12 Best Things to do in Los Angeles (LA)


The city of Hollywood, Los Angeles is known for its one of a kind Mediterranean climate, entertainment industry, and its multiculturalism. It’s the second-most populous city after the capital of the US, New York. The name of the city is derived from Spanish.

The original name of Los Angeles was “El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de Los Angeles del Río Porciúncula” , which when translated to English means “town of our lady, the Queen of Angels”.

The description of the city is quite limitless. It can take days for a traveler just to explore the vast number of studios present in the city. There are the limitless thing to do in the city. From awesome museums to relaxing parks and adventurous rides, L.A. has got everything for you.

Things to do in LA

Here are the top 12 things to do in Los Angeles:


1. Visiting museums

Visiting museums
Image by Monica Volpin from Pixabay 

There are over 840 museums in the magical city of Los Angeles. The amazing thing to note is the variety of subjects the museums are based on. There’s a dedicated museum of killer artwork, body bags and other gruesome things that are present on a crime scene. Another museum is based on breakups. Yes, literally. Its called the museum of broken relationships. It contains a collection of things like letters or other gifts exchanged between lovers before the breakup.

2. Attending concerts

Attending concerts
Image by Ron Pacheco from Pixabay 

Entertainment is incomplete without a live concert. Los Angeles is a hub of Hollywood entertainment, thus a number of concerts happen per year in Los Angeles, and what’s more relaxing and energetic than attending your favorite singer’s live performance. You can get to attend a concert performed by world-class musicians and bands. It’s a must complete thing if you are visiting Los Angeles. Some of the popular venues for concerts are The Forum, Roxy Theater, Dolby Theater, etc. The concerts are not only enjoyable but the venues are also architecturally beautiful. 

3. Taking a Hollywood Studio tour

Of course, you can’t leave this one. You are in the city which is the birthplace of Hollywood. Los Angeles is home to the world’s main studios, like Paramount picture, Universal Studios, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures. The studios are open during weekends and are worth seeing from April to July. You will get to see a lot of things during this time.

4. Taking a Movie Star tour

Most of Hollywood is concentrated in Los Angeles, and what’s amazing is that you can get to see their houses if you want to. You can book a movie star tour for this purpose and what’s great is that you may even spot them coming in or leaving their houses. 


5. Visit LA zoo

Visit LA zoo
Image by Nikki Ovadia from Pixabay 

want to see more than 1,100 animals and a variety of 7,400 plants in one place? Welcome to LA zoo. There are many demonstrations divided throughout the day. The information on demonstrations is available online on the internet. What’s unique is the accessibility of hosting a birthday party among the animals of the zoo.

6. Visiting a sporting event

Visiting a sporting event
Image by the1stgospel from Pixabay 

There are a variety of sports events that you can attend during your visit to L.A. there are many teams from LA in various sports such as basketball, baseball, football, hockey, soccer. Apart from these traditional events, you can get to see events from activities like surfing, beach volleyball, and many more. 

7. Go for a shopping spree at the most popular market places in the city

Go for a shopping spree at the most popular market places in the city
Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

You won’t like to get away from the lovely city of Hollywood empty-handed. Head to The Grove, Rodeo Drive, and Robertson Blvd if you are in a mood of shopping. These markets have a vast collection of nearly everything. The stores of Nike, Adidas, Armani, etc can be found in one place only. The Grove is the most popular shopping market among the locals as well as the tourists.  

8. Attending laughter clubs

Attending laughter clubs
Image by lavaki from Pixabay 

Everyone loves to laugh and for this purpose, LA has Dynasty Typewriter and UCB Theater for you. For traditional stand up shows, you can head to clubs like Laugh Factory, Improv, Comedy Store and Largo. Some of the shows are even free to attend. You can check online and reserve a seat for yourselves. 

9. Visiting “The Last Bookstore”

You can call this an offline Amazon book store or a library. It sells over 250000 books. The books are new or used. The bookstore is themed according to the cover pages of the books. It’s a paradise for those who love to read. Not only books but a large variety of CDs, posters and other accessories such as t-shirts are available here. 

10. Take the one of a kind roller coast ride

If you crave for adventure, at Six Flags Magic Mountain, this is for you. In a nutshell, imagine yourself at a height of 255 feet and then whoosh! at a speed of 85 miles per hour, you are going into a dark tunnel and then coming out. No goosebumps yet, you will be turned upside down six times in a single ride.

11. Surf at Santa Monica beach

Surf at Santa Monica beach
Image by Bettina Nørgaard from Pixabay 

Your bucket list can’t be complete without this event. What can be more beautiful and calm than the 8.3 square mile area of Santa Monica. Surfing on the blue waves, or playing volleyball with friends and family, this beach has got it all covered. Tired of physical activities? You can also check out the various art exhibits or shop at the local markets on the beach. 

12. Eating at an eatery

Eating at an eatery
Image by rawpixel from Pixabay 

Any trip is incomplete without food. Get a great experience of mouth-watering delicacies at the restaurants of the city. Anything is available according to your taste, be it Italian, Chinese, Mexican, etc. reservations to some restaurants can be done online from anywhere in the world.   

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If you thinking about a visit to LA, don’t just think, book the tickets and go. This place has something to offer to every kind of person. This place won’t let you down. Just make sure you plan things according to your stay as there is a lot that the city offers. If you don’t plan, you are definitely going to miss out the fun. So, do know about the things to do in Los Angeles before going there.