15 Top-Rated Places to Visit in Amsterdam

If you love historic buildings, canals, and other such man-made marvels or you are a fan of coffee, Amsterdam is your place. If you are planning to go somewhere this vacation, Amsterdam is the place that should be on the top of your bucket list.

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherland and the most populous city in the Netherlands. It’s a province of New Holland. Though originating as a small village, Amsterdam became the most important ports in the world during the Dutch Golden Age.

We curated this list of top-rated Places to Visit in Amsterdam during your trip. These Amsterdam tourist places are the best to explore.

Amsterdam Tourist Attractions

Apart from its glorious history, Amsterdam has a lot to see. Here are 15 best Places to Visit in Amsterdam. Hope your trip will be fantastic.

1. Anne Frank House


If you want some insights about World War 2 or some motivation, there’s a special place for you in Amsterdam. It’s the Anne Frank House. It’s basically a biographical museum dedicated to Jewish wartime diarist Anne Frank. It was founded on 3rd May 1957. You can still see the traces and personal objects of the people who hid in the house during wartime.

There’s also a diary room in which you can see the original red-checked diary which Anne Frank received on her 13th birthday. In this room, you will also see two other notebooks ‘Favorite Quotes book’ in which Anne copied quotes she liked. ‘Tales Book’ with short stories she had made up.

2. Rijksmuseum

Also known as “The Museum of Netherlands” and fancied as the grandest museum of Netherlands, Rijksmuseum is unlike any other museum. With 80 galleries and 8000 objects on display, time goes like whoosh once you enter the museum. Even before you are in the museum, you can enjoy the artistic view of the sculpture filled garden designed by Pierre Cuypers in 1901. The view is just spectacular and can’t be expressed in words or exclamations.

Among its offbeat items, Rijksmuseum has three antique dolls’ houses which also include one from a novel by Jessie Burton. These 17th-century miniatures were not just some children’s toys. They were fancy for wealthy housewives. Another unusual feature of the museum is that despite being a national museum it allows high-speed cyclists to speed right through it. The museum’s passage has amazing acoustics which makes it very popular among street musicians.

Among other fantastic things is The Cuyper’s library. This library has the oldest and the most immense collection of art history textbooks in the Netherlands. The beauty of the museum also lies in its marvelous paintings by the most skilled artists. A must for art lovers.

3. The Jordaan District

Jordaan District

This is the most photogenic place in Amsterdam. This place is famous for the beautiful houses and great restaurants. The place is located in the center of Amsterdam. You can enjoy world-class delicacies and have wonderful street music to tune your heart.

The beautiful houses and other construction serves as a perfect place for your perfect selfies. Doesn’t it feel romantic just to think about having tasty pancakes with your partner and light street music playing in the background? It’s a perfect place for couples. Besides the beautiful view, great food, and sweet music, there’s also a market known as Westerstraat for you to shop.

4. Vondelpark

The most attached place of every resident of Amsterdam, Vondelpark is the transition between the two areas of Amsterdam. It’s a place where the Amsterdammers go for exercise or just for a stroll. Apart from relaxing in the fresh air of the park, you can also check out The Blauwe Theehuis and Vondelpark3 to have some great crunchy snacks. You can also enjoy a regular expedition at Vondelpark. And if you walk some distance from the park you enter in the posh neighbor of Amsterdam where you can have a relaxing spa. You can also go shopping in the streets of Cornelis Schuytstraat and Beethovenstraat.

5. Artis Royal Zoo

This is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands. Founded in 1838, this zoo features an aquarium, a zoological museum, and a planetarium. The unique thing about the zoo is that it is the only zoo to have a microscopic life exhibit. You can reach the place by bike, tram or a medium length walk from the city center. The zoo is home to 700 different species of fauna and 200 species of flora.

6. A’dam lookout

Places to Visit in Amsterdam

If you want to have some adventure and see the city of Amsterdam in a different way, A’dam Lookout waits for you. The 360-degree sky deck, Swing over the edge and other such features are worth seeing during your visit to Amsterdam.

The best time to visit this building is 1-2 hours before the sunset. The 360-degree sky deck provides you with an amazing opportunity of viewing the whole of Amsterdam and its surrounding area. A grand welcome is provided by the GoPhoto group. A spectacular photograph is taken by them at the entrance.

7. Body World

The dog was plastinated according to the method invented by Gunther von Hagens. The exhibition gives many insight into anatomy and is therefore extremely interesting and instructive.

This place is basically an exhibition of plastinated bodies which demonstrates various effects on human bodies under different circumstances. This place is a must-visit as it informs about our body processes in a very innovative way. This year the theme at the Body World is “Happiness”. The effects of happiness on the human body will be demonstrated if one visits the place this year.

8. Museum Het Rembrandthuis (Rembrandthuis’ house)


Rembrandthuis house is a museum of paintings made by the famous artist Rembrandt. The museum is the same house in which the famous artist used to live. The museum houses over 250 of the artist’s works. Each piece of furniture has been maintained very cautiously. The museum is open daily. The time is from 10 am to 6 pm.

9. Dam Square

Its the most tourist loved a place in Amsterdam. The most important feature of the place is the Royal Palace of the 17th century which housed the Dutch Royal family. The place is amazing and is a must go for history lovers.

10. The old Church

Places to Visit in Amsterdam

This 1306 built church served as a model to many churches in the region. This is the first church in North Holland. The main reason to visit it is the beautiful design and the excellence of the architecture. The amazing thing is that this church was built on a cemetery and so its floor consists entirely of gravestones. The church houses 2500 graves with bodies of 10000 Amsterdam citizens in it.

11. EYE film museum

This spaceship structured building is the official platform for the launch of films whether national or international. Its located on the main waterfront of the city, river IJ. It presents four different exhibitions in a year showcasing the unique cinematic and artistic works. What’s exciting is that the museum has a green screen enabling the visitors can appear in a movie.

12. Heineken Brewery

Places to Visit in Amsterdam

This place is not just a brewery, its an encyclopedia of beer. From the origin of beer bottles to the different flavors of beer, everything can be learned here. A true place for beer lovers. And if you have a VIP pass, you can also taste five different flavors of the beer. Apart from that, you can create your own custom beer label. You also get to experience a real 4d ride in the theater at the brewery.

13. De Bakkerswinkel

Places to Visit in Amsterdam

This café is a special one and is worth mentioning for a reason. Besides the tasty food and amazing surroundings, the thing that makes it special is the homemade preparations. A perfect place to hang out with friends.

14. Keukenhof

It has achieved the title of the Garden Of Europe. This place is in southern Holland at a distance of 40 minutes from Amsterdam. It is one of the largest flower gardens in the world. It is open for 2 months a year during the spring season. During this season, the tulips are at their best. A must-go place for photo flowers.

15. Efteling Park

Places to Visit in Amsterdam

The best for amusement park lovers. It’s the best one out in Amsterdam. The main attraction that draws attention is theme-based rides and establishments like The flying Dutchman, Baron 1898, villa volta and much more. Truly a place for adventure lovers. The sprookjesbos is a fairy tale themed forest-like area, worth watching.

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Amsterdam is a lovely vacation spot and can be explored with family as well as with your partner. These are the best Places to Visit in Amsterdam that you can explore. The weather and scenery are mind-blowing and the experience of visiting all these places is beyond words.

Best time to visit Amsterdam: April to May; September to November