12 Most Beautiful and Best Small Towns In Scotland


Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom and has a very important Significance on the pages of ancient history. Apart from a significant history, I would love to call this Country as the “Land of refined whisky”. Yes! Scotland is the home of one of the finest and oldest brands of whiskey in the whole world.

If you are seeking peace and want vacation then Scotland is a perfect place. This place will make you feel like heaven, all thanks to the beautiful highland within and outskirts of the towns of Scotland.

In this blog, I am going to tell you some most beautiful and prettiest town of Scotland which you can visit. It is also a land of beautiful Highlands and generous people.

So let’s start


Best Small Towns In Scotland

Here is the list of Small Towns In Scotland that you must visit during your vacation to Scotland.

1. Crieff

Crieff is one of the most famous and well-established tourist spots in Scotland. It doesn’t matter what time you choose to visit this place, it is beautiful and enthralling all year round. This town is mostly dominated by independent families and family-run businesses. It is the home for “The Famous Grouse” which is one of the most popular blended whiskey brands of Scotland since 1775. Few miles from the outskirts of the Crieff, there is the beautiful Renaissance Gardens in the Drummond castle which is one of the most beautiful sights in the entire region.

2. Stornoway

Well! This town is slightly trickier to reach as compared to other towns which are located in the mainland of Scotland. It is the main urban center for Lewis and Harris and is the home for famous 19th century built Lews Castle. This castle was built for the James Matheson with the money he earned from the Opium trade in China. If you are interested in knowing the history of the place then you can visit the museum in the premises of the town. This town also hosts one of the best Celtic music festivals of Scotland in the month of July every year.

3. Tobermory

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It is a very small town with a population of approximately 1000 people. Interestingly, the buildings on the main road are painted with different sort of colors. Apart from the colorful scenario, this place is a suitable place to find some good fish, cheese and Whisky. Tobermory is known for producing whiskey for more than 200 years. This place acts as the gateway to Mull all thanks to Oban ferry link. Make sure to try hands-on kayaking and hiking which is one of the most popular adventure activities of this place.


4. Ullapool

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It is a self-contained settlement located at the shores of Loch Broom. This town is surrounded by sweeping hills and beautiful scenarios. Downtown, there is a harbor where you can enjoy fish and chips along with a cool and clean breeze in the evening. You can also visit Ullapool museum which is housed in an old church designed by Telford and tells a lot about the local history and heritage.

5. St. Andrews

St. Andrews
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According to some local residents, golf was invented here in Fife. Also, The Old championship is held frequently at the Old course which dates back to 1552. Apart from clubs and balls St. Andrews has one of the best universities in whole of Britain. Here you can enjoy the vintage outlook of the medieval streets and museums. You can also lookup to St. Andrews castle which is just more than a ruin now along with a sea view. This view of this castle and its surroundings is similar to that which we all used to watch in some ghostly cartoons. Don’t worry it is not haunted.

6. Portree

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It is a beautiful and peaceful town built by sheltered sea inlet. Portree is a popular tourist spot because of its photogenic row of houses. This is a nice place to refuel yourself and to give some rest to your shoes. Although, the population of this town is hardly 4000 still there are many good hotels and restaurants along with cafes which can provide you enough information with coffee needed for your journey. 

7. Pittenweem

It is situated on the east coast of Scotland and is famous for its fishing. It is a place to experience some elegant sightseeing. Interestingly, here are some sites which date back to the 8th Century. Hence, this place is a suitable place for those travelers who are seeking to visit a place which is a combo of heritage and beauty.

8. Oban

 It is considered as one of the most important ferry ports of Scotland and it offers great seafood which makes this town as the “Seafood Capital of Scotland”. Apart from this, Oban offers you various adventurous activities such as cycling, sea kayaking, and hiking. In 1794, a whiskey distillery was established which was the main reason for the growth of Oban. It not just attracted a lot of employment and human settlement but also it attracted tourists. This distillery has a visitor’s place which is open for the public so that they can enjoy both the heritage of this ancient infrastructure and the smell of newly prepared whisky.

9. Kirkcudbright

Indeed! It is very difficult to pronounce this name. But don’t worry; it is not as complicated as its name. It is a pleasant harbor town in Scotland. It is considered as one of the busiest fishing towns all over Scotland. This town has its link with the Glassgow art world which dates back to 1800s. If you are a vintage art lover and want to explore the ancient artistic scenarios then this town has all to serve you.

10. Kelso

This town is associated with the Walter Scott who is the man behind blending the refined whisky which is the national image of Scotland. It was dubbed by the Walter Scott as the most beautiful city if not the most romantic village in Scotland. It was once an important religious center before it fell into the hands of Scottish Reformation. The Floor castle situated in Kelso is inhabited but it is open for public.

11. Falkirk

It is one the biggest town of Scotland, which portrays a mixture of history and modernization. This place is famous for the Battle of Falkirk which took place in 1298 between William Wallace and King Edward I of England. Apart from the history, there are two 30 meter horse head sculptures known as “The Kelpies” situated beside the Forth and Clyde canal in the North of the down. 

12. Fort William

Fort William Small Towns In Scotland
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Do you remember those old castles in the fairy tales which we used to see in the comics in our childhood? If you actually want to see them in reality then do visit this town. It is one of the prettiest towns not in Scotland but the whole world. You will come to know where the writers and authors got the inspiration to write those old fairy tales. Apart from this, there are many good restaurants and bars which serve mouth-watering foods and whisky. You can also visit the West Highland museum if you want to know the story of Jacobites.

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So these were twelve best and small towns in Scotland, personally, Scotland is the most beautiful part of the United Kingdom. It is not just a symbol of Royalty but it has a very historical significance. If you are planning to visit the United Kingdom or any other place to enjoy the beautiful scenarios and surroundings which is connected to history then Scotland is the perfect place for you.