12 Best Places To Visit In Alaska


Alaska is a beautiful state of the United States of America. It is one of the most beautiful places on this earth. It is famous for a lot many things such as fishing, gold mining, railroad, heritage, seafood, salmon, etc. You will find this place in the travel bucket list of many people. If you haven’t included this place then make sure to include it.

In this blog, I will tell you some most interesting and beautiful places in this beautiful state of United States. These places have some unique equality of their own.

Best places to visit in Alaska

Here is the list of 12 best places to visit in Alaska that you can see during your travel to Alaska. You will definitely fall in love with this place.

1) Tracy Arm fjord

Tracy Arm fjord
Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay 

A popular destination for cruise ships and boat tours, this place is situated in the South of Juneau. Here, water falls directly on the sharp rocks and glacier calves and creates small icebergs. It is the home of famous Sawyer glacier and Tongass National park. Here, wildlife sightseeing is very common and you will able to see wild animals like brown bear and moose in the land and blue whales and dolphins in the sea which makes the Tracy arm popular among the tourists.


2) Denali National park

Denali National park
Image by David Mark from Pixabay 

Mount Mckinley pr Denali is one of the best places to visit in Alaska. It is situated in Northern Alaska. It consists of lush green surroundings and almost six million acres of wide range valleys, high alpine ranges, tundra region, and glacier trapped mountains. It is the home of 167 species of animals including grizzly bears, reindeer, wolves, elk, etc.
You can also watch the demonstrations of some energetic huskies in Slen Dog Kennels within the Denali National Park.

3) Kenai Fjords National Park

Kenai Fjords National Park
Image by skeeze from Pixabay 

This national park is home to large brown bears which feed upon the fat-rich salmon. Kenai national park protects much of the coastline of Kenai Peninsula and offers one of the best sightseeing spots in Alaska.

4) Anchorage

Image by David Mark from Pixabay 

It is the largest city of Alaska; many people think that Anchorage is the capital of Alaska but it is wrong. It is considered as the economic center of Alaska and hence, approximately half of the population lives in or around the city. It has a green lush wilderness and can be enjoyed in a long drive. You can also visit some interesting places such as Anchorage medium of history and art, Alaska Native Heritage Center and the Alaska Wildlife conservation center.

5) Hubbard glacier

Hubbard glacier
Image by lalycolon from Pixabay 

Located in the Northwest of Juneau, it is considered as one of the best places. It has breathtaking scenarios. You can simply take a cruise around the glacier and can see this 400 feet tall glacier to have one of the best experiences of your life. Make sure to visit this beautiful glacier if you ever visit Alaska.


6) Fairbanks

Image by Wil Lawson from Pixabay 

You might know about the Northern lights or Aurora borealis which looks like a scene from a fairytale. Fairbanks is the place where you can have this beautiful fairytale experience. The aurora season goes from the end of the month of August to the end of April. It is the best place in Alaska to watch these Northern lights. Keep your fingers crossed and join a tour or go solo.
You can also visit other places such as the University of Alaska Museum, Morris Thompson visitor center, and the Large Animal center.

7) Wrangell – St. Elias National Park

Wrangell – St. Elias National Park
Image by skeeze from Pixabay 

This place is best for the hikers and climbers as it has 9 out of 16 highest peaks in the whole of the United States of America. It has numerous lakes, glaciers, mountain streams, and diverse wildlife. In short, this place is paradise. This place is best for those people who are an outdoor enthusiast. It is one the popular adventure tourism spot in Alaska, all thanks to its unique geographic division and wildlife.

8) Kodiak Island

Kodiak Island
Flickr: Raymond Bucko, SJ

If you have a deep interest in history then this place is perfect for you. This place is located at the south coast of Alaska and has played a strategic role in World War 2. Apart from this historical significance, this place is famous for its lush green landscape. Also, it is one of the largest fishing ports in the area. You can have a bear viewing tour in the Kodiak Wildlife Refuge which you can reach by a charter plane. There is no road connectivity.

9) Homer


If you love fishing then you will definitely love this place. Homer is known as the fishing capital of Alaska. In fact, you can carry your fish to the nearest restaurant and they will cook it for you. Homer is a nice option to start your road journey in Alaska as a lot of tourists come at this fishing spot to have fun.
It has good connectivity and can be a perfect base for your journey in Alaska. Apart from this, the roads are directly connected to numerous parks as well. You can also visit beaches if you love to have walking-talking at the same time as your partner. This can be your most romantic experience.
Do not forget to see the mountain goats, bald eagles, humpback and black bears.

10) Iditarod National historic trail

Iditarod National historic trail
flickr: Bureau of Land Managem

It is the sole national trail of Alaska and consists of more than 2300 miles of the trail network. Earlier it was used by the ancient hunters for the gold trade but now it is famous for Iditarod Trail Sled race. It is full of lunatic beauty and a wide range of mountains, glaciers and snow plains along with diverse wildlife.

11) Totem Bight State Historic Park

Totem Bight State Historic Park
flickr: Ranong Payakapan

The restoration process of this place was started in the year of 1938 by US Forest services in order to save a tradition which was dying. National Register of the historic place included in this place. You will also find a recreated clan house from the early 19th century.

12) Mendenhall Glacier

Mendenhall Glacier
Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay 

This place is easily accessible by the road and is located just 12 miles in the northwest of the state capital. You can do rafting and kayaking trips which floats among the icebergs. Do not forget to see its diverse wildlife which includes some beautiful creatures such as Porcupines, Black bears, and beavers.

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So these were 12 best places for you to visit in Alaska. Make sure to click pictures to capture this beautiful blue landscape and to paste those captures in your travel book too.