12 Best Things to do in Solvang, California

Soaking in some lovely weather and unique culture, Solvang is one of those ideal destinations to explore and enjoy where you learn, explore and enjoy all together. The historic Danish villages and their historic setups along with some fresh bakery goodies and wine tasting experience await you on your next visit to Solvang.  Solvang, California is the gem star of California which hasn’t sparked on the spotlight as much as it should. For all the wine lovers, Solvang alone has more than 120 vineyards and wineries to explore. 

Solvang is the beautiful place to explore and many people gets confused what places in Solvang, CA should explore first. So, we curated the list of best things to go in Solvang, CA. Please, have a look:

Best Places to visit in Solvang, California

Here’s a small checklist of the top 12 places that one should not miss in Solvang, California:

1. Old Mission Santa Inés

Things to do in Solvang: Old Mission Santa Inés
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Old Mission Santa Ines is a prominent historic site in Solvang for the past two centuries and now this place has become one of the best tourist hotspot locations.  The Mission was originally established in the year 1804 and was designed to help the Santa Ynez valley’s Chuman People into Spanish life. History states that before becoming a tourist attraction, the place was left abandoned for several years.  It was only later that the place gained back its importance and was brought back to life. Today it is an active church with thousands of people visiting and praying with various religious beliefs. 

One can also enjoy some magnificent paintings, statues, artifacts, and manuscripts from ancient history. 

2. Solvang Trolley & Carriage

One afternoon enjoying around the glimpses of Solvang attractions and some pleasant weather is a very idea.  The horse rides around this lovely California town are a very good idea to enjoy some cultural tours and experiences as well.  The trolley usually has two horses to carry passengers from one place to another. Also if you are completely new to the history and cultural heritages of Solvang, this rife is perfect to begin your journey. The guide keeps narrating about events and happenings of the place from past and present to enlighten the visitors. Each carrier can carry around 20 people so it’s absolutely good and worth taking one ride around Solvang in this. 

3. OstrichLand USA

Making your tour a little bit of fun and adventure exploring, the Ostrich Land is a perfect place to visit with families where you can enjoy some good massive animals. The zoo mainly is a stop to view the ostriches and emules of different habitats in one place.  The place is one dedicated destination for all the ostrich-themed stuff. Some cool shops sell ostrich-related merchandise and customized stuff. You can also see and buy ostrich eggs and meat here. the ostriches are purposely raised for selling meat too here. it’s incredible how one place is dedicated to ostriches and their entire life cycle. It’s interesting as well as educating to visit this place for sure.

4. Rusack Vineyards

Things to do in Solvang: Rusack Vineyards

Wine tasting in Solvang is another best and most popular thing to try. In the hills of Ballard canyon is located Rusack Vineyards of Solvang which is one of the most popular places to produce the finest quality of wine and wine. This world-class wine boutique has various varieties of wine collections along with some art and craft merchandise as well. They have a vineyard in their backdrop and also a tasting room made up of lovely redwood which looks gorgeous on an overall note. You should visit this place to have a look at the award-winning wine boutique.

5. Solvang Festival Theater

Primarily opened in the year 1974, this Festive theatre is one of the best community organizations that promotes and supports art culture in California. The festival theatre has everything that one looks up for entertainment. Concerts, plays, theatre shows, and much more. The place also has some family-friendly events with a colorful and delightful ambiance. We recommend this place if you are looking for some musical and creative space to enjoy your time. 

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6. Hans Christian Andersen Park

 Hans Christian Andersen Park
flickr: Hans Christian Andersen

Remembering the dedicated fairy tale of a Danish author, this place is another fun spot to visit in Solvang, California. The journey to this green space starts with a large giant fairytale gate wherein you can also find so many oak trees around. From clubbing around in a natural atmosphere to playing and learning various activities, Anderson Park has something for everyone for sure.  There’s a music-making station, rock climbing wall and also picnic tables for families and friends. 

7. Browse Jul Hues

Browse Jule is a famous Christmas house building that sees one of the best and lovely Christmas celebrations in December. The place is an iconic spot to enjoy the most lavish and real treat Christmas experience. The main reason to visit here is the Scandinavian decorations inside and the vintage wooden theme of the place which has its unique gesture towards the guest. Also, there are more than 150 cute small shops nearby selling music boxes, laces, antiques, watches, and other cute souvenirs. There’s a lot to do and explore here around.

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8. Visit the farmer’s market

Don’t forget to check out the fresh farmer’s market that is held up every Wednesday afternoon in First Street. The place has lovely fresh produces of fruits and vegetables which are no less than a natural delight. Also, you can find some fresh flowers which are fresh here. Interesting right?

9. Taste the Aebleskivers at Danish

Visit the Danish Mill Bakeries to enjoy some amazing delicacies here is one of the most enjoyable things to do here. It is located on Copenhagen Drive. Aebleskivers is a traditional Danish dessert that is extremely delicious and famous here. they are puffy little dough balls fried in a pan and served warm with jam or some sprinkles of sugar. They taste almost like doughnuts but are very sweet and rich. These treats are extremely famous from the Danish’s and people often come here especially to try these out.

10. Solvang Wind Harp

Solvang, California wind harp is one of the oldest wind harp attractions in Solvang. Also mentioned as the tidskugle, or time ball as it was designed to look like a part of the great st. Nikolai Church. Believing the magic of music, the wind harp is designed in such a way that every time the waves of wind hit, it makes a beautiful tone around. Initially, this beautiful masterpiece was made of bamboo and wood but today, it’s completely refurbished and redesigned to fully a metallic one. 

11. Nojoqui Falls Park

Nojoqui Falls Park is located just off Highway 101 between Santa Barbara and Buellton. It is one of those perfect ideal destinations where you visit with your family for a BBQ by the waterfalls. The waterfall is nearly 80 ft tall with a trail of measure 0.65 miles and 175-mile elevation. This place is a perfect combination of a peaceful and picturesque spot. After walking almost 80 miles, you get to witness the most fascinating view from the high peaks of Nojoqui. If you ever get confused in picking one last place to visit in Solvang, trust us. We recommend this place as a must-visit before leaving Solvang.

12. Olive Oil Tasting

Things to do in Solvang: Olive Oil Tasting

Olive oil has its taste and aroma which most of us fail to realize.  After wine tasting in Solvang, olive tasting is another interesting thing to try out here.  mixed with different ingredients and balanced with various spices accordingly, olive oil here has many variants. Some of the common ingredients infused with olive oil are jalapenos, lemon, and rosemary.

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Most people carry this confusion if Solvang, California is worth a visit? Asking us, Yes, Yes, and Yes. It is definitely worth a visit. Most of the tourists have claimed it as their favorite destination in South California with lovely food and picturesque landscape experiences. 

Let us know what you think about this place. And will you visit it to live the experience yourself?