12 Top-Rated Beaches In Vietnam to Visit


There’s beauty in every corner of nature. From fresh breeze of air to coastal plains, groovy deep forests to crystal blue waters, nature has an abundance of beauty to admire in it. Vietnam is one such blessed heaven of Asia that lives for its natural beauty. Apart from ancient history or modern development, Vietnam’s coast has some hidden treasure in it. From the eastern border to southern parallels, the country has some exclusive beaches with warm sun rays, white sands and ample fresh air that’ll rejuvenate your inner peace. These stunning beaches also offer some amazing sporting activities like swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and other water sport activities. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, these places are perfect to relax and take a break.

Here is the list of most popular Beaches In Vietnam that you can explore during your visit to this beautiful country. But before exploring these beaches you must know about Vietnam. Here is the Vietnam travel guide that you must read before going there. This guide has everything that you want to know about this country.

Best Beaches In Vietnam

Here’ a list of top beaches in Vietnam to plan out your next seaside beach vacation.

1. Danang Beach

Danang Beach
Image by Quang Nguyen vinh from Pixabay 

Amid north and southern part of the country lies, Danang beach. The place several names such as danang, da nang or even my khe. The place is beautiful the crimson sunset views and rows of fresh coconut palm across the place.


The midday sun makes this beach one of the most bright and perfect summer spots to chill in Vietnam. The soft sands of the beach extend on a coastline of more than 28 kilometers with perfect cut horizontal views. The backdrop of this beach sees some dense forest and lush greenery on the corners. From local visits to resorts facing the shore, you can find everything here.

2. Long Beach

Long Beach
Image by Quang Nguyen vinh from Pixabay 

Long beach is another famous spot for travelers and visitors to Vietnam. Located on the island of Phu Quoc, the place offers some extremely beautiful scenic beach views for the people. The soft sand beach offers a tropical iconic beach vibe with some fresh food, lounge chairs and of course the vibrant beach views.

The beach is also referred to as a lagoon space where you can stop by to relax with somebody’s message, swimming across the shores and enjoying some fresh fruits on the go. The beautiful wave crashes across the shores and the echoes of birds make this place ideal to beat the summer heat and hustles of life.

There are famous resorts like Tropicana Resort Phu Quoc that provide you with amazing space to stop by and experience a stay with exotic beach experience and perfect views from your room. You can witness the beauty of the beach from sunrise to sunset.


3. Sam Son Beach

In the coastal town of Sam Son, you’ll find a beach that holds a perfect fusion of local views and warm sand feels across the shores. This beach might not be that isolated and private as compared to the rest. It, of course, sees a lot of active visitors and activities daily. It is a popular stop for the locals as well as it is situated near Halong Bay in North Vietnam.

The best part about this place is that, it for sure has some pure and amazing ethnic feel of Vietnam. From the authentic Vietnam food to watersports and local vendors, you’ll everything in here. From some typical brunch spots to a break from the usual day, Sam Son Beach is one stop for all.

4. Con Dao Beach

Well, this place is no less than living in heaven in Vietnam. Different from the rest of the beaches, Condon is a part of an archipelago in the southern part of the country. You’ll never see this place overcrowded as it stands a little separate from the mainland. The marine life in her is extremely rich and diverse with different types of fishes, coral and aquatic plants based in the underwaters of the place. You should stop here for snorkeling or diving excursion.

The main attraction of this place the Asian sunset view and cute little green turtles crawling across the soft beach sands. The place is picturesque and ideal for a peaceful stopover away from the hustles of the city crowd. The famous resort that helps you to create a memorable stay at this place is the Six Seasons Con Do.

5. Cua Dai Beach

Cua Dai Beach
Image by Qui Nguyen Khac from Pixabay 

Cua Dai Beach is no doubt one of the beautiful hidden treasures of Vietnam that lies near the Hoi An in central Vietnam. The place is preserved from too much tourist exposure to protect the oceans and environment around here. The unspoiled waters and crystal pure fresh air in this beach is a vibe to be lived at least once in a lifetime.

The beach is popular for some of the major sports activities such as kayaking, jet-skiing, and banana boating. Fishing here is one of the major sources of income for people as the place has a rich marine life of fishes and other seafood. Apart from diving in with some sunny beach vibes, you can also shop by some beautiful handmade pieces like jewelry or even silk clothing and much more from the local street-side vendors.

