12 Things to do in Atlanta

Atlanta is no less than a dream place where everything is indecisively beautiful and amazing all around.  The city is full of wonders and of course, it is all dipped in sweltering summers most of the time.  Being Georgia’s capital, the place has its charm to living. Apart from enjoying the daylight sceneries and activities around, the place also has a vibrant and super eccentric nightlife with night clubs and beer bars to serve the tourist and people.  The city also has some of the best restaurants with meat specialties to try. So all in one, from nature lovers, history admirers to Shopaholics, Atlanta has everything in its best version for everyone. 

1. Atlanta Botanical Gardens

A perfect relaxing experience for all nature lovers in Atlanta. This botanical garden is one of the top places to visit in Atlanta and feel the fresh vibes here. The place has many colorful flowers and water features where kids and adults, both can enjoy the vibrant blossoms together. There’s a butterfly maze in here along with the sunflower fountain, which is beautiful. It’s is advised by the previous visitors that, this place is an ideal location for the kids to enjoy and learn at the same time. There is an edible garden where you can learn about the different parts of flowers and plants that are edible. The next not to miss among the gardens in Atlanta is Fuqua Orchid Center.  This place has the biggest orchid collection in the United States.

2. Atlantic Station

We’d never choose to skip shopping no matter where we go. With more than 50 big names of brands, this place has all shops that as a tourist you’d like to buy from. Adding more to the exclusivity, the place also covers some exotic dining spots and restaurants to take care of your hunger pangs. Besides, Atlantic station also has other venues to enjoy like cinema, Extreme Dinosaurs experience, Millennium Gate Museum, and much more.

3. Go to watch a match

Atlanta is another sporty place where sports lovers love to visit next to Barcelona. The place is home to the brave baseball team and falcons hockey also including many other college teams in the local. It can be quite adventures and fun to watch a match with her and enjoy the roaring cheers of the crowd. To make it more affordable and easy, they have a website wherein they offer a wide variety of discounts and reductions on tickets to watch the game. Don’t miss the fun if you ever happen to come here during a match.

4. Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Fernbank Museum is one destination place to check on some amazing historic pieces of stuff. The place displays artifacts about native American historic values and dinosaurs that were found near the Georgia barrier Island. The place is another value worth spots where entertainment and education come together. Youll need to purchase an entry ticket to enjoy the displays here. The tickets are available at the venue or you can also purchase them online. The Fernbank Museum is one of the top 5 attractions of Atlanta and we recommend you visit this place at least once.

5. Skyview Atlanta

Sky views and greenery around, if these two things always excite you for lovely evenings, then Skyview Atlanta is the place you need to visit.  The sky view Atlanta has 42 gondolas where the guests can enjoy the views of central Atlanta and all the mesmerizing visuals around the space. The Ferris wheel here is a must to try the experience with family and friends. Equipped with full safety, luxury, and long time riders, it is a heart-winning experience to enjoy the views and sceneries from here. 

6. Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park is another interesting thing to visit in Atlanta. The most interesting part is that this place is created and designed around one of the world’s best and largest piece of granite. The place has numerous opportunities right from learning history to enjoying the adventure sports dream here. you can go camping or hiking here or also stay in one of the hotels near this site. To add more fun to your entertainment, there are lots of dining places or small food stalls to enjoy light snacks and meals here.

7. Six Flags Over Georgia

It wouldn’t be enough if we write a whole page on this. Our most recommended and favorite place to visit without a miss at any cost. 6 flags over Georgia is a theme park that has one of the best and most impressive roller coasters in the world.  From thriller packed rides to childhood favorites, the place has all those rides which will unleash your inner child to live out the fun and madness again.  Apart from thrilling rides, the place also has many other entertainment shows and arcade games in it.  For all the food lovers, the place tops with some of the best and a large variety of treats. Right from funnel cakes, ice creams, and other savories, there’s something for everyone here. The park is a very lively place for everyone to live and cherish the moments. Also, the best part is, they keep adding new rides constantly to ensure that their guests enjoy new experiences.

8. The Atlanta Beltline

Developed in the city of Atlanta, Beltline is a project that was initiated as a network of trails and transits for the local living passengers across the region. The place is a wide stretch walk area where people come on long walks and jogs here. Many 5K races are also held here. you can choose to walk here some evening and just enjoy the whole Atlanta vibes and beauty of the scenic nature all around the place. The main aim of the project was to restore the 22-mile historic pathway and respect the cultural heritage of Atlanta.

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9. The Roof Top at Hotel Clermont

One of the most talked places and newly buzzing spots in Atlanta is The Roof Top seating area at Hotel Clermont. The fifth floor at the Hotel Clermont is n open roof paradise where the visitors can chill and enjoy all in peace and beauty. Enjoying the skyline beauty, the place offers some amazing cocktail mixes with some refreshing flavors like cherry, coconut, pineapple, spicy falernum, and much more. They’re also a special guest chef pop-up cart on Fridays and Thursdays where special hotdogs, burgers, and much more are offered for you. 

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10. World of Coca-Cola

Not all know it but going to the history of the famous drink, Coca Cola, it was invented here in Atlanta by John S. Pemberton in 1886, and hence this wonderland tells the tale of how Coca-cola came into existence and what story lies behind its development all over these years. One of the most exciting places to visit in Atlanta. This 92000 square feet coca-cola theme world has a lot of adventure in it too. A super amazing 4D theatre, opening the tough sound bottles, and much more. And of course, you can enjoy some coca-cola here too! The tasting room has more than 100 types of coca-cola from around the world.

11. Fox Theatre

Traveling back to the classic vintage theme of watching movies in a different setup, Fox theatre is a place for it.  The theatre was built in 1929 and was previously a shrine with some intricate details and Islamic architecture.  The old-world beauty and glamour here is a heart-winning factor to visit here at least once. Over more than 4,680 seating space, this place is one of the best and most comfortable theatres for movies, stand up comedy, musical nights, and dance performances to enjoy every moment right.

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12. Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site

Respecting the fight for civil rights and rights of every human being, take a tour to this historic site of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr National historic site which has many memories from his childhood and early days.  The historic park has built from his early childhood and the church where he and his father were baptized. the historic park has exhibits from his early life. People have also observed that the place has memories of his wife and his fellow social reformer Mahatma Gandhi which makes the place more interesting and moving to learn and experience his life. Inspiring minds and hearts and always standing for a voice in society, one can find everything from his life so interesting and amazing.

So these were a few of the places not to miss when in Atlanta. We know there’s a lot to visit and explore here but these are the top 12 places to explore and discover. Make sure you take your camera along with you as every place here has a different essence and beauty to enjoy and store.

Share with us if you know more of such interesting places in Atlanta.

Stay happy, stay safe.