20 Most Difficult Treks in India to Explore if You are Daredevil

Nowadays, Travel is almost everybody’s passion. Going to a different place, having a culture variation, different food,  fun life, these are the few reasons what make travel interesting. But sometimes it becomes thrilling and adventurous if you increase the difficulty level of your trip. Yes, if you have done all the easy and moderate levels of trekking in your life and want to explore some most difficult treks in India, you are in the right place.

Trekking is the perfect way to induce adventure to your travel plan. It pushes your body to a new challenge and is a perfect escapade into nature. You learn and observe a lot more during treks. India with its variant flora, fauna and topography had many ideal trekking destinations to offer. Due to diversity in climate and land, India has many treks from the easiest one to the most difficult one.

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If you are bored with easy treks in India and want to add some extra adventure then we have the list of toughest treks in India here. You can trek the Himalayas from different places and enjoy the diversity of Himalayas.

Before you plan for any of these treks, you must understand the difference between an adventure and plain risk. You should be fit and prepare enough for trekking to these places. Some treks are difficult but few are extremely risky. So, plan accordingly.

Best Trekking Places in India (Difficulty Level High)

If you are planning to escape from the hustle and chaos of life and spend some time in the tranquillity, then these best trekking places in India with the highest difficulty is the best plan for you. These are the most difficult treks in India to go if you love adventure and have the heart to take a risk. Trek the Himalayas and go to the heavens on the earth.

Note: This is not the rank list of treks in India, but all treks listed here are difficult. So, read the description carefully to learn more about a trek. If you do not have any prior experience treks, you should start with easy treks in India before jumping to any of these.

1. Kang Yatse Summit Trek

A trek to Kang Yatse Summit is also one of the difficult to take. It requires technical skills and rope works to reach the summit. You will be walking on the snow most of the time to reach at the summit that is located at an altitude of 6400 meters. There is another peak that has the summit at 6200 meters. So, people have divided it into Kang Yatse I (6400 m) and Kang Yatse II (6200 m). You can take any of these two, but most of the companies offering trek to Kang Yatse go to Kang Yatse II.

It takes from 8 to 10 days. As it is mostly on snow, you should take proper shoes and clothes.

How to reach

The trek starts from Leh and end to Leh. You can reach Leh by flight/ You can also take a train to Katra or Jammu Tavi, then go to Leh from there.

Best time to visit

July to October is the best time to visit. Winter is not suitable to go there.

2. Pin Parvati Pass Trek, Himachal Pradesh

Pin Parvati Pass Trek is not just a difficult trek but is an extremely high-risk trek. Even with many safety precautions, you cannot be sure about the safety. That is the reason, few companies offering difficult treks have stopped offering Pin Parvati Pass Trek. The trek claims to 17,500 ft but that is not the reason to worry. You will face tough terrains that include rockfall and landslide-prone areas. You will also be crossing some frightening river and a glacier crossing with deep crevasses. As you cross higher, you will have a beautiful view of Parvati and Pin Valley. You will also experience the hot water springs at Parvati Kund at Kheerganga.

It takes around 14 days to finish the trek and you will be trekking approx 110 Kms.

How to reach

The trek starts at Kalga and ends at Mud. Pathankot is the nearest railway station and Bhuntar is the airport which is 52 km away from Manali.

Best Time to visit

The best time to go to Pin Parvati Pass Trek is from July to September.

3. Bali Pass Trek

Bali Pass Trek is really difficult and is the ambition for an achiever. The trek offers close views of the great Himalayan peaks of Swargarohini, Kaalanaag, and Banderpoonch. You will really love the view of alpine meadows of Dev Thach in the middle of the Ruinsara forest. The trek contacts Yamunotri and Har Ki Dun Valley and you will reach an altitude of 16240 ft. It is really difficult and beginners should avoid it.

The trek requires 9 to 10 days

How to reach

The trek starts from Sankri village in Uttarakhand and ends at Janki Chatti.

Best time to visit

May, Jun, Sep, and Oct are the best months for Bali Pass trek.

