Top 10 Tourist Attractions in China


The most populous country with a total population of 1.3 billion people, China, also known as the People’s Republic of China. It’s the 3rd largest country by area with a total area of 97 lac square kilometers. The word “China” is derived from two Chinese words zhōng and guó which mean central and state respectively. This term developed under the Western Zhou dynasty. China is one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. Having a large area means that China has some of those unnatural landscapes and cultural highlights that can be found nowhere else in the world.

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Best Tourist destinations in China

Here are the top 10 tourist attractions that no one would like to miss on their trip to China.

1. Beijing

Image by Pexels from Pixabay 

The capital city of China and also one of the most populous cities in the world. Beijing is rich in culture and history. The Great Wall of China is situated in this city. It is one of the 7 wonders of the world. This marvel span out across several provinces in Northern China. The wall if looked from space looks like a snake on the surface.


2. Zhangjiajie National forest park

Zhangjiajie National forest park
Image by 용한 배 from Pixabay 

This park was the inspiration for the Hollywood movie Avatar. The park is located in central China, northwest Hunan Province. It’s at a distance of about 1000 kilometers from both Beijing and Shanghai. The park is rich in wildlife and scenery. It provides a very good opportunity for photographing epic photographs. The forest is segregated into four areas: Yuanjiajie, Tianzi Mountain, Yangjiajie, Gold whip Stream, Yellow Stone Village, Old house area

3. The three Pagodas

The three Pagodas
Image by Cherry_sai from Pixabay 

Located in southern China, Pagodas are one of the most preserved Buddhist structures in China had suffered from many human-made catastrophes. The third pagoda is the tallest pagoda in China with a height of 69.6 meters. The main activities that can be performed are photography, exploring the area and eating. Another thing worth seeing is The Chongsheng Temple. The temple is located behind the three pagodas. This temple used to be the royal temple of Dali in ancient times.

4. Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an

There is an amazing tourist attraction in Xi’an which is a collection of a life-sized army of soldiers with a rag of horses and stock of war ammunition. These figurines are made of terracotta and are spread across four different pits. It is said that this army is a form of funerary art and is believed that it was built with the purpose of protecting the emperor in his afterlife.

5. Wudang Mountains

Wudang Mountains
Image: Pinterest

For those who have seen movies like Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon, know exactly why this place is a major tourist attraction. Apart from the scenic beauty, these mountains are the most sacred Taoist mountain in China. These are located in northwestern Hubei Province. With an area of 321 kilometers, these mountains are a UNESCO site. The fun activity that can be experienced apart from enjoying the scenic beauty is learning Wudang Kung Fu or Tai Chi. There are few academies in the mountains where you can sign up for classes for a day or two.


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6. Shanghai

Image by hbieser from Pixabay 

Also known as the ‘Oriental Paris’, its China’s richest and biggest city. The best things to see in Shanghai are the magnificent towers and buildings present. The Jin Mao Tower is the highest tower in Shanghai and it’s the only observation deck that offers a 360 view. The views are awesome. The Shanghai World Financial Centre is also a building that is a must-see structure on your visit to Shanghai. It looks like a bottle opener from the structure with a trapezium like cut out on the top. It doesn’t offer a complete 360 view but offers quite good views. Among the other buildings are the Shanghai Tower and the Oriental Pearl Tower.

7. Hanging Monastery

Hanging Monastery
Image by Took from Pixabay 

This unique monastery is located on the foot of Mt. Hengshan. It hangs on the west cliff of Jinxia above 50 meters from the ground level. The construction is beyond 1400 years old. It’s a rare mixture of aesthetics, Buddhism and mechanics. Inside the monastery, the sculptures of Sakyamuni, Confucius, and Lao Tzu appear together, which is rather unusual. The location of the monastery makes it less prone to floods, rain, snow and also minimizes the damage from long-time sunshine.

8. Potala Palace

Potala Palace
Image by nrxfly from Pixabay 

This was the official winter palace of Dalai Lama since the 7th century. Potala Palace in Lhasa symbolizes Taoist Buddhism and its central role in the traditional administration of Tibet. This palace contained more than 1000 rooms with the living quarters of the Dalai Lamas. It also contains their golden tombs along with other relics and gifts from Chinese emperors.

9. Tibet

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay 

This place is sandwiched between mainland China and the Indian sub-continent. The thing worth seeing is the amazing view of the Himalayas and the grandeur of Mt. Everest referred to in Chinese as Qomolangma. A must visit place in Tibet is the Jokhang temple. It’s the most sacred temple of Tibetan people.

10. Longmen Grottes

Longmen Grottes
Image by Welcome to all and thank you for your visit ! ツ from Pixabay 

This is a collection of 100000 Buddhist statues located in the eastern central part of China. There is also a collection of 3600 tablets and around 40 pagodas. The construction began in 493 AD. These statues are one of the finest works of art. In 2000 the site was inscribed upon the UNESCO World Heritage List as “an outstanding manifestation of human artistic creativity”.

China is a very nice holiday destination and the best time to visit China is from March to May and from September to early November. Travelers are advised to consult a travel agency in case they plan their trip to Tibet. It is also advised to inform your concerned bank about your trip to China as your debit or credit card may get canceled due to unusual transactions midway the trip. Also, it is advised to download a VPN as may site like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp are blocked in China. Its also advised to prepare your documents carefully.