12 Best Countries that offer On Arrival Visa for Indians

Obtaining visas for your favorite holiday destinations can be painful along with being expensive with little assurance of a guaranteed grant. There are plenty of holiday destinations that provide exclusive tourist visas to Indian citizens with little or no fees, with types ranging from wildlife-rich regions to lavish resorts and beaches.

Most countries have common requirements to get a visa on arrival; a passport valid for 6 months after the visa date, some basic funds for expenditure, return or onward tickets, and accommodation details.

Here are some countries that are worth visiting and also give visas on arrival to Indian citizens. These arrival Visa countries are worth visiting once in a lifetime.

Best On Arrival Visa Countries for Indians

List of countries that offer on-arrival visas for Indians. You will love to explore these on-arrival visa destinations if you are planning a foreign trip.

1. Maldives

Image by Fonthip Ward from Pixabay

The generic holiday island of Maldives offers visas on arrival for up to 30 days of stay to Indian citizens. Only the return ticket or necessary visas for the next destination is required to enter. The Maldives is a group of 80 islands whose sole attraction is for tourists and holiday-makers, with its beaches, museums, nightlife, and many resorts for relaxing during the holidays away.

There are non-stop two-hour flights available from the Indian cities to the capital, Male. Traveling to islands other than the primary ones, such as the ones populated by inhabitants, visitors need a permit from the authorities.

2. Seychelles

Image by Pascal OHLMANN from Pixabay

For an on-arrival visa in Seychelles, Indians must show proof of funds totaling up to at least $150 per day of their visit in Seychelles in addition to a return or forward ticket. The visa is valid for a maximum continuous stay of 30 days.

Seychelles is popular as a summer holiday destination with activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling at Saint Anne marine national or relaxing on the quiet beaches and the lush green landscapes, whatever fits your needs. Apart from being most accessible to Indian tourists, Seychelles is just 4 hours away via flights from major Indian cities.

3. Thailand

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

One of the most popular holiday spots in the world, Thailand is also very accessible for Indians looking to vacation abroad. An on-arrival visa can be obtained for a small fee of 2000 Thai Baht from the Immigration services upon your arrival there. You will need to fill out an application form, with a recent photograph, proof of funds of 10,000 Baht per person or 20,000 per family, and a return ticket.

If your stay is longer than 30 days, you need to preemptively apply for an extended visa, which has a longer procedure. Tourists in Thailand can visit the Golden Buddha temple, visit the Chiang Dao elephant camp for elephant trekking, visit the Khao Yai National park, or just live the city life by shopping in Bangkok and visiting the Grand Palace.

4. Mauritius

Image by Nici Keil from Pixabay

Indian citizens have the privilege of a free on-arrival visa with a validity of 90 days. Like any visa process, the visitor needs to show a valid passport, return ticket, sufficient funds, and a confirmation of your stay from the hotel. A direct flight from Mumbai takes around 6 hours.

In Mauritius, one can sit and relax by the waters, enjoy the scenic spots, dance with the local dancers, or try some of its activities like skydiving. With a ton of things to do, Mauritius is fittingly a popular tourist spot, and knowing French helps too to get around more easily.

5. Vietnam

Image by ThuyHaBich from Pixabay

Provided entry is by air, Vietnam permits a visa on arrival for Indian passport holders and it is valid for up to 30 days. The fee is around $50 (USD). One requirement is that the visitor needs to apply for a visa online by filling out an application; the visa will be ready to pick up on arrival after showing the visa approval letter to the authorities. The visa process is done through private agencies, thus it is a simple and quick process.

To explore Vietnam, tourists have a lot of options such as going on an adventurous trip on a motorbike across the country, limestone islands of Ha Long Bay, and the Muong Hoa valleys. Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are cities for getting a feel of Vietnam and its markets for shopping.

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6. El Salvador

Image by masteroblima from Pixabay

Indian citizens can get a Visa-On-Arrival in El Salvador by purchasing a $10 tourist-stay card valid for a maximum of 90 days (3 months). The permit also includes the countries of Guatemala and Honduras, so you can make the most of your trip by visiting them too.