4. Panpatia Col Trek

Panpatia Col forms a bridge between the two most important Hindu pilgrimage sites, Kedarnath and Badrinath. It also lies between two unnamed 5500 m + peaks It is located an altitude of 4,200 meters and gets across the Panpatia Glacier. It is surrounded by several major peaks of the Garhwal Himalayan region and the looks of Himalayas are really beautiful from here.

It takes around 14 days to finish the trek.

How to reach

The Trek to Panpatia Col starts from Badrinath and heads to Dumkal Kharak and thereafter turns to Nilkanth Khal located at an altitude of 4,650 meters. After it turns to the snout of Panpatia Glacier followed by glaciated track before reaching to Panpatia plateau.

Best time to visit

May to June and September to October.

5. Borasu Pass Trek

Borasu Pass trek is also one of the most difficult treks in India and it takes you as high as 5450 meters. Borasu Pass is a high mountain pass located on the border of Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh. It was an ancient trade route between Har ki Dun valley and Kinnaur valley but no longer used by locals. It also connects Tons and Baspa Rivers that is a really beautiful sight to see.

The duration of this trek is around 9 days.

How to reach

The trek starts from Taluka. Then it passes through the lush green Har ki Dun valley and ends with colossal Baspa River.

Best time to visit

June, Sep to Oct (Except monsoon season) is the best time to go for Borasu Pass trek.

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6. Hampta Pass Trek

The Hampta Pass Trek is a direct escape into nature’s bosom of lush green sceneries which begins from the Kullu valley and ends on the edge of mountains from where you can view the breathtaking  Lahaul valley. The Hampta  Pass Trek is a moderate to difficult level trek of 14035ft with a duration of six days, however adequate preparation for fitness is a must.

How to reach

The base camp starts from Manali and the trek begins from Jobra through a forest cover of maple trees and branches leading to beautiful Jwara meadow which looks like heaven with the wildflowers and ponies. Camping at Jwara valley is surreal. When you leave Jwara valley, the next day you can see the Hampta Pass from a distance. The next two days are walking uphill surrounded by mountains. And finally, you reach a different landscape of red flowers called the Lahaul Valley. From there you descend to the Shea Goru Campsite for a day. It another grassland surrounded by lakes. The trek ends at Chandratal Lake.  A different view of nature each makes this trek worthwhile.

Best time to visit

The ideal month to start Hampta pass trek would be mid- June.  

7. Stok Kangri Summit

Stok Kangri Summit trek is another challenging trek for the ultimate adventure. It is one of the major trekking peak located in Ladakh is as high as 6153 meters. The trek offers a beautiful view of mountains and an opportunity to experience the complete peace. This is a difficult trek and becomes even more difficult because of the snow. So, you should be fit before planning this trek.

The entire trek has the incorporation of many ridges so that one can feel the sudden change in the landscape. In winter, the whole surrounding attains a perfect panoramic view. Stok Kangri peak provides the entire view of the Zanskar and the Indus Valley. It takes around 8 days to finish the trek and you will be trekking around 40 kms.

How to reach

The trek begins with the arrival from Delhi to Leh. One must spend some time to get accustomed to the weather conditions. Leh is the place where you get the ideal combination of natural magnificence mixed with cultural beauty. The entire path to the Stok Village is full of the natural exquisiteness of green trees. From Changa Ma, one will reach to the Base Camp. Situated up in a grassy region, it is a place that gives leisure to everyone. This magnificent area has many water bodies. Staying here in the tents is a great opportunity. One has to rest here for one whole day and get needful knowledge about all the challenges of the trek from the guide.

From there, one will trek to their destination Stok Kangri. After an uphill climbing for 9-10 hours, one will reach the top of the ridge. Standing at the summit, there is the view the Karakoram Range towards the north and Zanskar Range towards the south. This is truly an incredible trekking experience

Best time to visit

July – August are the best months to plan the trek

8. Chadar Trek

The Chadar Trek is one of adrenaline experience in trekking. The frozen lake has its own charm. As you trek you shall the beautiful Zanskar River Valley.  The Tibb cave is a point of attraction and has beautiful views of frozen waterfalls. The trek spans over 9 long days trailing through the white mountains of Kargil, Jammu, and Kashmir and you will reach an altitude of 10,900ft. You will be crossing over the frozen river of Zanskar. As you will be walking on the ice sheet and camping inside the cave in the freezing temperatures of less than -15 degrees this will be a breathtaking experience.

