12 Best Day Trips from Atlanta

Atlanta is one of the most active and vibrant places in Georgia which happens to be one of the top attractions as well. From a versatile selection of places to visit and the extraordinary beauty of nature, it holds a lot more than you ever expected. From natural monuments to nature’s sight and other rural attractions, It has it’s own charm to live and impress the visitors.

Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and most populous city of the U.S. state with estimated population of 506,811 in 2019. The city is situated among the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains which give this city amazing views.

If you are planning a road trip from Atlanta, there are some amazing and beautiful places to visit. We curated the list of best day trips from Atlanta for you to explore.

Best Day Trips from Atlanta

List of best day trips from Atlanta to kick start your wanderlust:

1. Lake Lanier

Day Trips from Atlanta: Lake Lanier

Starting off the point from mount Sawnee, the place is a great destination for hikers and also for families to spend some quality time. The place is the calm yet active spot to enjoy the little slides, golf course, or maybe a simple outdoor game with family and friends. There’s also a zip line and other waterparks nearby to enjoy and have more fun on your visit. We assure you this place to be one of the best visits via Atlanta.

2. Macon

You can easily visit macon directly from Atlanta without any hassles. The place is all wrapped in classy vintage vibes where you can certainly enjoy some quality time experiencing and observing real-time architecture, opera shows, and of course, the beauty of mother nature all in and around. Make sure you visit the Tubman African American Museum, which has incredible sights and sculptures of American heritage.

3. Providence Canyon State Park

This place is another most beautiful and important attraction to visit. It is also referred to as Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon. The canyon-like depths are leisure spots to challenge your adventures. You can peak into the beauty of this place and enjoy some picturesque photos with dense cinematographic backgrounds. The park is more colorful and vibrant during autumns and springs. 

4. Athens

Athens is a place that defines itself to the beauty of nature and is a must-visit place for all eco lovers. The place has its eccentric vibes taking you back to the typical 1800s where you can feel the presence of a pollution-free environment and discover the green theme naturally all around. The State Botanical Garden Of Georgia is a must to visit place here. the place holds several beautiful conservatories which are super impressive and interesting to watch all the way. Apart from nature. Athens also has some amazing food stalls in the streets which are a must to try.

5. Summerville

Soaking in the sun under the cool breeze of Atlanta. Summerville is the next best place that you should probably visit to enjoy the day’s light views and vibes. A lot of community festivals and celebrations take place here. You can stop by the Wassamassaw community to have a peaceful stay if you are traveling along with kids. If discovering historic facts is your niche, then make sure you visit the colonial Dorchester state historic park here. A place for history lovers and explorers.

6. Callaway gardens

There’s something exquisitely special about gardens and valleys where you can find some lovely colorful ambiance old wood vibes. Be it a solo evening walk or romantic retreats, this place is one of the best places to stop by to feel the closeness to nature and read your inner peace. Callaway Gardens can one of the best relaxing experiences in Atlanta. You can also dine in here as there are several outlets present for you to enjoy some hot fresh food. We adore this place during the full bloom season. You can play gold, book a spa, and also enjoy some quality family time here.

7. Augusta

Resting near the bank savannah, Agusta is a peaceful place to visit in Georgia. Augusta is also known for its popularity in the game of golf and has conducted the world-famous Master’s Tournament for decades. Moreover, the place has its beautiful romantic vibes with lovely gardens and cute bushes all around. Plan a trip to Augusta with your soulmate to spent some colorful quality time.

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8. Toccoa Falls

A beautiful water backdrop between the woods and a vibrant nature’s cover. Sound perfect right? Toccoa fall is all set you give you that one chill perfect experience. Falling in the Mississippi River, the Toccoa Falls is186 ft tall. It is located near the Christian college which is nearly 1000 acres large yet the place is open for campus students as well the visitors to enjoy the sight here. No matter at what time of the year you visit here, you are always bound to feel the pleasant spring vibes here.      

9. Wild Animal Safari- Pine Mountains

Day Trips from Atlanta: Wild Animal Safari- Pine Mountains

There’s nothing better than going on a tour for a wild safari ride when in Georgia with family and friends. Go via tour bus or your car rides, the ride is worth enjoying in both ways. You can enjoy the sight of more than 75 species here in their natural habitat. All set and happy in their setup, the place is worth observing and enjoying natural animals around. You can even approach some of them with your hands and take pictures with them. We love this place for family rides and exploring trips.

10. Chattanooga

If you believe in observing the morning sky closely, then do plan a trip to the nearby city of Chattanooga. The ruby falls and look up mountains are extremely mesmerizing here. the incline railways are the best idea to spend your morning rides. The main attraction of the place Chattanooga is ruby falls which is a famous landmark here with perfect rocky edges lookout which seems surreal to view and take pictures of. Similar to the most beautiful vintage city, the place is visually appealing to enjoy some time here. 

11. Georgia Guidestones

Day Trips from Atlanta: Georgia Guidestones

Marked as one of the most famous and known historic landmarks of the place, Georgia Guidestones are the most iconic historic sites here. created in the year 1980, the stones have different inscriptions in different languages that have some special rules and message engraved on them. Every stone has a different message on it and reads a message that speaks to the nature of humans in general.

The place has a lot of astronomical and historic values in it. The place is a must-visit to know more about the historic importance and beauty of these stones. When the sunbeams through the capstone it is known as the noontime of the day. The translation is mainly designed in 4 languages. ( Swedish, Chinese, Arabic, Swahili )

12. Cherokee Forest

Day Trips from Atlanta: Cherokee Forest

Covering an area of over 655,598 acres in Tennessee, Cherokee Forest is extremely beautiful with a patch of woody and autumn vibe here. Watauga Lake is extremely beautiful to visit here which is a peaceful lake open for fishing, kayaking, camping, and hiking destination in Atlanta. The lake continues as a beautiful waterfall falling 90ft down from the rocks making it looks extremely beautiful. You should visit here even on the sunniest and windy days of the year.

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Atlanta no doubt is one of the best places to discover and visit, but these are our few top recommendations that are a must to visit and discover for the day drive trips. Make sure you cross-check with the local guide for more information and also temperature variations to keep a track of your other requirements.

Stay safe, stay happy!