12 Best Things to do in Houston, Texas

Houston is a city to be explored with a great history and amazing improvement over the period. From unique places of attraction to spectacular dining spots and other cultural amusements, Houston is a city of wonders in North America that has its charm and magic. You’ll always see some of the best chefs, designers, and other creatives coming from this glorious place. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to state that Houston is one of the biggest magnets of tourism and business discoveries today. Withholding some of the best attractions and NASA’s Space Center, the place has so many other places to discover and visit.

Things to do in Houston

Here a list of the top 12 things to do without a miss when one is in Houston.

1. Space Center Houston

Space Center Houston: Things to do in Houston

Space Center Houston is one of the most top tourist attractions in Houston. There’s a collection of more than 400 artifacts stored here. right from America’s flight program ships to traveling and permanent aircraft, this place is a home for all the aerospace lovers. The visitors can also enjoy the history of the back scenes of NASA Johnson Space Center.

2. Discovery Green

Nothing like Nature’s blessing in Houston to enjoy a day off. This 11.78-acre green space is a free park for the public for morning walks, toddler’s story. Yoga classes or just a peaceful coffee time as well. The best part is, this place is more than just a park. You have free Wi-Fi, reading rooms, and also an area where one can borrow balls and other types of equipment to play around with family and friends. 

3. Downtown Aquarium

The downtown aquarium is one of the most anticipated places to visit in Houston. The area covers a total of 6-acre space dining space, park, aquarium, and fire station 1. The aquarium is the main heart of this place and it truly is wonderful with a total of 5000000 gallons of water which is home to 200 exotic species from across the aerospace place is an all-rounder with entertainment for the whole family. Adults can enjoy shopping areas around, high roof lounges and bars, dining spaces, and much more. There’s also a fully designed ballroom that portraits various geographical and aquatic exhibits.

4. Fast Track Amusements

We all love karting and this is one of the best places to visit in Houston to enjoy karting. They have an indoor as well as an outdoor venue for karting for family and friends. Besides karting, they also have an arcade game corner, miniature golf, laser tag game, and also small food court spaces. A full entertainment spot for family and kids. Visitors have rated 10/10 for good maintenance, cleanliness, and super helpful staff here.

5. Cockrell Butterfly Center

With all the colorful and vibrant vibes filled in Houston, you’d miss something if you haven’t visited the Cockrell butterfly center, you are missing out on something very big in Houston. This hall of entomology has a big variety of species centered around here which is an excellent place for educational as well as entertainment purposes. The specimen preserved here can be found nowhere.

From every insight perfectly stored to fun quizzes, games, and charts representing valuable knowledge on these are available. We assure you there’s so much more to peek in at this one place and know more about the colorful world of insects and their different faces.

6. Hines Waterwall Park

Featuring magnificent waterfalls, this park is another highlight of Houston that attracts peace and privacy lovers a lot. The backdrop of water falling behind and the lush green park is a combination that nobody would ever say no to the waterfall is almost 64ft semi-circular with a fountain with 11,000 gallons of water falling per minute from it. Also, the oak trees around the park beautify this place more. A place ideal for local meet-ups and gatherings in the evenings.

7. The Galleria

As the word sounds, galleria is a one-stop destination for the shopping sprees around. Structured and designed by stunning Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, the mall is full of exclusive shops with some very renowned names such as chillis, cheesecake factory, white oaks kitchen, and many other brand shops. Without any doubt, this mall is Texas’s largest mall. A perfect place where every family member can shop. 

8. Hobby Center for the Performing Arts

A place that probably nobody should miss. The hobby center was opened in the year 2020 itself, which is designed with perfection and intricate details. The building is built of 6- ft tall glass which shares the views of the beautiful skyline of this beautiful city. The center is a loving spot for families to spend some quality time with their loved ones.

There are various shows and plays performed here with ample seating arrangements. Also, there are lots of food and candy shops nearby where kids can eat and enjoy the different shows. A true entertainment center with all the promising attractions of modern times. 

9. Museum of Fine Arts

For all the history lovers and worshippers of artistic skills, this place is a must-visit at any cost. The museum of fine arts has more than 64,000 works from different continents across the world which are nearly 6000 years old. Yearly, more than 1 million people come here to attend this exhibition, and every visit they learn a new fascinating fact about the antique arts here. From famous paintings to sculptures, the place reserves so many beautiful craft pieces that will make you believe in the magic of art and craft. Surrounding this great place is a cafe where you can stop by for snacks in between.

10. Minute Maid Park

Houston’s pride, the Minute Maid Park is the largest spot for baseball leagues. This exciting ground has seen many matches that have created some remarkable scores and by the fans as more comprehensive progress. The renovation was taken into consideration as a result of 3 million fans who love watching matches in this big field. The stadium now has a 242 ft high retractable roof. rain or shine, nothing can stop the match and the viewers from enjoying it. 

 11. JP Morgan Chase Tower

One can never have enough of skyline sceneries around you. JP Morgan chase tower area is one of the best and beautiful spots to take some good city view background pictures. It is the Texas commerce tower with a 1000 ft tall building which also makes its 13th tallest building in the United States and the 79th tallest building in the world. There’s also an observation deck nearby where you can enjoy some amazing views and visuals of this beautiful building. The design and architecture are truly amazing.

12. iFLY Indoor Skydiving

For all the outdoor adventure lovers, this place is an ideal spot to try out the experience of sky diving safely and without any danger to life. The sky diving here is safe with a free-fall condition and you won’t fall too. There’s a vertical tunnel with the air chambers wherein you fly high just like sky diving. Proper instructors are available to help you and guide you with clear instructions. We love this place and recommend everyone to visit here at least once. You can watch, participate, and enjoy a lot here.

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So, these were a few of the top places to check out in Houston. We recommend you plan your trip accordingly surveying a bit on climate conditions too so that you don’t miss out on enjoying these places at any cost.

Share with us if you know any more places that are a must-visit in Houston

Stay safe, stay happy.