12 Best Mediterranean Adventures

While the Mediterranean coast is a perfect holiday destination for those of you looking for relaxation and calm, the coastal region also has one of the most exciting adventures to partake. Just shuffle your plans a little, and enjoy the various adventures that await you.

We bring to you a list of adventures you can go on if you are traveling to the Mediterranean in your vacations. Whether you are an adventure junkie or you are just looking for a different holiday experience, you can go on any one of these.

Best Mediterranean Adventures

Here is the list of Mediterranean adventure for your next vacation. If you are planning to explore Mediterranean, try these adventure activities.

1. Spain to Morocco

Spain to Morocco adventure
Image by Tom Frydenlund from Pixabay

This summer, take your chances and explore the Mediterranean coast of Southern Spain and Morocco. You can learn about the Islamic history of Malaga, or you can watch wildlife near Cadiz. You can also ride a ferry to Morocco from Gibraltar, only a thirty-minute long journey, and discover art and culture at its finest.

The Strait of Gibraltar is the ultimate surfer’s haven, with various surfing and kite surfing options. Also, various surfing schools are open for beginners who want to have a taste of adrenaline rush.

2. Corsica

Image by enrico benedetti from Pixabay

The island of Corsica is famous for its balmy sun, cool coasts and numerous summits. You can take a bike ride across the island, to come across cute chapels, olive groves and roaming farm animals. If you think you want more adventure, you can trek across the GR20 trail, one of its own kind.

Ice climbing is also on the cards if you feel like it. You can do this by climbing to any of the fifty summits on the island, each of which has peaks above 6,560 feet (2,000 meters). Corsica provides a trek less traveled by and that makes all the difference.

3. Croatia

Croatia Mountain Biking
Image by Simon Steinberger from Pixabay

With more than 1,200 islands, the adventures in Croatia are unparalleled. From Kayaking to Mountain biking, and wakeboarding to climbing, there are limitless opportunities along the coastlines and islands for those who are looking for something worthwhile.

These activities are sure to send your adrenaline pumping along with giving you the ultimate mesmerizing and picturesque views of the shore. You can also find time for the Kornati National Park. For those with love of camping, you can set up tents along any beach on the islands, islands that have been used by herders for almost 2000 years now.

4. Portofino

Image by lastfabio from Pixabay

Portofino is a small town in Italy, that welcomes more than a million visitors every year. Mainly a fishing village, it is also famous for something that many traveling folks miss- the Kayaking. There are abundant chances for you to kayak and snorkel and witness an all-new view of Portofino.

Various kayaking trips are available, and some also feature exotic activities like wine tasting. Another thing not to miss is the Portofino walking tours lasting five days and four nights, that takes you through the Italian city, and add coastal views, terraces of olive groves and vines, along with the rich wildlife of Liguria to your already-seen list.

5. Dubrovnik to Athens

Image by Ioannis Ioannidis from Pixabay

The trek from the Croatian city of Dubrovnik to the Albanian capital of Tirana is the first part. Then you get to sail across the Lake Ohrid, marvel at the architecture of Skopje and wander among the mountains of Ohrid National Park.

Finally, you cross the gross Mount Olympus and travel for two days to get to Athens. Even though it is one long adventure, the trip will leave with an unforgettable experience.

6.Tour de France route

de France route
Image by Erich Westendarp from Pixabay

Tour de France is the most popular cycling races of all time and only professionals get to compete in this 3500 kilometers race. Though the route changes every year, you can embark upon your own Tour de France route and enjoy.

Various independent cycling options are available for you if you’re interested. Whether you’re a biker enthusiast or a non-frequent biker, you can simply take up the route and enjoy all the place you visit as a part of the trip.

7. Alacati

windsurfing in Alacati
Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

This Mediterranean town in Turkey has windy days for almost eleven months a year, which is why this place is a windsurfer’s paradise. The beach is open for calming and relaxing in the sun and also for anyone who wants to windsurf.

If you go to Ala├žati between May and October, you will experience the windy days along with the windsurfing adventure. For those who don’t know a thing about windsurfing, the various windsurfing schools await you.

8. Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria, Egypt
Image by skeeze from Pixabay

If you want a diving escapade, the Egyptian city of Alexandria is where you should head next. Dive in those deep waters and explore the seas. Not only will you see aquatic life, but you can also find the Sunken City of Cleopatra in all its grace with all its statues, columns and ancient buildings.

If you are lucky enough, you can also see some of the debris of World War II. Some places are marked experts only, but there are dives beginners can do and venture into the sea.

9. Italy

skiing in Italy
Image by miaalthoff from Pixabay

Italy’s Abruzzo region is a place well-known for its snow, views, and trails. In the summer, there is an abundance of hiking trails for those who love trekking. In the winter, the whole region is snow-clad, and the skiing is as good as skiing in the Alpines.

Not to mention the fact that the snowsports in the Abruzzi region are available at a much cheaper price. The taste and traditional Abruzzi cuisine and the great wine all make the expedition even better. All these things make this place one of the best Mediterranean adventures place.

10. Atlas Mountains

Atlas Mountains
Image by Wilfried Santer from Pixabay

With a dozen summits, all over 4,000 feet high, the trails through the Atlas mountains make sure you make amazing memories. There are various trails, depending on the length and your fitness levels, and you can take the one you think is perfect for you. Some include climbing peaks, while some include walking and there are others on which you can ride a camel in the desert. Mules are available for luggage as are English speaking guides for those of you who haven’t gone trekking before.

11. Discover Greek Isles

Greek Isles
Image by Kirk Fisher from Pixabay

Even if you don’t really love adventure, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to explore more than two thousand Islands that are a part of Greece as the boats from the shore can take you on any of the two-thousand Isles. You can discover archaeological treasures of Delos and the beautiful vineyards of Santorini.

Also, you shouldn’t miss visiting the island where all Greek Marble Statues are made. You can take this trip whenever you want as commercial cruises of every length and size are available.

12. Slovenia

Image by Niksy from Pixabay

If you want to raft or boat this summer, you should be heading to Slovenia to enjoy the fresh waters of the River Soca. Not only can you go rafting and boating, but the river’s valley also gives access to various canyoning gorges, where you can go for a climb whenever you wish.

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These are the best adventurous sites near Mediterranean Sea to enjoy in your next weekend.