12 most naturally beautiful countries in the world


The natural beauty of a country is often unknown to and unvisited by tourists that visit. Untouched natural marvels exist in various parts of the world and a visit to any one of these can render you speechless and heal you in ways only nature can. The twelve most naturally beautiful countries in the world are listed below. So, sit back and read and you will be amazed at how much you have missed when visiting one of these absolutely breathtaking countries.

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Naturally beautiful countries

1. Indonesia

Indonesia: naturally beautiful country
Image by かねのり 三浦 from Pixabay

You are probably surprised that we picked this little Asian country. But the natural beauty of this country is unparalleled. The country is not one land, but a collection of over 17000 islands with all different landscapes. The beauty of this country lies in the various natural marvels it possesses. The Komodo National Park is the home to the largest lizard species-the Komodo dragons and you can see them in their natural habitats. Any flora and fauna lover will love the Tanjung Putting National Park as it is famous for its orangutans, kingfisher, and hornbills. If you love water adventures, and the marvels that lie in the depths of water, you should scuba dive into the Raja Ampat and discover the sea life. The volcanic lake, Lake Toba has spectacular views, as does the Mt. Bromo with its crater. The Harau valley is a series of limes off cliffs with waterfalls dotting the landscape to make the scenery exceptionally amazing.

2. Switzerland

Switzerland: naturally beautiful country
Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

The Aletsch Glacier in Switzerland is one of its kind with 27 billion tonnes of ice and various jaw-droppingly beautiful spots. The climb to the Oeschinense is worth is, as every step you take, you have a view that takes your breath away. The Rhine Falls are Europe’s largest and the boat trip to the island of the middle of the falls will make the trip the greatest memory for any adrenaline junkie. The jagged slopes and the Alps only add to the natural beauty of the country.


3. Tanzania

Tanzania: naturally beautiful country
Image by karine Lima from Pixabay

This African country is home to the national parks which are all unique in their own way. The Mt Kilimanjaro National Park features the highest freestanding mountain in the world. The Serengeti National Park is another spectacle, being the oldest and most popular of all parks. The Ngorongoro Crater National Park has an abundance of animals and for those who want to see wildlife up-close and upfront, you would love the intimate encounters that one gets to Ave when traveling here.

4. Thailand

Thailand: naturally beautiful country
Image by engin akyurt from Pixabay

Thailand’s natural beauty is unmeasurable. With the Phang Nga Bay Marine National park known for its limestone, Thailand is one of the most underrated iconic naturally beautiful countries in the world. The Similar Islands are sure to take your breath away with the amazing beaches, as are the Erawan Falls and the Thi Lo Su Waterfall. The country has a lot of national parks, each replete with its own Florian and fauna.

5. Peru

Peru: naturally beautiful country
Image by skeeze from Pixabay

The country housing the Machu Picchu has various natural wonders- the Ballestas Islands, which made famous for its bird species and are mating grounds for sea lions. The Paracas desert is right next to the ocean and a colorful blend of the sand and water. The Salkantay trek, which ends in the Machu Picchu, is a trek that has various climbs and descents, and anyone going on this route can see the bounties of nature. Also wonderful are the Sacred Valley of the Inkas and the Rainbow mountain which has four colors.

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6. United States of America

United States of America: naturally beautiful country
Image by Egor Shitikov from Pixabay

The Grand Canyon National Park is the most visited and the most iconic natural marvel in the US. But there are others that haven’t been explored. The Death Valley on CA has one of the best night skies for any stargazers and Kilauea volcano in Hawaii streams lava into Pacific, a sight that should not be missed. The world’s grandest, the Niagara Falls are the most mind-boggling of all the wonders that this fifty-state nation houses.

7. Ecuador

Ecuador: naturally beautiful country
Image by Alejandro Miranda from Pixabay

The Galapagos Islands are a part of the country, and these islands boats of thousands of animal and bird species not found anywhere else on Earth. The Sangay National Park is a close second, if not equal in beauty to the Galapagos. The Cotopaxi houses an active stratovolcano, which has erupted more than just a few times. The El Oriente, also in Ecuador, is home to 15,000 plants and 500 bird species. Amazing? I know.

8. Brazil

Brazil: naturally beautiful country
Image by Heiko Behn from Pixabay

The Amazon river, the Amazon rainforest, and the various waterfalls make sure that Brazil features on this list. The Amazon Ecosystem is the largest ecosystem in the world, with the Amazon river being not only it’s lifeline bit also of those who love to observe nature closely. The Smoke Falls is one of the most amazing waterfalls, and the best thing is that you can climb the plateau, from which the waterfall originates, giving you a view that is literally nerve-wracking for many.

9. Fiji

Fiji: naturally beautiful country
Image by KuyaAndy from Pixabay

The country of Fiji has three hundred plus islands, and among these islands are hidden natural treasures. Perhaps, one of the most beautiful is the Sawa-i-Lau limestone cave, which is said to illuminate your soul. A group of thirty islands known as the Mamanuca islands are amazing snorkel and dive sites. There are also various natural parks in this little country, each of which is a treasure to any nature lover.

10. France

France: naturally beautiful country
Image by Peter H from Pixabay

Everyone knows about the Eiffel and Louvre, but hardly anyone knows about the marvelous natural spots. The best is perhaps the Rochefort Ridge on the Mont Blanc, which can give any climber an experience of a lifetime. The Camargue Salt Flats are a part of the river delta and are pink n Cole, due to the algae in the water, but this presentation makes the site even more unique. There is also the Crystal Cathedral, with a rather long French name, which is a natural cave, and its beauty cannot be described in words. The Gorges du Verdon and Étretat Cliffs also make for wonderful visits to natural spots.

11. Italy

Italy: naturally beautiful country
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

The Furore Fjord is one of the most famous fjords in Italy, and it is a sight that is a treat to the eyes. The Italian Gran Paradiso National Park houses the Alps, its peaks, valleys and huge glaciers for anyone who loves the snow sceneries. The UNESCO World Heritage site- the Isola Volcano is also a must visit, if you want to have an idea of the grandeur nature displays in Italy. The highest waterfall in Italy, Cascade del Serio, is one of the hidden Italian gems.

12. Spain

Spain: naturally beautiful country
Image by Vane Monte from Pixabay

In Spain, the natural beauty is abundant with plenty of natural parks. The most famous are the Somiedo Natural Park, also a UNESCO biosphere reserve, the Cabo de Gata and Lagunas de Ruidera Natural Parks. The small islet in the Bay of Biscay called Gaztelugatxe is truly incredible in matters of natural beauty.

I am sure there were many countries you didn’t expect, and many beautiful sites you missed while traveling in one of those countries. If you are a nature enthusiast, keep exploring, who knows if you will find the best world famous natural site!