12 Best Things to do in Hilton Head Island

How about we tell you that there’s an island that is famous for its world-class golf courses? Sound strange, right? But that is what Hilton Head Island is known for.

Located 20 miles northeast of Savannah, Georgia, Hilton Head Island is named after Captain William Hilton who had discovered the island in 1663. Hilton Head Island is reputed for being one of the most excellent holiday destinations.

A 12-mile beach-front is the island’s prominent feature. There are a lot of fun activities that can be done on Hilton Head Island. Wide attractive beaches, wildlife reserves, sea cruises, and of course, golf.

We thought why not to curate best things to do and best places to visit in Hilton Head for you. We assure you that You will enjoy unusual things to do in Hilton Head Island from this list. Here are some of the best activities that can be done on Hilton Head Island.

Top Attractions in Hilton Head

Here are best Things to do in Hilton Head Island:

1. Harbour Town Lighthouse

It is one of the most prominent and recognizable features of Hilton Head Island. Apart from being useful for navigation purposes, it’s a full-fledged museum. A museum in a lighthouse! Erected in 1970, the height of the tower is 90 feet. The top of the tower is very good for seeing spectacular views. You can see two neighboring islands from the peak: Daufuskie Island and Tybee Island.

2. Harbour Town

Harbour Town is a must-explore place. It’s the place that can satiate your hunger for shopping. The things that you can buy from here include boutique stores, home decor, crafts, furnishings, jewelry, art, and gifts. Apart from shopping, there are a lot of dining options for foodies. Apart from shopping, Harbour Town is also a hub for sporting activities. One can do a sailing excursion, Jet Ski, kayak eco-tour, golf (obviously), etc.

3. Daufuskie Island

Situated between Hilton Head Island and the northern coastline of Georgia, Daufuskie Island is worth visiting for two reasons. Firstly, while traveling to the island in a water taxi or ferry, you will get to see dolphins playing in the waters, and secondly, the island is just awesome. You can visit the famous Mary Fields School and the place is great for having coffee. There are two lighthouses on the island and it’s also famous for Bloody Point and Haig Point.

4. Arts Center

In the heart of Hilton Head, there’s a must-visit 348 seated theatre that is dedicated to visual arts. Every year, exciting festivals are organized like Taste of Gullah, Youth Fest, etc. Apart from this, they also organize musical dramas, comedies, etc. Many famous musicians, artists, and performers take part in these shows. Apart from being a treat for the eyes, these performances are also very educational and amusing. Something new happens here every day.

5. Java Burrito Company

Love burritos? Head straight to Java Burrito Company. They use excellent quality ingredients without using excess preservatives. Head into their bar and you will notice that you are in one of the best atmospheres that you have ever been into. You can head there for a cup of coffee with unusually tasty burritos without giving it a second thought. The fillings are made up of swordfish, tilefish, and barrel fish.

6. The Sandbox Interactive Children’s museum

So you have got kids with you? And they are bored with seeing beaches and lighthouses. And you don’t know where to take them to? Well don’t worry, The Sandbox is just the place. This synergetic museum is a place where children from the age group of 2-8 can come and learn while playing. There are a set of activities that each child does and parents observe and answer the asked questions. This way, they get to learn more about their child.

7. Fireworks at Shelter Cove Harbour

if you happen to visit Hilton Head in the summers, you should not miss the firework show that happens each Tuesday all through June to August at Shelter Cove. You can also expect great food, arts, and crafts with live entertainment. This place is a perk for those who are visiting the place with their families or partner.

8. Hilton Head Golf Courses

As stated earlier, the Island is famous for golf. So leaving the island without playing golf is quite an injustice. The island has about 24 private and public golf courses. You can choose which one you want to be in. The golf courses are not only known for their beauty but also for the work of the designers including some very famous designers like Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, and Peter Dye.

9. Discovery Museum

Hilton Head Island is a treat for nature lovers. With establishments like the Discovery Museum, the place is bliss for lovers of green. Set on 68 acres of land, Discovery Museum has large and rare varieties of trees and plants. There’s a 500-year-old Southern Red Cedar. Apart from the greenery, the place also has a good amount of various species of birds and butterflies.

10. Bike Trails and Beach Biking

In a world full of smoke throwing automobiles, a visit to Hilton Island is quite like visiting an ancient land. There are not many cars that one can see. What is there are bike trails? Almost everywhere you can see bike trails. Hilton Head Island is among those holiday destinations with one of the most extensive bike paths in the US.

11. Hudson Seafood House

Ever heard about a restaurant on the docks? If no, then here it is. Hudson’s Seafood House is one of the best places that combines ambiance and food in a very elegant way. Oysters are the specialty of the restaurant. During the crab season, you can also enjoy a variety of soft shell crabs.

12. The Jazz Corner

The Jazz Corner: Top attractions in Hilton head ISland

if you are a Jazz lover, you can’t ignore The Jazz Corner. It is a local club cum restaurant. It is one of the greatest jazz rooms you must have ever visited. Beginning at 6 pm every night, the place has a dimly lit intimate atmosphere that elevates the experience by a great amount. You can also enjoy their special cocktail and dinner while enjoying the performances.

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Hilton Island is one of the best vacation places in the US. The best time to visit the place is from April to May and from September and October. The scenic beauty, wildlife, and of course golf are some of the prominent reasons that Hilton Island should be on your list.