12 Best Things to do in Austin

Located on the edge of America, Austin is the state capital of Texas and also one of the best places to visit in America.  Austin is also crowned as the Live music capital of the world. The big city life is a perfect experience to enjoy live music, nightlife, hustles of the crowd, scenic beauty and of course, the beautiful natural views.

Adding up more to the charm of this state, Austin today is more famous in the field of administrative, educational, and cultural center. Despite topping the list with rapid progress, the fact that it still maintains its green space and nature’s blessings is quite impressive.

Here we are with the top things to do in Austin without a miss for your next visit.

Best Things to do in Austin

Austin is a beautiful place in Texas. Here is the list of Best Things to do in Austin if you are living there or planning for a visit.

1. Visit the Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum

Things to do in Austin

The place is an art museum that has beautiful sculptures and artistic plant figures which are worth sightseeing in Austin. They have free admission after 6 pm to 8 pm on the first Tuesday of every month for all those who are interested. The place is also a perfect spot to spend a date evening with the beautiful ambiance and botanical sparks all around. One can also enjoy the extra featured gallery exhibitions, plus monthly themed activities, food, and entertainment. 

2. Enjoy a Sightseeing or Dinner Cruise on Lady Bird Lake

This full 10.2-mile loop along the water in downtown Austin is a beauty worth living. From sightseeing to romantic dinner spots and cool adventure sports, this area has everything to offer people who wish to relax and enjoy. Just make sure that you visit here when the weather is right and not so rigid.

3. Check out the World Famous Congress Bridge Bats

The congress Bridge of Bats is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Austin. It is one simple spot where you can spot more than 1.5 million bats fluttering across the sky. The closer view might get you some creepy vibes but trust us, the view on an overall note close to the end of sunset note is perfectly photogenic one. 

4. Enjoy a splash ride the with Austin Duck Adventures

Things to do in Austin
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The Austin Duck adventures are one of the common and famous tours for tourists in Austin. This beautiful water ride begins at the Austin Visitor Center at the corner of 4th and turns down to the Red River in downtown Austin as an end spot. The view throughout the ride is extremely amazing and beautiful giving you the glimpses of the downtown view. 

5. Zip Over Land and Lake with Lake Travis Zip Lines

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You don’t want to miss out on the fun of hanging out like a modern Tarzan and viewing the deep spot beauty and nature sceneries of Austin. The Lake Travis Zip lines are a perfect spot to zip through and across the above beauty of Austin.  These zip lines offer you some of the best photogenic spots so make sure you grab your phone or camera along with you. 

6. Play out at The Escape Room

Things to do in Austin
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Grab some fun in the mystery with your family and friends at the Escape room Austin. The Escape Game has 5 different challenges including The Heist, Gold Rush, Playground, Classified, and our favorite – Prison Break. You can pick out anyone and enter the room. The game is quite challenging and adventurous to play and enjoy. We are sure, you’ll love it.

7. Feel the magic at Magic’s Theatre

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The magic’s theatre in the southwest Austin is one of the famous full auditoria sized magic show theatre in Austin.  There’s also a museum next to it which features some of the best masterpieces from magicians and their tales including pieces from Harry Houdini’s collection. The place is perfect for spending a fun-filled evening with family or friends.

8. Fire a Fully Automatic Uzi at The Range at Austin

Things to do in Austin

The range at Austin is a perfect place to have some fun time showcasing your uzi skills. The place has different packages for you to pick depending upon the level of expertise you want. From pistols, revolvers, shotguns, modern rifles, and automatic firearms, there’s everything for the gun lovers. There’s a safety officer who’ll take in charge to guide you and see to it that you know the proper protocols and rules. Don’t miss out on this exciting place when in Austin. 

9. Visit the  Bob Bullock Museum

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The Bob Bullock Museum is one of the biggest historic museums in Texas. The museum has 3 floors in it and a beautiful dome-like structure at the top. There’s a lot to explore and know in this historic spot that speaks to its visitors. 

10. Hike at the Barton Creek Greenbelt

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The Barton Creek Greenbelt is one of Austin’s best places to chill down in the lap of nature.there are flats, twin falls and other sculpture falls where one can peacefully chill and enjoy.you can also enjoy some rock climbing and mountain climbing living around nature’s essence and feeling your own breathe.

The place is perfect to enjoy outdoor activities in the peaceful atmosphere of Austin’s lovely weather. Also, don’t forget to check out the flow gauge at Loop 360 bridge here.

11. Enjoy a Sunset on Top of Mount Bonnell

Things to do in Austin
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A sunset view at Mount Bonnell is one of the best activities to do in Austin. It is also called as the highest peak point to witness the beauty of the sky and is truly marvelous at sight. The view of west lake hills is exactly what you want for your next Instagram post.

12. Whack Some Balls at Top Golf in the Domain

For all the golf lovers, the top Gulf offers the best way to spend your afternoon with some hipper activities here. The place is a three-story building to play around and also enjoy some drinks with your friends. For all the calm sport and hangout lovers, this could be a cool place to visit and spent a day here.

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We hope you find these activities interesting s much as we do. Austin for sure is a place where one can discover more and enjoy the maximum possible. Do let us know which activity you’d do first when you visit Austin.