12 Reasons Why You Must Travel Before You Are 30


Traveling is the best medicine that you can have without any side effects. If you love traveling, then you don’t need any other therapy for your stress, depression, workload, or any other kind of tension. Most of us overlook our passion and focus on earning more and more money in our 20s. We forget to live our lives and just make our careers the most important thing in our life.

Well, I am not saying that a career is not important but it is not everything. Your family, friends, and your hobbies are equally important. If traveling makes you happy, do plan trips. Small or relaxing trips never hurt your career. Many researchers found that traveling treats your stress and makes you more energetic. This helps you in achieving your dreams.

The 20s is the decade of living our lives in the present, with no regrets of the past and no worries about the future. In my language, it is the perfect age for careless travel and numerous adventurous trips. If you are in your 20s and ignoring your passion for traveling, here are a few reasons why you must travel before you are 30.

Reasons Why You Must Travel Before You Are 30

Here are the best and most convincing reasons why you must travel before you are 30


Reasons Why You Must Travel Before You Are 30

1. You have Stamina

Before 30, your bones are strong and you have great stamina. You can take benefit of this and wander with a full heart. You can enjoy your day fully and can trek even for hours in a day and days in a week. 

If you are a trekker, do take care of your health during trekking and avoid dehydration. Always keep glucose and dates with you. These things help in improving stamina.

2. You have Good health

Health is wealth and before 30 you have this wealth. So, no need to worry about saving more money for the future, Just travel and feel the joy. Also, traveling treat your stress and makes you a happy person. It makes you energetic and helps in processing your work even faster.

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3. Best Experiences of Life

Travel taught you about those lessons that you never learn sitting in your room in front of a TV or laptop. Wandering can help you in taking many tough decisions in your life. 

4. Makes you Tough

Traveling makes you tough physically as well as mentally. You can not deny the fact that while traveling you face different issues that help you to deal with any tough situation in your life. Also, you face different mentality of people during your whole journey which helps you in dealing with people in your work life too.

5. You have Fewer Responsibilities

Before 30, you have very fewer responsibilities. You have no tension to take care of home or loan or any other big responsibility. This helps you to enjoy your tour with your full heart. 

6. Easier to Learn a New Language

It is a proven fact that in our 20s we can learn new things easily. The brain is still developing at this phase. So, You can learn new languages and cultures in different cities and countries.

7. Fun at Parties

If the idea of having a party with unknown people in an unknown place rushes your adrenaline, then my friend you are a true travel soul. So, traveling gives you much more options like these. You can party hard at any place and with anyone but keep your safety in mind always.

8. Mood Booster for Stress

The 20s can be tough. There is a lot happening around you, in your family, relationship, career, and job. It is a very confusing decade of our life. Travelling can help you destress all these. Here is the mood booster, travel, travel, and travel. Traveling can help you in dealing with your depression and stress and makes you more energetic.

9. You can Travel Solo:

No need to go with parents, family members, girlfriend or any other person. You can travel solo and enjoy your life to the fullest. Traveling solo helps you to think about your life and in making many decisions in your life without getting any interference from others. After all, It is rightly said: Some quality ‘Me’ time never harms. 

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10. Easy to make Friends with the Same Interest

In your 20s you can easily adjust to anyone and make many friends. And what’s better than making friends with the same interest. We all must agree, making a stranger your friend is quite exciting. As well, you can split the bills along with have double fun.

11. Traveling helps you to be Respectful

Traveling teaches you how to be humble and respectful to others. It helps you to be down to earth person by defining your personality.

12. Makes you Responsible

You may become responsible for your work and family when you travel to different places a lot. Traveling makes you responsible by teaching important life lessons.

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I think these reasons are enough to make you travel before you get 30. Never leave your passion. It is what makes you strong and helps you to make good decisions in your stressful life.