12 Things to do in Sorrento, Italy

There’s always something special about discovering little towns in infamous countries. Right from its ancient history to modern stories, you always see many things around which are beautiful and interesting. One such town happens to be Sorrento in Italy.

With all the vibrant lemon and orange grooves around, majestic cliffs, and the old vintage streets the place is perfect to enjoy some peaceful summer holidays. Most importantly, the beach shores of Sorrento have attracted a lot of tourists in the past few years. A perfect place to enjoy some peaceful laid back holiday time of the year for families and young couples.

Best Tourist Attractions in Sorrento, Italy

Here’s a precise list of the top 12 places you should visit if in Sorrento. 

1. Sorrento Tasso Square

This square is one of the main and most famous attractions of the city where people come and meet to interact and enjoy different things around. From bars and restaurants to other shopping and dining spots, this square has all of it. A place where people meet to socialize or watch people and enjoy their bright days. Perfect for lunch or brunch at any time of the week. Catch up with the latest gossips and classic restaurants at Tasso Square.

2. Visit the cheese factory

People believe that there’s no more authentic place than the Sorrento, Italy to enjoy some authentic cheese experience. The restaurant is located in Piano di Sorrento where you can enjoy tasting some exclusive cheese and also witness how they are made. They offer a different variety of cheese which tastes amazing. Make sure you go here with your family and enjoy the entire process of cheese making and different varieties of cheese.

3. Amalfi Coast

It is one of the most famous Italian coasts that stretches over 50 km on the edge of the Sorrentine Peninsula. The coast is no less than nature’s heaven where you get to enjoy high majestic cliffs, crystal clear waters, and lovely mangroves around the region.  The place is an adventure in itself where you get to see and experience some high-end pinpoints and some extreme weather changes too. But on an overall note, the views of the location make it worth facing all the challenges to visit here at least once.

4. Cloister of San Francesco

Sorrento, Italy also has a thing for historic sites and architecture around different locations. This cloister monastery belongs to the early 18th century which initially came into existence in the 13th century. The three corner columns of this place were once a part of a pagan temple. The place is vintage and has the ancient essence all around its corners. There are art exhibitions and concerts held here every summer where people come to visit the events as well as the adjoining church which has several renaissance chapels. 

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5. Bagni della Regina Giovanna

Located close to the city center in Sorrento, Regina Giovanna is a royal swim spot with mesmerizing views. The place requires a lot of walking to reach down the narrow alleys of vegetation here, but at the end of the day, it’s all worth witnessing the beauty there. The pool here is surrounded by high rock cliffs and looks stunning.

6. Villa Comunale

Probably one of the most romantic destinations in Sorrento is Villa Comunale. The terrace view of this place offers an exclusive sky view facing the Marine Grande directly. The busy harbors across the beautiful shores with colorful boats and crimson skies make it magical to enjoy with your partner and family. On the east of this point, you can also witness Mount Vesuvius above the Villa Comunale.

The place is mostly a couple of spots to enjoy some quality time soaking in the beauty of nature.

7. Correale di Terranova Museum

The Correale di Terranova museum is believed to be one of the most beautiful art museums in Italy. You’ll find here some exclusive paintings and ancient collections of European Porcelains dating back from the 17th to 18th century. The most exciting thing to witness here the artistic mystery rooms which store many of the ancient treasures and furniture from the medieval era. We love the Neapolitan paintings and the exterior gardens of the villa which are stunning. The place is open to visiting for anyone on a regulated timetable. 

8. ‘O Parrucchiano

There ample great restaurants to dine in Sorrento with great food and lovely ambiance but ‘O Parrucchiano is a place that gives you a different fresh vibe and experience along with great food and beautiful interiors. It’s interesting how this place is all designed with lemon trees around which sounds unique too. Tourists usually come here to enjoy the new concept of natural ambiance and some food as well. The place has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years and we love it too.

9. Marina Grande

If you love fishing, then this place is a must to visit. The colorful pastel scenery around is all set to win your heart and give you a simple treat to your eyes. It is the most beautiful fishing village in Sorrento. There’s also another harbor near to this, Marina Piccola. It is small comparatively but beautiful. For years tourists have loved visiting this place and enjoying the lovely vibes here.

There are also many other restaurants overlooking the sea where you can enjoy some fresh seafood too. Early mornings here are super busy as fishermen go fishing for the major restaurant supplies. The place is the main hub for seafood in Sorrento. One can also find ferries and rented boats here which further connect you to Capri (20 minutes), Naples (30 minutes), and Amalfi Coast.

10. Pompeii

Things to See in Sorrento: Pompeii

Pompeii is another roman city that is preserved and maintained on the mount of Vesuvius. Rich in culture and historic significance, the place also has some mind-blowing landscape views around pastel-colored fishing villages and crystal clear coastlines. There’s also a volcanic mountain which you can spot on your way to Pompeii. If you are a travel fanatic and sucker for history, then this place is all set to surprise you with the depths of the past and its natural beauty. Make sure you have a guide to narrate the stories throughout your way to this place.

 11. Gallery Raffaele Celentano

Cute little corners with vintage aesthetics have always attracted people to it.  Few miles away from the San Francesco cloister, there’s a gallery named Celentano. The place has some marvelous pieces designed by renowned artist Raffaele.  The gallery has a charming roof terrace that faces the Bay of Naples from the front. One can also enjoy a lovely evening here enjoy the art gallery and a beautiful sunset in the backdrop. 

12. Leonelli’s Beach

Another main spot not to miss here in Sorrento is Leonelli’s Beach.  The beach is maintained by the Leonelli family and is a paid spot for families to enjoy this historical bathing establishment which has been carried down for almost three generations. It is one of the must-visit tour club beaches in Marina Piccola. The beach has all the necessary amenities for its visitors. The beach mainly has two divisions,  the solarium, and the beach. You can find a sunbed, deck chair, changing rooms, washrooms, and also the restaurant for snacks and main meals here. the best part is, no matter when you decide to visit here, the place is always upgraded and well maintained.

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We hope this helps you on your next visit to Sorrento, Italy, the only suggestion we would like to give here is, make a note in advance before you begin exploring and discuss in advance with your tour guide regarding the places and, routes and climate changes.

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