Tunnel of Love, Klevan, Ukraine: What to Know Before You Go


Tunnel of Love is not an ordinary tunnel. The Tunnel of Love is a segment of an industrial railroad situated close to Klevan, Ukraine, that joins it with Orzhiv. It is a railroad encompassed by green curves and is three to five kilometers long. It is known for being a most loved spot for couples to go for strolls. The entire line is about 6.4 km long.

The “Tunnel of Love” is situated among Klevan and the town of Orzhiv on the Kovel-Rivne line. Near Orzhiv, the line splits into two. One prompts Klevan and different prompts a mystery army installation from the Cold War period.

The “Tunnel of Love” is kept trimmed, not by the development of the military, however by mechanical cargo trains worked by the Odek pressed wood production line, in the town of Orzhiv. Birch trees from across Ukraine are trucked into the industrial facility where they are transformed into pressed wood boards. The Odek manufacturing plant trains rush to Klevan through the “Passage of Love” a few times each day, contingent upon how much-pressed wood there is to move. The “tunnel” begins after a couple of hundred meters from the plant.

Tunnel of Love

The question might arise that why is the tunnel called the Tunnel of Love. There’s no specific reason for this. The main reason is the natural backdrop of the tunnel. The lush-green, solemn, and grave appearance of the tunnel aids for the fact that lovers’ can have a romantic stroll along the tracks. There’s also a belief that the couples who walk along the tunnel together will get any of their wishes fulfilled.  


Also, the peaceful background makes this the right place to have a romantic walk with your partner. Also, this the right place to spend some time with yourself if you require it. Either way, the tunnel serves as a place to express love in one way or the other.  

If you still haven’t made up your mind or need some more specifics like:    Don’t worry, all are answered below:

When should you visit the place:

Tunnel of Love

The best time to visit the place is during spring between April-May, and autumn October-November. You should abstain from visiting the place between June-September. This is because this is the summertime. Summertime is the prime time for mosquitoes to hunt human blood. However, if you get there in summer, ensure to apply mosquito repellent on your skin. Winter is also not the best time to visit the place, as it might get too cold and the trees also lose their color.

Is it safe to visit “Tunnel of Love”

Ukraine is, for the most part, sheltered and it is the equivalent here for the Tunnel of Love. Individuals may gaze a great deal in Lutsk as they don’t get a ton of sightseers. In any case, be certain that it is very common.


How many days are required for the Tunnel of Love

That depends on who you are with. If you are with your family, a few hours are just enough. But if you are with your partner, you should spend at least one day here. You can rent a nearby hotel and use public transport or hire a taxi.  

How to get to the Tunnel of Love

Rivne in Ukraine is the closest city to the Tunnel of Love. It is the best place to base yourself in Ukraine. You can take small buses (known as Regular marshrutka) for Klevan from a bus stop in front of the train station. Do tell the bus driver that you are going to the Tunnel of Love. He will let you off at the right spot. 

You can also hire a taxi, or use public transport to reach the place.  

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Tunnel of Love is a very memorable place to visit. You should visit it if you are in Ukraine. Although you can visit the place on your own, it is recommended that you visit with your friends, family or your partner.