How to reach

The trek starts from Leh which is accessible by road or airways from Delhi.

Best Time to visit Chadar Trek:

January and February are the best months to go for Chadar Trek. Many trekkers start the Chadar trekking from mid-January to Mid February. If you are planning for this trek, you can join these groups.

9. Auden’s Col Trek

Auden’s Col Trek is also popular among adventure lovers because of its difficulty. It is located in Uttarkashi district at an elevation of 5,490 m. You will be experiencing moraines, glaciers, boulders, and steep ridges. You will also get the view of Himalayan peaks such as Gangotri group, Jogin group, Bhagirathi group, and Kedar Dome.

It takes around 18 days to finish the trek.

How to reach

It stars from Tehri Garhwal, Garhwal district. You can reach there by Dehradoon or Haridwar. Few companies also have a base camp in Gangotri, located in Uttarkashi. That is also connected to Hardware.

Best time to visit

June to September is the best time for the trek

 10. Roopkund trek

Roopkund located in Uttarakhand is popular for its glacial lake which has a mystery of human skeletons which is said to have originated from the ancient Paleolithic age. The Roopkund trek is a difficult trek in India of 15696 ft altitude. Roopkund trek is a  thrilling journey that crosses through variant breathtaking locations. Once you trek towards the lake, you can see the lush grassland and coniferous forest.

Soon after the trek makes its way along the Pindar River where you can enjoy the natural landscape with the pleasant breeze which embalms your senses. Roopkund is a picturesque destination in the Himalayas. Situated at the base of two Himalayan peaks, Trishul and Nandghungti, it attracts people who crave for adrenaline in their travel. There are religious festivals which take place in autumn, at the Bedni Bugyal meadow.

How to reach

The trek to Roopkund has several routes. One of the most common routes taken by trekkers is from Lohajung till which you can travel by road. Trekking begins after this juncture. There are also some plateaux areas where you can camp at night. The Roopkund trek has difficult terrain and severe weather conditions, so one must be fully equipped during the trek.

Best time to visit

The ideal time for this trek is during the months of May and June

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11. Nanda Devi Base Camp, Uttarakhand

It is also one of the most difficult treks to experience in India. Nanda Devi is the second highest peak of India and trek to its base camp is an unmatched experience. The trek begins with an easy climb from Munsyari but gets tougher as soon as it reaches Bugdiyar. You will experience meadows, deep valleys, ancient villages, gorges, and high altitude glaciers during the trek.

How to reach

It starts from Munsiyari, Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand state.

Best time to visit

The first week of June and August to September

12. Saptakund Trek:

Sapt Kund trek is one of the lesser-known trekking destinations but a tough one to have adventurous experience. It lies. In Chamoli district of Uttarakhand and is situated at the height of about 5200 meters. The salt kind is known for its Seven Lakes nestled in the foothills of gigantic Nandaghunti peak. The trek passes through some of the most breathtaking places and offers views of beautiful Himalayan peaks. If you choose the right weather, you witness lost valley of the flower.

When I did this trek, we also faced several challenges due to constantly changing the weather. From extreme sunlight to sudden rain and snowfall. Weather can change anytime. Temperature after snowfall fell below 0 degrees. So, you should go with proper preparation. Do carry a good quality of trekking bags for all the treks like this.

How to reach

The trek starts from Ramni village and takes around 7 days to finish. You will have to first go to Haridwar and then take a bus or cab to visit Ghat. From Ghat, reach to Ramani and start the trek.

Best Time to visit:

The Months of April and September are the ideal time for the trek.

13. Markha Valley Trek:

The Markha Valley trek is also popularly known as being the ‘tea house trek’ as one can expect to have accommodations in parachute tents in most of the villages during the journey. Other striking experience of trekking in a cold desert valley, one gets a spectacular view of Ladakh and Zanskar ranges, the 21,000 ft Kang Yissay and the 20,086 ft Stok Kangri peaks.

