12 Beautiful Mysteriously Abandoned Places in the World


The world we live in is filled with wonders. There are places in the world that are so beautiful and calming that everyone wants to visit them. But as there are 2 sides to every coin, there are places on the globe that are so weird that they have been abandoned by the locals. Some of these sites are so dangerous that the concerning government of that state has restricted that area. 

These abandoned places are forbidden due to various reasons. Floods, earthquakes, and tornadoes are some of them that renders everyone living in that area to abscond from there and settle in a new city. In this article, we will highlight 12 such abandoned places all around the world.

Mysteriously Abandoned Places In The World

Here is the list of Mysteriously Abandoned Places In The World:

1. Pripyat

Abandoned Places in the World: Pripyat

Near the border of Belarus, lies the deserted city of Pripyat. Founded in 1970, the city lost all its glory as a nuclear city in 1986. The reason for this condition of Pripyat was the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. The evacuation of the citizens began the very next day. Due to the nature of the incident, people were requested to bring only their necessities with them. Due to this reason, almost all personal items of the people were left in Chernobyl and still remain there today. 


2. Houtouwan, Shengshan Island

Named as the greenest village in the world, Houtouwan village in China was abandoned in the early 1990s. The reason is the inadequacy of the bay to keep up with the growing fishing demands on the mainland. The residents migrated in search of better employment opportunities. At present, the island is totally abandoned and has become a very attractive tourist spot.

3. Uyuni Train Graveyard

In Uyuni, Bolivia, there’s a graveyard for trains. Seems hard to believe? Well, history has the right reasons for it. In the 19th century, a project was started to enhance the transport network of Bolivia. But the project was halted due to technical problems. Since then, the place has remained as it is. Moreover, the presence of salt flats and red lakes became the main reason for corroding the locomotives. Thus, there are 100 unique train cars just laying in the area, and has become a very well-known tourist spot. 

4. Zamek Lapalice Castle

This beautiful castle idles in a small Polish town. The castle is an example of sheer bad luck. It was the dream project of a Polish artist and sculptor, Piotra Kazimierczaka. He wanted this project to become a grand estate. He started the construction only to realize he didn’t have enough funds to complete it. The construction was halted midway and has been like this since 1979. 

5. Kennicott Ghost Town

Kennicott is yet another town that was deserted because there was nothing value worthy left there. Kennicott was heaven for copper miners. The Kennicott mines were operational for 27 years. The town was fully operational during these years and the necessities like grocery shops, schools, and hospitals were set up there. But after the exhaustion of copper, the citizens simply left the place and it has been deserted since then.


6. Ryugyong Hotel

Abandoned Places in the World: Ryugyong Hotel

This beautiful building has been titled the tallest unoccupied building in the world. It’s often called the ‘Hotel of Doom’ by some people. This hotel was supposed to be a very grand 1100 feet hotel in North Korea. But as luck would have it, the construction was halted midway because of the economic crisis in the nation. The hotel never hosted a single guest.

7. Power Plant IM

Abandoned Places in the World: Power Plant IM

A former powerhouse of Belgium, this powerplant looks like a destination from a sci-fi movie. It was built in 1921 and was able to cool down a whooping amount of 48,000 gallons of coal per minute. However, this power plant was responsible for 10% of the total pollution in the country and hence was shut down in 2007. It has been abandoned since and is waiting for demolition orders. 

8. Nicosia International Airport

Abandoned Places in the World: Nicosia International Airport

Built with the goal of becoming a major airport to serve passengers around the globe, Nicosia International Airport lies abandoned for the past 44 years. The reason: Turkish invasion in 1974. The UN declared the airfield as a UN Protected area. There’s even a rotten passenger plane idling on the airstrip waiting to be restored. But to this date, there’s no hope for the restoration of the airport. 

9. La Isla de las Munecas

Abandoned Places in the World: La Isla de las Munecas

Translated to ‘The Island of the Dolls’, this is a hell of a creepy place to exist on the planet today. Located on the Mexican island of Xochimilco, this city looks more like a set of a horror film than a real place. The reason is the presence of creepy dolls hanging all around the place. These dolls were found in trash and canals from all around the island. A man by the name of Don Julian Santana Barrera hung all these dolls in order to appease the spirits of all the dead girls of whom these dolls were representative. 

 10. Winchester Mystery House, California, USA

Abandoned Places in the World: Winchester Mystery House

Cited as one of the most haunted places in the USA, Winchester Mystery House is a cheerful-looking house coupled with a dark and grim history. The house was under construction for a period of 38 years. It comes as a weird fact but the house is filled with mazes, trap doors, spider web windows, and a lot of other creepy stuff. It’s completely abandoned as of now. 

11. Presidio Modelo

Abandoned Places in the World: Presidio Modelo

Permanently closed by the government of Cuba since 1967, Presidio Modelo was a former prison that currently serves as a museum. The prison was inspired by Panopticon and was constructed for the purpose of monitoring the inmates. Fidel Castro was one of the prisoners here. Even the name ‘Presidio Modelo’ was given by Fidel Castro himself. Before it, it was known by the name Isle of the Pines.

12. ZKP Tagansky

Abandoned Places in the World: ZKP Tagansky

Under 60 deep meters lies a 7000 sq meters area that was once played an important role as a communication center in the cold war era. The structure of this place was designed to survive a nuclear war. Since its declassification, it has attracted many visitors from all around the globe. 

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This concludes this article on the 12 most abandoned places in the world. Most of these areas are now accessible to the general public.