15 Uninhabited Islands in the World Where No One Lives

Nature has given humans various natural reliefs so that they can acknowledge the beauty of nature. It has created mountains, valleys, lakes, rivers, oceans, seas, etc. Although all of them are beautiful, today we are going to talk about islands specifically Desert Islands.

Islands are a piece of land that is surrounded by water on all sides. An island is quite a unique landform. There are stunning islands that humans can explore and enjoy. But there are also some uninhabited islands on which no one lives. Here we are going to talk about some of the strange but mesmerizing uninhabited islands around the world.

Desert Islands in the World

Desert IslandsĀ are islands, islets, or atolls where no one lives. People can do and explore uninhabited islands but can’t live permanently. Devon Island in Canada is the largestĀ uninhabited island in the world.

1. Clipperton Island

This is one of the most famous biggest uninhabited islands. It is located in the Pacific Ocean. Its area is about six square kilometers. This island is named after a famous British pirate John Clipperton.

The ownership of the island has been a controversial issue between the Americans and the French. Presently, it is considered to be under French. There is scarce vegetation here and is mostly visited by researchers regularly. There’s only one way to reach the island, and that is by going by your boat.

2. The Antipodes

The Antipodes
flickr: Su Yin Khoo

The Antipodes are a group of volcanic islands in New Zealand. The cold climate and harsh winds are their characteristics, which render the island uninhabited. It is infamous for various shipwrecks and deaths. The recent deaths were reported in 1999.

Talking about the expanse of the islands, the area is about 21 square kilometers. The islands are held as natural reserves, and there’s no direct public access. The islands are majorly surrounded by steep rocks and cliffs.

3. Okunoshima Island

Okunoshima Island
flickr: patrick kim

This is also another well-known island in Japan that is uninhabited. Okunoshima Island is also famous for its other characteristic of being scary. The only residents on this island are rabbits. The abundance of rabbits has led to the island having the nickname of Rabbit Island.

The island served as the main hub for the production of weapons in the first half of the twentieth century. Even in the Second World War, the place was used for the establishment of various nuclear plants for the production of nuclear weapons.

4. Jaco Island

Jaco Island
flickr: Drew Prineas

In Southeast Asia, there lies an uninhabited island by the name of Jaco Island. The island is still unclaimed. It lies adjacent to the island of Timor. The area of the island is 11 square kilometers. The only human-made establishment is a lighthouse that was built in Indonesia. The island is rich in various species of birds. The island is considered to be sacred. You can enjoy visiting the island, and many day trips and guided tours are available.

5. Cocos Island

This beautiful island is located at a distance of about 300 miles from the coast of Costa Rica. According to history, the island has another name: Keeling Islands. The island allows visitors to visit the island with the permission of the Costa Rican Park Rangers. It is believed that several hidden treasures are hidden on the island, which was hidden here in the 19th century by pirate Benito Bonito.

6. Mamanuca Islands

Mamanuca Islands are a group comprising 20 islands located in Fiji. The islands are famous for white sandy beaches. The islands are uninhabited due to the lack of any natural water source. Amongst the group of these 20 islands, the most popular island is the Monuriki. It was also featured in the film and in the television series The popular activities that the island is famous for its snorkeling and swimming. Though the island is uninhabited, you can book resorts if you want to explore the islands.

7. Devon Island

Devon Island
Image by BradyBunch from Pixabay

This is yet another big, uninhabited island spread over fifty-five thousand square kilometers of area. The interesting thing about the island is that its surface bears similarity as that of the surface of Mars. This fact has attracted many NASA scientists. The beauty of the island lies in the simplicity that it offers. It is totally barren. It’s located in Canada. The island possesses two mountain ranges, namely Treuter and Cunningham.

8. Aldabra Atoll

Aldabra Atoll Uninhabited Islands
flickr: WWFTurismo

Located 1000 kilometers away from Mahe, is the second-largest island of Seychelles, The Aldabra Atoll. The fact that this island is untouched by humans, the island is home to over 150000 giant tortoises. Apart from tortoises, its also well-known for the Coconut Crab, the world’s largest land crab. In the island’s waters lie hammerhead sharks, manta rats, and barracudas. The main reason for the island being uninhabited is that it is very unreachable.

9. North Brother Island

An uninhabited island in New York? Quite unusual, right? But that’s what is true about North Brother Island. It is uninhabited because this island has been converted into a protected bird sanctuary. The island has quite a history. It served as a rehab center and also a hospital earlier. Many buildings are still here, but all remain empty. They are said to be haunted.

10. Fort Carroll Island

To protect Baltimore, the U.S. Military built Fort Carroll in the middle of the Patapsco River. This artificial island is built in the shape of a hexagon. However the island was not maintained properly by the government, and so it was sold off to a private developer. But even he couldn’t maintain the island and left the island as it was. The island is still there, uninhabited.

11. Tree Island

Tree Island Uninhabited Islands
Image by Frank Winkler from Pixabay

This is yet another island whose ownership is still under a matter of dispute between China, Taiwan, and Vietnam. The only residents here are the military troops, which are protecting the island. Visitors are allowed to visit the island but with permission. It is one of the main islands of the Paracel Islands group. The area of the island is about 22 hectares. At present, Tree Island is under the administration of Hainan Province of China. The ruins of a Chinese temple can also be found here.

12. Tetepare Island

Tetepare Island
flickr: Kris H

Tetepare island is the biggest uninhabited island in the South Pacific. It is part of the Solomon Islands. This rugged island is covered with lowland rainforests and coral reefs. The reason why the island is uninhabited is still unknown.

13. Ball’s Pyramid

The Ball’s Pyramid is located in the Pacific Ocean near Australia. This uninhabited islet has risen dramatically from the sea and it is home to the world’s tallest sea stack, towering over 550 meters high. Ball’s Pyramid is a very challenging destination for climbers and explorers because of its steep cliffs and rugged terrain.

14. Wrangel Island

The Wrangel Island is a remote and uninhabited landmass situated in the Chukchi Sea. This rugged island is covered in ice and snow for much of the year. This place serves as a vital habitat for many Arctic species, including polar bears, walruses, and migratory birds. Wrangel Island’s isolation and harsh climate have preserved its wildlife. This made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a wildlife sanctuary.

15. Bouvet Island

The Bouvet Island is an uninhabited volcanic island in the remote reaches of the Southern Ocean. It is one of the most isolated landmasses on Earth often covered in mist and surrounded by dangerous seas. This island boasts a stark beauty, with rugged cliffs and ice-covered peaks rising from the frigid waters below. Its isolation from humans has made it a haven for seals, seabirds, and other marine life.

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These uninhabited islands, scattered across the world’s oceans, offer a glimpse into the raw beauty and untamed wilderness of our planet. From the icy realms of the Arctic to the tropical waters of the Pacific, these remote and untouched landscapes inspire awe and wonder, reminding us of the importance of preserving our planet’s natural heritage for future generations to explore and cherish.

Many islands remain uninhabited still today. Here we mentioned some of the best uninhabited islands that you must check out if you want to explore some islands in your holidays.