Phi Phi Islands: A Complete Travel Guide

Going through the beauty spots of Thailand, Phi Phi island is one of the most hyped and renowned spaces for luxurious holidays and honeymoon gateways for couples and families. This tropical gateway is one of the most classic, stunning, and vivid holiday gateways which is just a few miles away from Phuket or Karabi.

The place is all wrapped with colorful marine life, tropical palms, crystal clear beaches, mesmerizing rock formations, and a lot more to discover and know. 

Phi Phi Island: Travel Guide

Phi Phi Island is a total connection of 6 island groups that yearly attracts a lot of tourists in different seasons of the year. To get you an abstract idea of how to plan your trip and places you should visit here, we’ve come back with a quick guide to the Phi Phi Islands.

Select your hotel in Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi Islands: hotels

Planning your stay in Phi Phi islands can be quite challenging if you visit here for the first time. Depending upon the closeness to the beach and of course, the budget span that you’d prefer, choose a hotel that you feel comfortable with. To be honest, most of the accommodation here is spacious and comfortable to stay but yes, they all differ in some basic things from each other. Things that you’ll have to consider before choosing your accommodation are:

  • Closeness to the beach
  • Adventure spot around
  • Nightlife bars in the hotels
  • The luxury of the amenities

Famous Areas of Phi-Phi Islands

“A guide to what you can expect in different areas of Phi Phi Islands.”

Phi Phi Island: Travel Guide

1. Phi Central Area

This region has the widest range of hotels and is also believed to be one of the buzziest places in terms of local tourists, shopping spots, restaurants, and other live shows at the beach.

2. Laem Thong

On the northeastern coast of Koh Phi Phi Don, Laem Thong is the least populated space with few classic resorts nearby and a super calm ambiance. Usually, fishermen reside here due to their occupation and nothing much. The rest of, people come here as a gateway to their private honeymoon or maybe a vacation away from all the hustles and bustles of life.

3. Long Beach

In the eastern part lies this another heavenly corner which is like a narrow jungle path with some amazing bungalow resorts and beach restaurants offering stunning water views and a very peaceful narrow surface. The place is budget-friendly and perfect for family holidays here.

4. Phi Phi East Coast

The east side is a little steep and more on the adventurous side for all the nature lovers out there. Though you do have some exclusive resort spaces to stop by here, you’ll find it more interesting to just visit here for enjoying sports and trekking all along the way. Also, one can enjoy, snorkeling and scuba diving here.

Things to do in Phi Phi Islands

1. Enjoy the nightlife

Phi Phi islands have a pretty much crazy and active nightlife. Right from the music to live Thai boxing and cooking shows, there’s so much to enjoy watching here. You can party as much as you like keeping in mind your budget tracks.

2. Watch out for monkey beach

Phi Phi Islands: monkey beach

Obviously when In Phi Phi, beaches are the main highlight of the place and you can’t afford to miss out on this one. You’ll probably find the coolest beach stretches here with covers of white sand and cute monkeys around the space. We love how beautiful the palm corners look here.

3. Try the deep sea fishing

Phi Phi Island: deep sea fishing

Fishing is quite expensive on Ko Phi Phi island but it’s all worth it. You can fish any fish you like for example, tuna, barracuda, dorado, king mackerel, sailfish, and much more. There’s also a little more expensive option here for all those who love discovering marine life more. You can go night time fishing here to experience the nocturnal life beneath the waters.

4. Enjoy the traditional Thai food

Phi Phi Islands: traditional Thai food

Don’t forget to enjoy the classic traditional Thai food here which indeed tastes amazing. You can also learn cooking here which starts from 30 minutes to 6+ hours classes. The price range begins from $16-$47 USD.

5. Watch the sunset by the kayak

Don’t miss to enjoy the sunset here. With crystal water floating beneath, and crimson sky hues, the view is extremely spectacular.

6. Try trekking in the jungle

Phi Phi Islands: trekking in the jungle

To explore the wonders of these fresh islands, make sure you book a group trek tour and give it a try as well. The interior of jungles here too has many hidden beauty spots and look points. Discover and explore the flora and fauna of the place.

7. Visit the MAYA Bay

Phi Phi Island: MAYA Bay

Ever since the movie “The Beach” was filmed here, this place has gained a lot of attention from the tourist. The 100m stretch of three-sided cliffs exists at a low sided area but is extremely beautiful. Morning walks here the best to enjoy the peaceful beautiful vibes of the place.

Best time to visit Phi Phi Islands

Phi Phi Islands: Travel Guide

One of the most researched and curious questions is when to visit Phi Phi Island?

Well to make it clear, you can visit here any time of the year. Summer, winter, or rainy, every season here is perfect to enjoy your visit to Phi Phi. From May to October, you can expect here cloudy skin and pleasant weather but the rain isn’t a major thing to worry about during these months. You can expect rain here from September to November. To keep it clean, you can book your visit anytime between December to May. The water remains almost flat and no rain is seen during these times.

How to reach Phi-Phi from Phuket

The Ferry ( From Phuket/ Karabi to Phi Phi)

The most best and reliable way to reach Phi Phi is by ferry ride which is also a very budget-friendly method to travel Phi Phi. It takes almost just 2 hours to reach Phi Phi Island and en route, you can enjoy a lot of beautiful scenic views of the island. 

The ferry is absolutely spacious, comfortable, and also equipped with air-conditioned indoor areas to sit and have some coffee as well. The price starts from 500 baht for a one-way ticket and changes accordingly. But also, you have some other cheap options as well wherein you might have to compromise with some other amenities. You can pack some snacks and beverages on your way to Phi Phi.

Fine Dining Restaurant in Phi Phi Islands

Thailand is famous for Thai food. They have a unique way of creating fusion in their style. There’s something for everyone and we recommend you to try out the food here is some of the best places.

Anna’s Restaurant – an affordable healthy style food with a peaceful laid back environment.

Pum Thai Restaurant – an aesthetically pleasing restaurant that serves Indian cuisine along with some cooking classes.

Phi Phi Bakery– Serving since 1989, the bakery serves some amazingly delicious bread and homebrewed coffee that’ll leave you super impressed.

Tonsai Bay– A beachfront dining restaurant where you can enjoy some pleasant food while enjoying the beach view.

Best websites to book your plan

Here’s a list of best travel websites that will help you know more about budget, hotels, places, routes, etc. We suggest you pick one website and plan your entire trip with them consulting various other details.

  • Agoda
  • Airbnb
  • Intrepid travel
  • Hostelworld

While you are planning your trip to Phi Phi, we also suggest that you keep in mind to carry basic to basic daily essentials along with you as it might get rough through your trip. A GPS tracker would be great to keep you on track of your place. Stay safe and keep the necessary medicines with you if you are someone who gets seasick easily. After all, trips to the island are all about having lots of fun and staying safe. Keep track of your budget and note down things in the order to want to visit or do. It’ll probably help you with a clear mindset.

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We hope this article has given you a brief outline of what to keep in mind while visiting Phi Phi Island. Do share with us if you know more details that one needs to know.

Stay safe, stay happy.