This Ladakh trekking divulges into the breathtaking Hemis National Park and includes crossing two mountain passes –  Gandala La pass (15748 ft) and Kongmaru La pass, (17,060 ft).  There is also some exhilarating deep river crossing on the Markha River to the trails going across the beautiful Buddhist hamlets and mountainous canyons. These are some of the elements that give this trek its uniqueness.

How To Reach:

With close nearness to Leh, which is just one flight away from most Indian cities, the Markha Valley trek can be something any traveler to Leh could definitely add to their travel bucket list.

Acknowledging the popularity of the Markha Valley trek has with trekkers in Ladakh, it is easy to understand that it is the most sought after trekking in that region. With every shop in Leh market being a trekking agency addressing to a large number of trekkers, one may be fooled into thinking this is an easy level trek with so much technical support and equipment available.

Best Time to visit:

The summer months of May and June are the ideal time for the trek

14. Snow Leopard Trek

Snow Leopard Trek is a major attraction of adventurists and animal lovers. It is situated in the eastern part of Ladakh and stretches at an elevation of 4100 meters. It covers the famous Hemis National Park that is the home to varied species of animals including Snow Leopards and Himalayan birds. This trek is popular winter treks in the Ladakh region. You have a chance to spot the rare and endangered species live only in the cold weather. The trek goes through rugged mountains and mountain greenery.

How to reach

You will have to take a flight to reach Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport and then go to Ladakh from there.

Best time to visit

Best time to visit Snow Leopard Trek is from Mid-November to Mid March.

15. Goecha La Trek

The Goecha La Trek is moderate to difficult level trek in India with an altitude of 16200ft and for a duration of eleven days. Goecha La is located in Sikkim and it overlooks the enormous Kanchenjunga, the Goecha lake with its tear-shaped structure, the breathtaking sunrises, and sunsets, snow-covered Himalayas, the beautiful view of sixteen peaks visible from the Dzongri, the Himalayan forest, along with the meadows, rhododendrons, there are endless  reasons to fall in love with the beautiful Goechala trek. For a trekker, it is a path filled with adventures where one can feel the adrenaline rush with its steep trails while basking in the beauty of nature.

The rich culture of Sikkim can be well explored there. On the way, one can also notice a unique style of wooden fencing near to the trail which is very charming. The second popular feature of the trek is the sight of mesmerizing snow-covered peaks of Kanchenjunga with green landscapes at the foothills. The eye-catching beauty of the third highest peak of the world is mesmerizing that one can spend hours eyeing its charm.

Lastly, the escape to nature, makes this trek perfect, since it includes many inspiring locations that magnify the beauty of nature with a vast range of wildflowers plantation and rhododendron forest.

How to reach

The trekking trail starts from the  Yuksom town, which is a popular location in Sikkim for its history. You can go by yourself or can book a trekking trip via any trek planner.

Best Time to visit:

The Months of April and May are the ideal time for the trek

16. Pindari glacier trek:

If you have not trekked to the Pindari Glacier, then your trekking journey is incomplete. The glacier is located in the Kumaon Hills in the Uttarakhand.   There are several walks through the rhododendron forests, where exotic birds inhabitants. Next, one has to travel through various mountain ridges, and stream crossings. The beautiful snow comes in the form of the Pindari Glacier, whose heavenly beauty at 12,300 feet which are eye-catching. One of the major features on this trek is the magnificent sight of the Nanda Devi and Nanda Kot peaks. The Kafni Glacier trek that diverges from Diwali is another attraction to many trekkers.

How to reach:

The Pindari Glacier Trek starts from Loharkhet at 1,760 meters and leads to Dhakuri at 2,680 meters, which is approximately 10 kilometers of the trek and it takes about 5-6 hours. The trek from Dhakuri then leads to Khati at 2,210 meters by passing through a vast forest of rhododendron and from there its paces along the River Pindar to Dwali at 2,575 meters. The route from Dwali diverges into Phurkia and ends up at Pindari Glacier. There is a beautiful waterfall just before Phurkia where you can rest for a while.

Best time for the trek:

The Pindari Glacier trek is easily accessed during the summer and autumn seasons and one can capture the excellent panorama of nature.

