatives.

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10. Uncornered Market

Written by Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott, this blog continues even after the couple has visited 90 countries since they left San Francisco in 2001 with six suitcases and a one-way ticket to Prague. And in 2006, they left Prague and have never looked back. Their blogs are humorous anecdotes, retellings of their adventures and escapades of about two decades. Being a woman traveler, Audrey has been traveling for much more than a decade now, which is why she writes relatable blogs on women traveling. If you want to read their travel anecdotes and subscribe, don’t forget to read their proposal and wedding blogs, each of which is so much fun.

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These blogs are the best ones we could find. And even yet, there are others we haven’t mentioned. So if you’re looking for some motivation to quit your job and begin traveling, or you are struggling to find resources for your travel, you can go and visit any one of these. You are in for a beautiful surprise!