12 Things to do in Portland, Oregon


The largest and the most populous city in the United States, Portland is famous for its hipster culture. But historically, Portland is a shipping port as one can make out with its name. One of the most unusual things to note is that Portland contains the largest number of nightclubs per capita present in the United States.

Famous Attractions in Portland

Here are the best things to do in Portland:

1. Exploring the famous Pittock Mansion

Exploring the famous Pittock Mansion
Things to do in Portland
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The mansion has been used in several television shows due to its grand beauty and massive size. The mansion has 46 rooms and occupies a total of 46 acres. The mansion is situated on the hills of Portland and is at a height of 1000 ft above the sea level. Bird lovers can take advantage of this height and can explore various birds that are found in Portland.

You can visit the mansion, now used as a house-museum to learn more about the history of Portland.


2. Go on a food tour

Food tours are enjoyed by almost everyone. Not only one gets to taste new things, one gets to know about various perspectives of the area they are in. There are not one, but many places that one can go and explore the local delicacies. Some iconic food stops are Hat Yai, Toro Bravo, Le Pigeon, Nong’s, Kachka, Coquine, and Apizza Scholls.

There is a famous soup spot known as Rose VL Deli, where the specialty is different soup every day. On Saturdays, they prepare a special noodle preparation.

3. Discover your love for books at Powell’s City of Books

This is the largest bookstore for new and used books in the world. You will not be quite shocked if we tell you that the bookstore has 9 rooms and over 3500 sections, with over 1 million books within your approach. The whole store possesses that signature bookshelf smell to awaken your tingles. What makes it even more unique is that the store is independently hosted.

4. Lan Su Chinese Garden

The literal meaning of the name of the garden is “Garden of Awakening Orchids.” The mission of Lan Su garden is to create a peaceful oasis that strives to inspire, engage, and educate a global community. It is one of the most interesting sites that you must see when you visit Portland. It’s more than just a botanical garden; the style of the garden is inspired by the Ming Dynasty’s gardens.


5. Tom McCall Waterfront Park

This beautiful park is located along the Willamette River. The special thing which makes this place count in our list os that you can have a great time here. The place is picturesque. There are 5 different zones in the park to explore. They are The Esplanade, The Bowl, Salmon Street Springs, John Yeon building, and The Central Lawn.

6. Hike your way up to the Witch’s Castle

Hike your way up to the Witch's Castle
Things to do in Portland
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Though it might sound creepy, The name Witch’s Castle has nothing to do with the type of place is. There is just a stone house that was built in 1850. The place had a history in murders, nut now it’s used for weekly gatherings. If you want something adventurous, you can surely hike your way to the house.

7. Oregon Historical Museum

This is not just an ordinary museum; this museum has that coin that decided Portland’s name. The coin is known as the Portland Penny. In 1835, this coin was flipped over to decide the name of the city. The choice was between Boston and Portland. There are over 85000 artifacts in the museum that are related to Portland in one way or another. Thus, we recommend this place.

8. Get to see a Navy submarine

The last submarine to join the United States Navy, The USS Blueback, is now available for tourists to see at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. You can take guided tours for the same. You can also look through the periscope. You get to learn about the lifestyle of the Navy Seals that used yo live there. The submarine was in service from 1959 till 1990. With a special reservation, you can also spend a night in the submarine.

9. Staying At Portland’s historic Benson Hotel

Staying At Portland's historic Benson Hotel

This deluxe hotel has 287 bedrooms and two grand ballrooms. The hotel rooms have classic decor and modern amenities. This hotel is a landmark in Portland. It has more than 18,000 square feet of meeting space. It is even listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Hotel is over 100 years old. The hotel also has a historic stairwell that features over 50 famous landmarks and historic buildings throughout Portland.

10. Stay for some time at The South Park Block

Also nicknamed as “Portland’s Living Room,” the park is 12 blocks long. Each block contains at least one example of public art. These include statues of Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Many events are held here throughout the year. Visitors can see a wide variety of roses, trees, and other plants.

11. Portland International Raceway

Portland has managed to have an international raceway. If you are a car lover or a “race-guy,” you have to come here. The raceway holds over 500 events annually. Regular events include drag racing, Motorcross, auto racing, and cruise-ins. Apart from these events, physical events like running, walking, etc happen here.

12. Museum of Contemporary Craft

It is not common to see a museum dedicated to Contemporary Craft. But on Portland, there is one. It was founded in 1937. The museum is divided into two floors, covering an area of 4,500 square feet. Many exhibitions take place in the museum. In this one of a kind museum, you can see artists working with glass, wood, metal, ceramic along many other materials.

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Portland is unlike any other city. The city possesses a large number of places and a collection of activities that one can choose from. The city is also the United State’s most bike-friendly city that boasts the largest percentage of bike consumers in the whole nation. The best time to visit Portland is from June to August.