12 Best Places To Visit In the USA

Known as the land of opportunities, USA or the United States of America is a country consisting of 50 states, a federal district, and five major self-governing self territories. With an area of 9.8 square kilometers, the United States is the world’s third-largest country by total area. The States houses a total of around 327 million people. The world-famous Statue of Liberty is also located here. The United States is also the world’s most governing economic and military power. It’s also famous for setting various trends in the fields of music, television, and movies. Along with all the things, The States also has some places that are worth going to during a vacation.

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Here are the best vacation spots in the USA.

1. Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon
Image by 珂 杨 from Pixabay 

Starting with number 1 on our list, we have none other than the famous Grand Canyon. It is a steep-sided, 446-kilometer long canyon carved by the Colorado River. Situated in Arizona, this canyon attains a depth of over a mile. Now for the tourists, The Grand Canyon has so much to offer. From hiking up the hill to riding a train, Grand Canyon has everything. You can camp, ride a bike, ride a mule, a train and can go for a scenic drive around the canyon. This place offers so much that it’s a must-visit for all the vacation people. Not only this, apart from all the sporting activities mentioned above, you can also do river rafting here.

2. Olympic national park

Olympic national park
Image by Roger Mosley from Pixabay 

This American national park is located in the State of Washington. It consists of 4 regions: the Pacific coastline, alpine areas, the temperate rainforest on the Westside and the forests of the east side. The park is rich in natural reliefs like rainforests and beaches, etc. So rich is the vegetation that you can also spot some wild animals like black bears, gray whales and bald eagles roaming around. You can stroll around in the jungle, see the beautiful falls and chill on the beach.

3. Las Vegas

Las Vegas
Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

The city is known globally for its fine dining, shopping, nightlife, and most importantly gambling. Vegas is a renowned major resort city. It is called the Entertainment Capital of the World. You can visit Downtown Las Vegas. It’s an art gallery covered with murals of artists from all over the world. In a mood for the party? Spend your night at The Peppermill. It’s a classic diner with special treatments for party people. You can also visit the Mob Museum. It was a former operational base of organized crimes that used to take place in Vegas. Nowadays, exhibitions take place here. Last but not least you can visit Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan. It’s a landmark drinking destination.

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4. New Orleans

New Orleans
Image by USA-Reiseblogger from Pixabay 

Known as the birthplace of Jazz, this place is known for its beautiful French architecture and the mixed culture of Spanish and French. It is also known for the famous Mardi Gras festival. All things you can practically do here is an experience in itself. You have access to world-class cuisine. In shopping too, the whole French Quarter offers you some unique things. You even have tax free shopping here.

5. Pacific coastal drive

It’s a 500-mile long highway with the most epic scenes in the world. This is one of America’s most famous highways. It stretches from the southern tip of Baja California to the top of the Olympic peninsula. You will also come by various stops on the way for you to explore.

6. Chicago

Image by David Mark from Pixabay 

A city with a lot of things to do. From world-class food to adventurous activities, Chicago has it all. You can go on to a beautiful cruise along the Chicago River or Michigan Lake. You can also visit the Willis Tower. It’s still among the top 25 in the list of the tallest buildings in the world. You can also go on a food drive. Also, you can visit the amazing parks and various other significant places.

7. San Francisco

San Francisco
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

Among the most popular tourist place in the USA, San Francisco is well known for its cool summers, diversity in culture, great food and hipsters. A variety of things can be done at the place. Starting from the Golden Gate Bridge to watching The San Francisco Giants.
You can also escape to Alcatraz Island located 1.5 miles from the shore of the city. The tiny island is famous for federal prison in which criminal masterminds like Al Capone were imprisoned.

8. Miami

Image by Karen Ross from Pixabay 

One of South Florida’s most premier vacation spots, Miami is known for its white beaches, great weather, and fantastic history. Miami is all about chilling at the best level one can get. You can visit the famous Miami Beach, take a tour of the jungle island, stroll across the various museums and art galleries and dine at the famous bayside marketplace. You can also visit the famous Coral Castle and admire coral art. You can also enjoy your evening watching a live performance at the iconic Olympia Theater.

9. Washington D.C

Washington D.C
Image by David Mark from Pixabay 

The trip to the States is quite incomplete without this one. As an inspiration for many Hollywood movies, Washington D.C is the capital of the United States. It’s a city of million accents. The diversity of the place is quite wide. It’s a phenomenal place to eat, drink and relax. There are many places that you can visit in D.C. You can visit the National Mall. It’s a memorial worth visiting. Along with it, you can visit the famous Smithsonian Museums. Though this one is quite a challenge as there are 21 of them. You can also take a tour of the home of U.S. President, the White House.

10. Deadwood

Image by David Mark from Pixabay 

It’s a city in South Dakota and is designated as a National Historic Landmark District. The city is also near to the famous Mount Rushmore. The city showcases some of the most historic constructions in the history of the States. You can visit many museums and gold mines, for which South Dakota is known for. You can also visit Tatanka, a place dedicated to the story of Bison.

11. Kansas City

Kansas City
Image by John Bergman from Pixabay 

The city in the States known for its excellent barbeques. It’s also known for its excellent feature of possessing cutting edge technology like Google Fiber. There’s also a Jazz museum which is a must-visit. The city is also known as the Sunflower State. One must-see thing is the World War 1 museum. You can also go shopping at the Country Club Plaza. The architecture is worth admiration.

12. New York City

New York City
Image by Jo Wiggijo from Pixabay 

The most famous city and even the most populated one, NYC is well known for the diverse culture and the amazing things that the city possesses. Although a victim of the 9/11 attacks, the city has much to offer when it comes to tourism. You can visit the memorials, the Statue of Liberty and many other magnificent places.

The States is a nice vacation spot for any kind of traveler. The USA offers places for everyone, be it a group of friends or a family out for a week. The only thing that you might know before visiting the place is not to visit without insurance and prepare to pay a lot for things.