12 Best Beaches in the world you must visit


Enjoying the turquoise blue water with sun-kissed sand, sipping cocktails under the tropical sun, and enjoying yourself laying your back on the beachside. Is this what your next holiday destination should look like? Then this article will guide you to the best beaches in the world that make this a reality come true. It is never late to plan your tropical getaway.

Best Beaches in the World

Here is the list of the most famous and best Beaches in the world you must visit once in a lifetime. The natural views and activities on these beaches will amaze you for sure.

1. Anse Source d’Argent

The Shipwreck Beach which is also known as Navagio is on the Greek island. It is a beach of Zakynthos which is lying on the western side of the Ionian island, close to Anafotiria village. The beach is full of pebble and you caan swim in the turquoise blue waters. This make it one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


3. Bentota Beach

bentota beach

Bentota beach is ideally known for its watersports and windsurfing. The sailing equipment can be hired locally from the shops on the beach.  Bentota is home to Ayurveda, the ancient art of healing. The famous toddy is produced in the same place which is basically an alcoholic beverage made out of coconut nectar.

The name of the town is known to be named after a demon called ‘Bem’ who had ruled the riverbank in the mythical story which the town claims. This place has a handful of world-class hotels. One can visit the brief garden that was designed by Bevis Bawa during their stay here.

It is also a host town to the Kasgoda Turtle Conservation Project which is located at a distance of 11 km south of Bentota. The beautiful Galapata Vihara is a temple that holds its roots back in the twelfth century and has underground tunnels.

How to reach:

The beach is a coastal town located in the Galle District of the Southern Province, Sri Lanka. The town is situated approximately 65 kms south of Colombo and is precisely located on the bank of Bentota River mouth. The nearest airport to Bentota is the Bandaranaike International Airport at Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, at a distance of 101 km.


4. Dreamland Beach

dreamland beach

The Dreamland beach is also famously known as the New Kuta Beach. This beach was first discovered around the 1970’s and has since become a top destination amongst travelers around the world.  This hidden beach of Bali has stretches of white sand.

Many new resorts have cropped up on this beach in the recent past due to its gaining popularity as it is no longer a hidden beach but it still remains a low-key beach with local small shops and beach shack cafes such as the Kelly’s Warung which is famous for its fresh juices, wraps, and smoothies. Many small beach peddlers can also be spotted offering soft drinks and Bintangs.

The beach has become more accessible due to the mega-development of the Pecatu Graha and Pecatu Indah Resort projects. The beach still retains much of its rugged charm on the sand even after the recent development over its limestone landscape.

How to reach:

The beach is situated on the Bukit peninsula on the island of Bali, Indonesia. Kuta Beach is also minutes away from the Ngurah Rai International Airport in Tuban.

5. Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas

pink sand beach

The Pink Sand Beach is situated on Harbour Island, Bahamas. This island is considered to be one of the best islands of the Bahamas located along the sides of the Atlantic Ocean. The pink color of the sand comes from microscopic coral insects that are known as Foraminifera, which has a bright pink or red shell full of holes through which it extends a footing called pseudopodia.

It uses this footing to attach itself and feed. It is among the most abundant single-cell organisms in the ocean and hence, plays a significant role in the environment of the ocean.

Snorkeling and Swimming are the two major activities on this beach that have been made easy by the outlying reefs. Horseback riding on this beach is definitely a must-try. The pink stands out in the wet sand usually on the water edges.

How to reach:

Visitors have few options of flight from Nassau, Bahamas (30 minutes), or Fort Lauderdale or Miami, Fla. (1 1/2 hours), to the North Eleuthera Airstrip. To reach the ferry dock one can take a taxi from the airport.

6. Seven Mile Beach

seven mile beach

Wondering if a long crescent of Coral sand Beach? This is exactly what the seven-mile beach looks like. It is situated on the western end of Grand Cayman Island, which is a seventy-five square mile Island. This beach is named as one of the beaches on Cayman Island. The vast waterfront is open to the public on this beach, making it possible for the people to walk full-length of the shore.

The beach offers many activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, and many more. The smaller reefs are good for snorkeling which are offered just offshore. Though the beach annually falls victim to erosion, that has reduced its size from 63m long to reduced lengths now. Many luxurious hotels and restaurants remain open at night including several of the public bars.

How to reach:

Seven Mile Beach is 3 km from Owen Roberts Intl Airport (Grand Cayman). 9 airlines operate out of Owen Roberts Intl Airport. Owen Roberts Intl Airport offers nonstop flights to more than 15 cities. Every week, at least 46 domestic flights and 77 international flights depart from Owen Roberts Intl Airport.

7. Horseshoe Bay Beach

horseshoe bay beach

The Horseshoe Bay Beach has been ranked in the list of top twenty beaches in the world by Conde Nast Traveller in 2016. The curved stretch of the sand highlights against the backdrop of crystal clear blue waters of the Atlantic.

