Bahamas Cruise Guide 2020 – Everything you want to know about cruises to the Bahamas


The Bahamas has become a very popular Caribbean holiday due to its breathtaking beaches, panoramic views and memorable holiday experiences. A trip to the Bahamas has become a spot on the bucket list of many travelers. And if you’re one of those who love the journey more than the destination, a cruise to the Bahamas is what you should be taking next.

The Carnival Cruise Line offers various cruises to your favorite Bahamas destinations for as long as you want. This article is a complete guide to your next best holiday cruise and you will find everything you need to know before setting sail onboard one of the best sea journeys of your life.

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Trips and Destinations Covered in Bahamas cruise

If you want to make a short trip to the capital of Bahamas and sail from the Miami, then you should take a two or three day trip to Nassau from Miami, Florida. There are various ships that travel to Nassau, and some of them are Carnival Sensation, Carnival Victory and Carnival Conquest. These trips make sure you can spend a whole day sailing and the other onshore of the most amazing beaches in the world.


If you think you need to take another day, you can take one of the multiple four-day cruises available. Most of them stop at Nassau, and Downtown Nassau shouldn’t be missed while you’re exploring the lands. The second stop of the four-day cruise depends on the trip you’ve chosen. You can choose to stop at Freeport, and snorkel around Deadman’s reef, or you can book the ship that travels to either Half moon day or Princess Cays. Each of the islands stops is marvelous in themselves and you can choose the place that fascinated you the most. These short trips are the most popular which is why you can easily find a trip that fits your schedule. 

But if you still want a yet longer trip, you can take a six-day or a seven-day cruise. This cruise also makes a sure stopover at Nassau, and two other stops at either Freeport, Half Moon Bay or at the Princess Cays. These trips are fewer in number, and it is good to book long in advance if you want to hop on one of these sailings.

Facilities Onboard

Facilities Onboard
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The Carnival fleet is one of the best fleets to be on, and there is a range of various entertaining and relaxing options so that you can have the most memorable time onboard. The outdoor fun options are the first ones you will look at when you’re deciding to enjoy with your family. You can be sure to amaze by the SportSquare and the Carnival WaterWorks that the Carnival Sunrise offers.

Along with this, you can enjoy your favorite drinks and cocktails at various indoor and outdoor pubs. Various dining options, the most famous ones being the Sushi place, the Barbeque, all are available onboard to satisfy and broaden your taste palettes. Spas and adult-only retreats on the board will make sure that you can get a total break and replenish yourself.


Expenses on Bahamas Cruise

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 For a 2-3 day trip, tickets begin from $180 and go on increasing according to your bookings, port, and other expenses. You should be sure to keep aside at least $50 dollars for the taxes and fees. And have enough money to enjoy the facilities onboard, and buy souvenirs from the Caribbean A four-day trip begins from around $200 and is more for balcony rooms and suites. Also, you can avail discounts if you book for a large group or take a Carnival membership.

The week-long cruises are all priced differently, and you can go on the one that best suits your budget. The lowest tickets of Bahamas cruise begin from a base price of $509 per person and go up to $839 per person. Extra charges are always applicable. An idea to save money is to drive to the port, instead of flying to the international airport but it all depends on how far the port is.

How to Reach Bahamas

Getting there
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Most of the two-day cruises leave from Miami port in Florida, which is only a twenty-minute drive from the Miami International airport. Shuttle service and taxis from the airport to the port are available easily and frequently. Also, the port is a 45-60 minute drive from the Fort Lauderdale Airport.

Some cruises also leave from the Port Canaveral, Florida, which is a forty-five-minute drive from the Orlando International Airport. Taxi services like Uber and Lyft charge around $60 for a single trip and taking a shuttle to the port will cost you only $20.

Jacksonville Port in Florida is another port from where four-day Bahamas cruises leave. It is only twelve miles from the Jacksonville International Airport and the Carnival cruise line offers shuttle transportation from the airport to the port for only $23. To book, you can either log on or call and make reservations.

The week-long Bahamas cruises leave from the Baltimore and Norfolk ports, transportation to which is also provided by the cruise line itself. A one-way trip from the Baltimore International Airport to the Port of Baltimore will cost you around $26. The port of Norfolk is also easily accessible.

Best time to visit the Bahamas

Best time to visit
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The carnival cruises leave for the Bahamas multiple times a year, and the best time to go can be decided according to your budget, and the places you want to go to. If you want to save up on your tickets, it’s a good idea to travel in non-holiday seasons and at a time when you have the best weather at the destination you’re traveling to. 

If you want to travel without lots of crowds, it’s best to travel between mid-April and mid-May. These months are also the ones that you will get the lowest prices at, as our will in the months September to early-November. And, if the crowds don’t bother you and you want to be in the Bahamas during the summer, it’s best to go. In August because you’ll find the best weather during this month.


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Now that you have read the guide, and made a decision about which cruise you’re going to hop on, all you’ve left is the bookings and packing, and you’re good to go!