Nosy Be, Madagascar – A Unique Indian Ocean Island


Whether you’re a traveler or a holiday-er looking for the next destination to travel to, Nosy Be or the ‘Big Island’ as it is called in Malagasy awaits you. The island in Madagascar has some of the greatest and the coolest treats for you to discover, explore and enjoy. Due to the various tourist attractions in and around this island on the northwest coast of Madagascar, it has become the busiest and largest tourist resort in Madagascar.

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From natural retreats to endless stretches of forests with the rarest of flora and fauna, Nosy Be should be on the list of nature enthusiasts and those who looking for some aesthetic inspiration on their South African holiday. Nosy Be isn’t only for those of you who love to be amidst the trees, but for all travelers, tourists, young and old alike. You can learn how to scuba dive, snorkel, or maybe just relax in the sun and have a fun time at the beach.

This little island in Madagascar not only has amazing greenery and picturesque beaches but much more. We know Nosy Be is the best place for you to spend your holidays and travel to next, so we’ve put together a guide of how can you make you enjoy your trip to the fullest!

This guide has all you need for a fantastic trip to Nosy Be, whether you’re traveling with your friends or family! Read on to plan a great holiday to Nosy Be.


Places to Visit in Nosy Be:

1. Lokobe Nature Reserve & National Park:

The most famous place in Nosy Be is perhaps the Lokobe Nature Reserve & National Park. With its amazing sceneries and diverse fauna population, it should be a must-go-to place in your itinerary for the Madagascar trip. The forest and the park are also very famous for its lemur populations. If you’re excited to see various types of lemurs, you should visit the Lemuria Land- a great zoological and botanical park.

Nosy Be Madagascar
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2. Sacred banyan tree:

There is also a sacred banyan tree in Nosy Be in the village of Mahatsinjo where various pilgrims come to ask for benediction every year. Find out the story behind the tree that the Queen of Nosy Be worships herself.

3. Streets of the local Hell-Ville:

You could also explore the streets of the local Hell-Ville and try some great dining options like Le Papillon. For those of you who love good food and exquisite dining experiences, you should head to Le Table d’Alexandre for a hearty meal. Try the local delicacies with Chez Mama and experience one of the greatest delights of the Malagasy culture.

4. Island hopping:

You could also go island hopping and visit the little island around the Nosy Be. Some great places to be discovered are Nosy Komba, Nosy Sakatia, and Nosy Ambariovato. Not only are islands great for their beaches and views, but they also offer some of the most interesting experiences like whale watching and exploring the sea.


5. Scuba diving or snorkeling:

Nosy Be is also great for all kinds of water sports. Try scuba diving or snorkeling during your stay in this Malagasy paradise and you’re not going to be disappointed.

Best Hotels in and around Nosy Be

Nosy has a great variety of options for you to stay in. From a budget hotel to luxury stays, Nosy Be has it all. The Anjiamarango Resort in Nosy Be and the Madagascar resort are pretty great options if you want to relax on your trip. If you want to stay there for long, or you want to spend a greater part of your budget exploring, you can go for budget options like Hotel Arc En Ciel. There are hotels in and around the island and you can choose the one which suits your itinerary the best.

Explore these great viewpoints

One of the best places for views in Nosy Be is Mont Passot. This little hill at 329 meters should surely be in your itinerary if you want to enjoy beautiful and amazing sunsets whilst relishing in the spectacular views. This grand natural viewpoint is only 15 kilometers from the city center Hell-Ville and you can take a taxi to Mont Passot from Hell-Ville. The Lokobe National Park in Nosy Be also has some great viewpoints and you can head there if you love being in nature!

Your Ideal Honeymoon Destination

Nosy Be Madagascar
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Nosy Be has some great places for you to visit with your significant other. Whether it is strolling along the coast on the Andilana Beach or it is enjoying a romantic dinner date at Le Papillon, you’ll never run of things to do with your significant other. If you think planning itineraries is not your thing, you could easily book a honeymoon package for Nosy Be and surprise your partner. Nosy Be has everything you need for your honeymoon!

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How to reach Nosy Be

Fascene Airport in Nosy Be is very well-connected and has flights coming from all over the world. You could fly into Johannesburg or Tana (Antananarivo – the capital city of Madagascar) and take a flight to Nosy Be, or you could take a direct flight to Nosy Be. Ethiopian Airlines, Airlink, EWA Airlines and Air Austral have flights operating regularly from and to Nosy Be. After landing at the airport, you can pretty much get everywhere by taxis.

Best Time to Visit Nosy Be

Nosy Be sees rainfall throughout the year, more so in the months of December and January. Other than that, Nosy Be has warm temperatures throughout the year. It is a year-round destination as the beaches are great for swimming and enjoying throughout the year. You could also time your trip to Nosy Be Madagascar with the various music festivals if you love them! The Libertalia Musical Festival is on a full swing during May. Libertalia isn’t the only music fest in Nosy Be, and if you can’t come to Nosy Be sometime in May, you could attend the Donia Festival or the Nosy Be Jazz festival.

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Nosy Be Madagascar can make for the best trip of your lifetime and if you’re thinking of an international trip to the African continent anytime soon, you should be definitely paying Nosy Be a visit.