The beach is known as Horseshoe Beach because of the shape it forms of a horseshoe. It is situated on Bermuda’s main island’s south coast, in the parish of Southampton. The beach conducts a beach volleyball competition that takes place once a week during the summer months between 10 am to 6 pm.

This beach is known for hosting a massive party during New Year’s Eve. The beach is very safely equipped with a lifeguard station and it operates during the summer season between the same timing as that of the volleyball competition, between 10 am to 6 pm.

This lifeguard station also has provisions like toilet facilities, showers, foot- washing area. This beach has a place called the Port Royal Cove, which has shallow water which is an ideal place for young kids. The same place is also witnessing dramatic rock formations which tend to complement the pink sand on this beach.

How to reach:

Horseshoe Bay is located in Southampton Parish. From the dockyard, it takes about 35 minutes to reach the beach by bus and from Hamilton about 30 minutes.

8. Trunk Bay Beach

trunk bay beach

Trunk Bay Beach is situated on the northwestern corner of St. John, United States Virgin Islands. This is the island’s most famous beach and is also known to be the most photographed beach in the Caribbean. The calm, clear blue waters of this beach are sure to bless you with all its serenity this season.

The 225- yard long Underwater trail is famous on this beach for snorkeling and scuba diving. The beach has many facilities for travelers that include many souvenir shops, showers, restrooms, lifeguards, and public telephones. There is a rocky cay on the beach which is very famous for snorkeling and sightseeing.

Anyone looking for good resorts on this beach can consider The Westin St John, Grande Bay Resort, Gallows Point Resort, and Caneel Bay Resort. The small cay which is located at a small distance of just thirty yards from the beach is considered to be one of the best when it comes to snorkeling at Trunk Bay.

How to reach:

From Cruz Bay take Rte 20 ( North Shore Road) which is approx. 2.5 miles. On the way, you will get many scenic overlooks where you can have a picture opportunity. Continue on down the hill and you’ll see signs for Trunk Bay beach parking.

9. Waipio Valley Beach

Waipio Valley Beach

This beach in Hawaii is definitely not easy to get to as one is required to either hike or drive down a narrow steep road. The Waipio Valley has been known as the valley of Gods famously.

This valley is home to tropical rainforests, many ancient temples, and a tall sea cliff which is at an elevation of 610 meters. The Waipio beach tends to hug the cliff and one will need a driving vehicle to reach the beach. The beach is covered by the black sand on the entire length of the shoreline of the valley.

There are a few waterfalls on this beach that one can go and enjoy especially towards the south of the beach that includes Kaluahine Falls and Waiulili Falls. Though most of the beach is a private property yet the trail to the beach is public.

How to reach:

How To get to Waipio Valley? You just turn off of the Hawaii Belt Road (Highway 19) onto Highway 240 at the town of Honokaa. Up to 9.5 miles just Follow Highway 240 where it dead-ends at the valley’s lookout point.

10. Orient Bay Beach

Orient Bay Beach

This coastal beach is located on the French side of the east coast of the island of Saint Martin in the Caribbean. This beach is the most famous beach on the island of Saint Martin.

There are many bars and clubs on the beach. This beach is located at a small distance of two miles from the airport. This beach is famous for the southern end of the beach which has an area for nudists.

11. Treasure Beach

Treasure Beach

This beach is a unique experience situated in Jamaica. The low-key community on this island pays a lot of emphasis on the local experience. There are many massage centers available on the beach.

There are many small hotels and guest houses which serve an exquisite seaside location for the tourists. Tourists also enjoy the sleepy fishing villages along with swimming and snorkeling. The Jake Hotel is the most famous on the beach according to the annual Reader’s Choice Awards.

How to reach:

The most popular tourist destination of Montego Bay is just near the Sangster International Airport which is located right on the northwest coast of Jamaica. This airport is the most popular airport on the island and this is one of the busiest airports in the Caribbean. Seventy-two percent of all people who visit Jamaica use this airport as a point of arrival.

12. Palm Beach

Palm Beach

The long strip of the beach spans for a distance of two-mile on the northwestern side of Aruba Island. It has a number of hotels located on the beach such as the Hyatt Regency Aruba resort. One must take part in fun activities such as parasailing, snorkeling as well as swimming.

One can enjoy the beach barefoot on the sand and have lunch at the Pelican Pier Bar. The nightclubs are an absolute delight on this beach.

How to reach:

The nearest major airport is Palm Beach International Airport. This airport has international and domestic flights from West Palm Beach, Florida, and is 5 miles from the center of Palm Beach, FL.

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These are the best Beaches in the World that you can visit when you want to enjoy beautiful beach vacation.