17. Kuari Pass trek:

On this trek, one passes through the jungles of Oak and Deodar trees. And these jungles are home to some wildlife. Paw marks of leopards or Himalayan black bears can be sighted in the forests. Rhododendron trees, which bear flowers of a flaming red color, are also found in large quantities in these mountains.

The refreshing part of the trek is while walking through the breathtaking Himalayan meadows, called ‘Bugyals’ in the native tongue. The beauty of a Himalayan meadow is an experience no one should never miss. The most magnificent is the Gorson Bugyal, consisting of vast green pastures. On this trek, you will also visit Auli, which is popular for its beautiful skiing slopes.

This trek is difficult and pays huge rewards for the physical effort with the most stunning views of some of the best mountains in the Himalayan Range. The sight of the Nanda Devi is the highlighting feature of this trek. So if you want to have some serenity in the meadows and on the snowy slopes of the Garhwal Himalayas, pack your backpacks and proceed towards Haridwar.

How to reach:

The Kuari Pass trek is of the difficult level with an altitude of 12569ft and duration of five days. The trek starts from Joshimath, in the Chamoli district of the Himalayas, which has become the hub for trekkers and pilgrims in this region of the Himalayas. The merge of several rivers – the Pinder, Kaliganga, Nandakini, Birehiganga & Dhauli Ganga give make up the Pancha-Prayag – namely, Devprayag, Karnaprayag, and Rudraprayag. The trek then begins through small remote Himalayan hamlets. Walking along the Curzon trail through these villages is a great way to get familiar with the life of the mountain folks. The trees are glowing in the saffron colors of autumn, strikes a deep contrast to the blue-brown hues of the mountains and the snow peaks.

Best time for the trek

The months of May to October will be the ideal time for the trek

18. Sandakhpu Trek

The Sandakhpu Trek is a difficult climb to the highest point in West Bengal. During the trek, you shall the beautiful peaks of Singalila range at Tumling. The Singalila National Park is mesmerizing with its natural scenic beauty. When you reach the zenith of Sandakhpu you shall the beautiful Kanchenjunga Mountain the forest beneath it.

How to reach

To reach the base camp, Manenbhajan, first you have to New Jalpaiguri from where you have to take a personal car to the base camp.

Best time for the trek

The Ideal time for the trek is during the month of April and May

19. Rupin Pass Trek

Rupin Pass Trek is also a difficult trek that starts from Dhaula in Uttarakhand and ends at Sangla, Himachal Pradesh. Most of the times, you will be in Himachal Pradesh. The trek reaches an altitude of 15250 feet. High altitude is not the only reason of its attraction, but the diversified number of sceneries and sudden variation in trails make it popular. Waterfalls views, Hanging Village, Snow Bridges, Lush Forests and Kinnaur Temple are primary views.

It takes around 8 days to finish the trek and you will be trekking about 53 Kms.

How to reach

Dhaula is the base camp that is 10 hours drive from Dehradun. Dehradun has an Airport and railway station to reach.

Best time to visit

May, June, mid-August to October

20. Nandikund – Ghiya Vinayak Pass Trek

Nandikund Trek is also a beautiful but difficult trek to experience. The trek Trail covers Madhyamaheshwar, Kachani Dhar, Pandavsera, Nandikund, Ghiya Vinayak Pass (17389 ft), Bansi Narayan and Kalpeshwar. The trek offers views of Panpatia Snow field, Chaukhaba, and Mandani. The trek is also connected to Pandavas, who followed Lord Shiva and built temples on their way to attaining salvation.

It takes around 7 days to finish the trek.

How to reach

Different trek companies start It from different places. Mostly have a base camp at Ukhimath. Ukhimath is a small town in Rudraprayag district, Uttarakhand. It is well connected to Haridwar.

Best time to visit

Mid-June / Mid-September to Mid-October

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Final Words

Here, we have listed a few of the most difficult treks in India. If you are planning for some adventurous treks, you can pick one from here. I always recommend going step by step in difficulty. Don’t jump straight to a difficult one. So, pick less difficult first and then go to a more difficult one.

You should also prepare your body for extreme treks. So, focus on strength of your legs, shoulder and work on your stamina.

If you want to share your trek experience with us, you can use the comment form or contact us.