Top 10 Countries With The Longest Coastline in the World


Coastlines differ and vary from place to place. But some of them in the world have the best scenic views and nature’s blessings uniquely. The coastline of any country helps in saving the military expense of the country as there are no other countries nearby to attack or to arrogate.

We are here to share about the top countries with the largest coastlines across the world which are not just the largest in terms of their geographical extension but also their beauty and natural charm of the place.

Countries with the longest coastline

Here is the list of countries with the largest coastline. Imagine the number of beautiful beaches in the country with the longest coastline.

1. Canada (202,080 km)

Countries With The Longest Coastline

Canada has one of the best and largest coasts of the world with ten provinces and three territories linked together. The country’s coastline extends 202,080 km long with the Pacific Ocean in the west, the Atlantic Ocean in the east and the Arctic Ocean in the north. There’s a coastline for almost all the provinces of Canada which makes it greater in terms of beauty and Maintainance. So, the country with the longest coastline is Canada.


The coastline of Canada is more beautiful than any other country and is probably one of the best as it has some unique variety of picturesque landscapes. Along with the coral reefs on the coast, there are also tropical and subtropical mangrove forests which make the country look more fresh and beautiful.

2. Norway (58,133 km)

Countries With The largest Coastline

Norway has a coast of 25,148 km, but the extension of further beautiful islands along the coast increases the total area to 58,133 km in all together.  It is surrounded by the North Atlantic Ocean towards the east and the Barents Sea towards the north.

Most of the places in Norway are placed along the coast and have a moderate rugged surface on the edges. The capital of Norway, Oslo is also situated on the top of Oslo Fjord. One of these that has extremely hit down the list for tourists to visit this place is the Northern Lights. They are extremely beautiful and spectacular to witness and are one of the major tourist spots of the country.

3. Indonesia (54,720 km)

Indonesia might not be one of those top developed countries but, talking in terms of the coastline, it has the 3rd largest coastline of the world. The coastline of Indonesia is around 54720 km with some mind-blowing patterns, landscapes and dense forest spaces covering in some regions. 


People living across the coasts of northern Java and southwestern Sulawesi mainly practice prawn cultivation for living. The islands of Indonesia are also famous for their serene views and peaceful vibes which has made it into one of the preferable destinations for tourism and family vacations.

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4. Greenland (44,087 km)

Greenland has always been a renowned name for some of the best landscape sceneries of the world. It also has the largest coastline of the world with an extension of 44087 km long. You can spot some extremely beautiful views on the coast with ice topped hills, fascinating glaciers and unique wildlife species around.

Greenland is also known for the existence of a unique range of wildlife species across the coast. Some of them are the iconic Arctic polar bears, Beluga whales, Blue whales, Pilot whales, and other rare species.

5. Russia (37,653 km)

Standing as one of the biggest countries in the world, Russia has an extensive coastline of 37653 km in total. The coast is covered by Pacific in the east, the Atlantic Ocean in the west, the Arctic to the North and a couple of other seas in the southwest.  The country has diverse sources and many developed sites across its shores. The cost is extremely beautiful and rich with nature’s beauty.

6. Philippines (36,289 km)

The Philippines lies in the western Pacific Ocean in Southeast Asia. It covers a coastline of 36289 km and also has large cities settles near to its coast. The coastline of this country has a rich diverse marine life which makes fishing activities one of the main sources of livelihood for 40% of people in this country. Also, the coast is extremely beautiful and mesmerizing as a result of which the Philippine attracts a large number of tourists every year.

7. Japan (29,751 km)

yokohama japan

Ranking in for one of the best use of human resources and technological development around the world, Japan also has a beautiful big coastline on the world map. This advanced island extends to a coastline of 29,751 km long with a total of 6852 islands on its shore.

Japan has used its coastline in one of the best ways in the past few decades. You can find some of the major urban centers and international ports attached to the coastline. Fishing, aquaculture, and whaling are some other popular famous occupations providing a livelihood to a major population of Japan. 

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8. Australia (25,760 km)

With a large number of beautiful caves, coves and unique islands with mesmerizing mangrove swamps and rocky cliffs, Australia has one of the most beautiful largest coastlines in the world. Sharing the coast with Pacific, Indian and Southern oceans, The country’s coastline total’s up to 25, 760 km long. 

There are over 10,684 beaches across the country and all of them attract yearly many tourists to these spots. The coastline of Australia also has one of the most extraordinary marine wonders of the world, the world’s largest coral reef. It is called the great barrier reef and amazingly beautiful to look at.

9. United States (19,924 km)

Countries With The Longest Coastline

Making its way to one of the best and largest country’s of the world, the United States Of America also has one of the largest coastlines in the world.  The country has a total of 19,924 km coastline in which 23 states of the US country have a coastline of their own. On the east of the coast lies Atlantic ocean, on west rules Pacific ocean, an arctic ocean in the north and Gulf of Mexico towards the southwest.

10. Antarctica (17,968 km)


The coastline of Antarctica extends over 17,968 km around the south pole of earth and is all covered up with oceans around it. Talking about the coastline, the edges of Antarctica is filled with unique sort of shapes sizes and habitats as well.  You usually don’t find people as in great population here.

Large penguin colonies of Emperor, Chinstrap, Gentoo, and Adélie penguins are the general living creatures spotted on the coastlines of Antarctica. Apart from the coastlines, Antarctic waters are well known for the existence of fur seals, blue whales, and orcas on the coast of this continent.

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So, these are the top countries with the longest coastlines in the world. The country with the longest coastline is Canada. If you are a beach lover then you must explore these countries with largest coastline in the world.