6. Mui Ne

Mui Ne beaches in Vietnam
Image by TeeFarm from Pixabay 

Just 3.5 hours away from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam has another tropical gateway to a beautiful Asian beach to relax and enjoy your holiday. The place has some extremely amazing scenic views along with some traditional food, sports activities, swimming water, and many other recreational activities to enjoy.

With a perfect mix of culture and food, you’ll find some of the best seafood varieties here. This place is also named as the resort capital of the country as Nui Ne beach sees a lot of tourist visitors and locals for a beach walk, buying fishes or even for staycations at some of the renowned resorts in here. There are some high-class resorts as well as some huge bungalows with beach views to enjoy.

7.Lang Co

Lang Co
Image by Hoa Do from Pixabay 

Lang Co is another rich heritage spot in Vietnam with white warm sands, crystal blue waters and tall high palms. The unspoiled spot of Vietnam is a serene place with some of the best picturesque corners and serene views of the sunsets across the shores. The green-toned place is no less than any other beaches in terms of beauty but it lacks a little development in terms of restaurants and cafes around.

There are resorts around to stop by and enjoy a little. The salty air and warm sun kisses of Lang co beach are perfect for a summer tan holiday this season.

8. Nha Trang Beach

Nha Trang Beach beaches in Vietnam
Image by Quang Nguyen vinh from Pixabay 

Another famous beach in Vietnam is Nha Trang Beach. The place covers a moderate amount of crowd during the day but has so much to offer for its visitors. It’s a perfect one-point spot to enjoy your midday excursion or brunch while enjoying the local flora and fauna. The beach has some mesmerizing vibrant scenery with activities that’ll entertain you for a while.

The beach is located near Phu Dong Water Park, from where you can enjoy some relaxing hot air balloon rides. There are also some exotic cruise rides and lodging facilities at this beach for the visitors to check out.

9. Quy Nhon Beach

Quy Nhon Beach
Image by Vietnam Tour from India from Pixabay 

There are several beaches in the central region of Vietnam but Qut Nhon Beach is one of the most spectacular ones among all. Famous for its beauty, cleanliness and beautiful vintage sunsets, the place has become one of the common tourist attractions in Vietnam.

Quy Nhon also has some luxury resorts by its coast where you can enjoy some authentic cuisine, relaxing spa and of course, some serene views of the beach. The place is a wonderful destination to relax around in the warm sun and white sands for the upcoming spring.

10. Cat Ba

Cat Ba beaches in Vietnam
Image by Kim Ngan from Pixabay 

Cat Ba Island is one of the most beautiful spectacular and phenomenal beaches in Vietnam which remains hidden for ages. The place has gained some tourist recognition in recent times. The place joins in with three different collective beaches with two limestones couched in the middle.

The perfect sea breezes and calm waters, Cat Ba is a highly impressive and ideal place for peace or privacy lovers, you can feel and listen to the rhythm of waves crashing across the shores. The place is an ideal spot for fishing and enjoying some visual treat this season.

11.Dong Chau Beach

Dong Chau Beach popular for its romantic and surreal vibes which makes this place a perfect spot for honeymoon couples. The beach is a little small yet sandy with some clear air breezes and some beautiful pine forest adding more romantic vibes across the place.

The place offers amazing gardens, coconut palms and a large variety of seafood for its visitors. Being one of the oldest popular and favorite beaches, many locals and tourists come here to enjoy fishing, volleyball, kitesurfing and much more. There are many guesthouses and hotels for you to check out as per your budget as well.

12.Vung Tau Beach

Vung Tau Beach beaches in Vietnam
Image by Tiểu Bảo from Pixabay 

The highly populated, famous and busy of all is the main beach, Vung Tau Beach. The waters stretch long across the borders of the coast making it a popular boardwalk for the visitors. It is a perfect spot for the locals and tourists of Ho Chi Minh city. There are beautiful mountains on the backdrop of the beach making it a perfectly picturesque spot for you.

The sandy coast and chill breeze always welcome you to Vung Tau Beach. Located near the port city, you can enjoy other amenities and facilities as well here, shopping, dining, or stopping by some luxurious resort for a stay, there’s a lot to do and extend your vacation here.

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We hope our list helps you to spot your next seaside vacation destination. Do let us know if know more about the beaches of Vietnam. We will be happy to help you with planning and executing your journey to Vietnam. 🙂