Top 12 Things to do in Germany

The country known as the birthplace of two famous legendary musicians Bach and Beethoven, Germany, officially known as the Federal Republic of Germany, is a country in Central and Western Europe. Apart from music, Germany is known for having great beer. It’s also the world’s third-biggest car producer in the world. It is the birthplace for famous car brands like BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Volkswagen, and Opel. It is also an ideal destination for students from all over the world to study and educate themselves better. One-third of the country is covered with forests. Germany houses around 81 million people.

All of these things make Germany a must-visit place. There are many things to do in Germany during the trip. We listed a few best ways to enjoy your trip to Germany.

Germany Points of Interest

Here is a list of things to do in Germany during your next trip to Germany.

1. Saunter around the Brandenburg Gate

Things To Do In Germany

One of the best-known landmarks in Germany, Brandenburg Gate is an 18th-century construction that was built on the orders of King Frederick William 2. It marks the start of the road from Berlin to Brandenburg town. According to history, this gate was constructed as a representation of peace. The gate is a perfect point to discover these famous establishments – The Reichstag, Unter den Linden Boulevard, The Victory Column, Tiergarten Park, The Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.

2. Visiting the Mercedes Benz Museum

This museum is dedicated to all car lovers. This fantastic 8-floor edifice contains all the information from the inception of the first Mercedes Benz car engine to the futuristic research models. A must-visit for every car and non-car lover. Miniature models of the cars are also available for purchase at the shop. While returning you can also grab a bite at the café present there.

3. Lose yourself to nature at Berchtesgaden National park

Things To Do In Germany

For a country which is covered one third by woodlands, nature is quite freely and abundantly available. Located in southern Germany, this park borders with Austria, Berchtesgaden Land, and the Free State of Bavaria. This place is home to several varieties of lush green forests, crystal clear lakes, steep rocks, and small villages. A variety of activities like hiking, cycling, and Nordic walking can be done here.

4. Shopping at the best places in Germany

The question is, why ignore fashion when you can have it? Germany has a couple of markets that make anyone shop at their heart’s will. Considered to be the busiest marketplace in Europe, Schildergasse, a place in Cologne, is among the best places for shopping. It’s a hub of major department stores and fashion outlets like Galeria Kaufhof, Zara, H&M, etc. Want some jewelry?, head to Zeil. It’s the best place to shop for designer jewelry. A 10 story building named Zeilgalerie gives a wonderful opportunity to offer the best views of the beautiful Frankfurt. Konigasalle & Schadowstrasse in Dusseldorf offers over 200 shops for buying anything and everything. This market is quite budget-friendly.

5. Experience the taste of German beer and wine

Things To Do In Germany

What’s a better companion in a cool atmosphere than a glass of great beer and tasty wine?. There are 13 official winemaking regions in Germany. You can visit these vineyards to get the pure taste of the drinks. The best vineyards are – Bernkastel-Kues, Mittelhaardt, Radebeul, Rüdesheim, Trier, Ahr Valley, Dresden.

6. Chill in the Tropical Islands Resort

Things To Do In Germany

it’s a former Soviet airfield that’s been transformed to an entertainment resort. This resort has everything from beaches, palm groves, waterfalls, salsa lessons, acrobatic performances, water park, and shopping complexes. The resort is open 24 hours.

7. Click a selfie at Helgoland

Things To Do In Germany

Helgoland or Heyligeland (meaning “holy land”) is an archipelago in the North Sea. This archipelago was earlier possession of Denmark than a possession of the British. Now it is a part of Germany. The island is an escape from the tiresome and grumpy reality. It’s a must-visit for all those who just want that perfect break from life. The place promises a quiet, peaceful atmosphere with fresh air. The scenery is fantastic. You can seal basking on the sand. You also get a chance to see the world’s smallest wild preserve. The place is perfect for photo lovers as the sceneries are quite photogenic.

8. Hike the highest peak in Germany

Things To Do In Germany

Zugspitze, the highest peak of Germany, offers fabulous views to four lands- Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany. The facility of a cable car to reach the top is also available, making it easy for the visitors to explore the beauty of the amazing scenery. In addition to this, there’s a resort town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen at the bottom which provides all the facilities required for a perfect holiday.

9. Witness finger wrestling

Things To Do In Germany
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Literally, finger wrestling? yeah, of course. Germany’s southern parts have this amazing sport called finger wrestling. In this sport, two men of the same age sit over a table, face to face and play a tug of war with their one finger in a leather loop. Though it may sound fun, Germany has taken the sport to a whole new level. There are championships held every year for this sport.

10. Test your speed limits at the Autobahn

Ever imagined to go as fast as Dominic Toretto of Fast and Furious? Welcome to Germany. Autobahn, a popular German motorway lets you drive a car without a speed limit. This 8073-mile long German motorway is popular all over the world to have some sections which have no speed limit. Just ensure beforehand that your car is filled with gas as its illegal to run out of gas on the Autobahn, as per the German laws.

11. Treat yourself with the traditional German dishes

The southern parts of Germany, namely Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg are very rich in tasty food. The meat served is quite heavy. The northern parts of the country prepare food rich in fish. Some of the best German dishes available in most restaurants in the country.

Spätzle is a kind of German pasta made of eggs, salt and a hint of water. To make the dish tastier, the German cooks use a hint of beer instead of water. Part of every barbeque party, Bratwurst is a fat-rich dish. This dish is made out of pork. You can also try the much-loved Gulasch. Made out of thick pieces of beef meat and sauce or red wine, it is a dish most commonly eaten with soup.

12. Visit the “fairy tale” castle in the Alps

Titled as the ‘World’s most famous castle’, Neuschwanstein Castle is located in the famous Alps mountains in Bavaria. This castle seems to come out from a fairy tale story. The castle was the inspiration of Walt Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty”. This castle is really an art to see. The interior is quite heavenly. It was built on the orders of King Ludwig 2.

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Germany is quite a Heaven on earth. There are things and places that cant be seen anywhere else in the rest of the world. It’s a place you must visit at least once in your lifetime. If you want to see the best of nature and the best of the cars, plan your trip to Germany.