El Salvador is a peaceful nation in Central America, despite its conflict among the nationals, and is home to some beautiful national parks, volcanic mountains with coffee plantations at Parque Nacional Los Volcanes, and little towns carrying a colonial history of its own.

There are not many flights directly connecting Indian cities to its capital, San Salvador, but travelers can change flights to Houston from Toronto or Frankfurt making it a full 24-hour journey.

7. Cape Verde

Cape Verde
Image by fyouzan from Pixabay

Cape Verde is an island nation, lying in the Central Atlantic Ocean, made up of 10 archipelagos off the west coast of Africa. It is a popular winter sun destination, one of the few on the planet, offering sunny days at the beach for almost the entire year.

For a visa-on-arrival for Indians at Cape Verde, Indians need just a passport valid for another 6 months and a visa fee of 40 Euros. Cape Verde is known for its iconic white sand beaches like Praia de Santa Maria and Praia De Chaves, and the active stratovolcano of Pico do Fogo.

Hiking is popular for those who wish to climb up the volcanic landscapes for spectacular views. There are direct flights available from the main airports of the UK and even Portugal.

7. Jamaica

Image by Dennis Larsen from Pixabay

Indian citizens get Visa-Free Entry into Jamaica for a stay of up to 30 days. The immigration services will stamp the passport upon arrival, and the stamp will act as a valid tourist visa for 30 days. One needs just a valid passport and return tickets to access the land of beaches, drinks, and Bob Marley. Jamaica is a tropical fantasy with catchy beats, a cultural hotspot, and friendly people, who still might con you. Reaching the Caribbean island is expensive and time-consuming, and Indians would need to change flights from London to reach the capital, Kingston, or Montego Bay.

8. Kenya

Image by MonikaP from Pixabay

Indians can get visa-on-arrival at the airport in Kenya for a fee of $50 (UDS), given that the passenger has confirmed plane tickets, a Yellow Fever Certificate, and a valid passport, along with other Travel Documents. The visa covers a stay of a maximum of 90 days.

Kenya is famous for its rich wildlife and the safari in the Maasai Mara National reserve that goes into exploring it. Plus, with the Diani beach and the flamingos at Lake Nakuru, Kenya brings nature and wildlife and presents us with the best of it.

9. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
Image by detlefkindermann from Pixabay

With a valid Indian passport (valid till 6 months from the visa date), you can get a visa on arrival in Sri Lanka for a stay of up to 30 days. The fee is $25 (USD). Known for its tropical beaches and glimpses of ancient civilization, the island of Sri Lanka can be a mixed bag of experiences for lovers of rough natural beauty, and elephants too. One can visit Anuradhapura for relics from the ancient Sinhalese civilization or the Yala National Park for witnessing natural wildlife.

10. Fiji

Image by H J from Pixabay
Image by H J from Pixabay

The Fiji islands are a visa-free destination for Indian citizens with a stay granted up to 4 months (which can be further extended). The travelers need to show a valid passport, sufficient funds for travel, return tickets, and hotel bookings along with some other basic documents.

The islands of the South Pacific are donned with pleasant beaches, a thriving marine life, seafood, and an escape into a secluded paradise. Travelers from India will need to make a stop at Singapore or Hong Kong before reaching Fiji, making it a 24-hour journey.

11. Indonesia

Indonesia has a natural beauty. You will love to explore Bali if you are a nature lover. There are about 1700 Islands in Indonesia that are perfect for budget travel, fun, and activities. Indonesia is a Visa-free country for the duration of up to 30 days.

12. Myanmar


Currently, only a limited number of countries are qualified for a Myanmar visa on arrival and India is one of them. You can explore this beautiful country with an on-arrival visa. This Visa is valid for 90 days and supports only single entries.

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Other Asian countries such as Laos and African countries such as Mozambique and Madagascar provide on-arrival visas to Indians, with a primary intent to boost tourism. Remember to use Trusted and Best Travel Credit Cards for Travel outside India.