How to Plan a Perfect Trip: Your 8-Step Guide


Who does not love to travel? Exploring a new place and its culture is an experience one must have in their lifetime. Travel gives our life a new introspection. When you plan for a trip, there is excitement and enthusiasm. You pack your bags and grab the passports and all set for the trip. But this what just shown in movies and tv ads. Yes, sometimes spontaneous behavior is needed while you plan a trip. We all want to be a Naina from Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani who goes to Manali without any planning. But sometimes it is to plan ahead for a trip. This ensures your safety and taking care of details such as accommodation or budget.

We plan for trips and adventures all the time. However, 80 percent of the time we cancel as we do not do the planning of it from early and hence, executing it becomes difficult. Going for a trip is important but it needs meticulous planning. Sometimes it can get really tiresome and confusing. What to pack? How much to explore? Budget traveling or just a bit of luxury? These questions sure pop in your mind while you take the first step of planning a trip. Many of us who are procrastinators often find it difficult to do detailed planning for a trip. This is for them.

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How to Plan a Perfect Trip?

Here are some simple steps you can follow to plan a perfect trip. By following these steps you can plan a perfect vacation for yourself.


1. Decide on a destination

If one day you wake up and decided that you need a break from your life and go for a trip, you need to decide which place you want to visit. If this a trip you want to do for just relaxation, you can go to nearby weekend destination, where you can just rewind, or is it a place where you want to spend some solitary time. Your first step is to decide on the destination. If you are confused, start making a list of the places you wished have not visited and pick then pick one. While doing this you can consort your friends and family.

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2. Find out the best time to visit the place

One needs to know the best time to visit the place. Every trip has its ideal time. Only during this time, you can have the best experience from a place. You cannot visit Morocco during the summers as you will be not able to tolerate the tropical summer or visit Russia during the winters as you might freeze in the snow. Sometimes knowing the best time to visit the place lets you explore the cultural or natural aspects of the destination. We know that in the winter months you should plan a trip to Norway if you want to see the northern lights. Such minute things help you in planning your trip.

3. The duration of your trip

This one of the most important aspect when you plan a trip. Deciding on the duration of your trip helps you to plan the destination and the activities you want to do during the trip. If you know you will not get long leaves from work, it is better to go for just a weekend getaway trip nearby. The itinerary of the trip is also decided accordingly. If you are getting the summer months free, you can definitely take a long backpacking trip to multiple destinations across the country or even go abroad.


Even on the trip, you must have a time planner, some places have numerous famous spots and even the weekend is not sufficient to cover all of it. You must pay attention to the time duration to reach one destination to another. If you are planning to go for one of the best treks in India, you must know how much time will it take to cover the points to reach the highest point. The duration of your trip also helps you decide how you are going to manage your other work schedules.

4. Decide on your budget

Planning a trip needs a budget. It depends highly on an individual on how much they want to spend on a trip. It will be foolish to spend a ton of money on a weekend trip. Your luxury and budgeting differs from what you want to spend on. Many travelers want a comfortable stay and spend less on food and drinks. Some stay in budget hotels and spend more on the cultural experience. How you want to explore a destination also decides the budget for your trip. Whether you are a budget traveler or a luxury traveler, keeping some budget limits helps while planning a trip.

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5. Deciding on the mode of transportation and stay

Choosing your mode of travel helps to plan your trip better. Sometimes to get a better cultural experience and interact with the local people it is better to travel by public transport and stay at hostels. A scenic biking trip from Delhi to Ladakh than a flight to Ladakh. Staying at a local homestay in Uttarakhand will give you more chance to explore the Garhwal tribal culture than just spending your stay on a luxurious villa. Unless you are up for a romantic trip, you can always decide on a budgeted transport and stay. Lastly, when you have decided on the mode of transport and accommodation, book them in advance as they may be sold out during the peak season.

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6. Plan your itinerary of activities

Your trip is incomplete without a proper itinerary of activities you want to do when you arrive at your destination. Before you make this itinerary research on the things you can do at the destination. If you’re the place is great for just camping, then find out what adventure sports can be done. If you are going for a historical trip, find out the historical landmarks. Plan your itinerary by giving adequate time to each of the activity to have a fulfilled experience during your trip. And remember to take small breaks in between as it can get quite tiresome.

7. Update your health insurance

No one plans to be sick during a trip. It totally ruins the plan. But we cannot predict what happens. If you hurt yourself or got food poisoning or altitude sickness during your trip, you might need serious medical attention. It can be expensive and you need to either have some spare cash for this, but it preferable you update your health insurance when you start a trip.

8. Get your documents in Order

This is a trivial yet important thing while you plan for a trip. Have all your documents ready. Any hotel asks for id proofs. If you are driving have your driving license in place. If you are planning a trip abroad, get your passport and visa at least 2 months before the trip. Without carrying government documents, your trip can get really difficult.

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Now when you have checked all the above points, you can now pack your bags and go for the trip you had planned so meticulously. And do remember to share this with a fellow procrastinating traveler to help plan a trip better.