15 Best Things to do in Madagascar on Your Africa Trip

Madagascar is a paradise on earth and makes for an amazing trip. The island is beauty-redefined and has great sights and experiences for tourists, visitors, and seasoned travelers. After Madagascar movie, this place has become more popular around the world.

If you’re one of those who are flying to Madagascar anytime soon, you should have a look at our list of best things to do in Madagascar so that you don’t miss out on any fun, while in Madagascar.

Madagascar Tourist Attractions

Here is the list of Best Things to do in Madagascar. Have full blast during your travel to this beautiful island in the world.

1. Hike at the Isalo National Park

One of the most famous natural destinations in Madagascar, the Isalo National Park is a landscape of high plateaus and makes for a perfect hike. The picturesque views from the top of hills and plateaus are sure to make your day. The Isalo National Park is the first place you should visit in Madagascar if you love outdoors.

2. Go Island Hopping

Go Island Hopping
Image by DREAMONTRAVEL from Pixabay

Explore the islands in and around the main island and make great memories on your trip. Visit all the great beaches and have fun in the clear blue waters. Whatever it is that you want to do, island hopping in Madagascar includes all of those. And the calming and breathtaking beaches and islands in and around Madagascar is the reason we recommend you to hop from one land to another during your time in Madagascar.

3. Swim with the Sharks

Swim with the Sharks
Image by titus torome from Pixabay

We’re not joking when we say you can swim with the sharks in the waters of Nosy Be. So, why not do something daredevil and explore the world that lies in the depths of the Indian Ocean. You’re definitely going to be surprised.

4. Explore the caves of Ankarana

The limestone caves at the Ankarana National Park have fossils and underground rivers running through them. The stalagmites and stalactites formations and the fossils are sure to amaze you. These caves are the best places to venture into if you’re an adrenaline junkie.

5. Go Whale Watching at Ile Sainte Marie

Go Whale Watching at Ile Sainte Marie
things to do in Madagascar
Image by Andrew Riedel from Pixabay

Enjoy your time in the waters near Ile Sainte Marie as you’re sure to spot some humpback whales spouting. These whales migrate from the south poles to the Sainte Marie channels to breed. It’s best if you venture into the waters in a boat and go whale watching sometime between April to December.

6. Go on a Wildlife Tour of Madagascar

Go on a Wildlife Tour of Madagascar
Image by Welcome to all and thank you for your visit ! ツ from Pixabay

Madagascar, with its multiple national parks and more than a dozen iconic beaches, is any nature enthusiast’s favorite traveling destination. It is home to a great variety of flora and fauna, some of which are only found in Madagascar. On your trip to Madagascar, make sure to keep some time to explore the wilderness of this majestic island.

7. Amber National Park

Even though Madagascar is home to various national parks and forests, the Amber National Park is one of its kind. With its crater lakes, lush green forests, and numerous waterfalls, this place should be definitely on your itinerary.

8. Try street foods in Antsirabe, Madagascar

The street foods in Antsirabe are the best delicacies you can try on your trip to Madagascar. The ‘Mofo-Anana’ which translates to ‘leafy green bread’, along with the Nems (eggrolls), Sambosas, and the Brochettes are sure to make your day. One local rice dish called the ‘Vary sry Loka’ is a great combination to have with all the other delicacies.

9. Visit the crocodile farm in Antananarivo

Visit the crocodile farm in Antananarivo
Image by AngelikaBeck from Pixabay

One of the most visited parks in Madagascar, the Croc Farm is home to many crocodiles, along with lemurs, chameleons, and toucans. The park also sells products made from crocodile skin. If you think you can experiment with food, why not try the crocodile meat burger available at the Crocodile Farm.

10. Dive and snorkel around

Dive and snorkel around
Image by J. Ketelaars from Pixabay

The Ile aux Nattes and Nosy Sakatia are beaches famous for various water sports, including diving and snorkeling. If you think you are going to pass the adventure, you can take a relaxing swim in the clear blue waters that surround these shores. The Nosy Sakatia is also a great beach to lounge, relax, and watch turtles.

11. Visit the Queen’s Palace

The Queen’s Palace in Madagascar is also known as the Rova of Antananarivo is one of the greatest places to visit in Madagascar. Your visit to the palace is sure to give an insight into the lifestyle that sovereigns of the Kingdom of Imeria enjoyed as did the rulers of Madagascar in the 19th century. The Rova complex also has some other great buildings, all of which are magnificent and important historical landmarks.

12. Paraglide over the magnificent island

Paraglide over the magnificent island
Image by Paul Henri Degrande from Pixabay

The cliffs of Tsaranoro near Andonaka Village in Madagascar have slowly gained popularity for its paragliding. If you love adventure and want to do something great on your next trip to Madagascar, why not go paragliding in Madagascar! The great views of the island and the ocean make it one of the must-visit places in Madagascar.

13. Take a road trip to Fort Dauphin

The rolling breeze makes a trip to Fort Dauphin amazing as do the scenic views throughout the trip. Lounge at the Libanona beach at Fort Dauphin and enjoy the great sun all day long. You can also visit the ruins of Fort Flacourt and make great memories. Fort Dauphin is the best place to visit in Madagascar if you’re looking for some aesthetic inspiration.

14. Party all night

Party all night
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Due to Madagascar being a famous tourist hub, the nightlife of the city is great. So, if you want to dance away all your stresses, head to either Le Taxi Be or Le Point d’Exclamation. There are a lot of options for you to choose from wherever in Madagascar you’re!

15. Picnic at Lake Alaotra

The Largest Lake in Madagascar, Lake Alaotra is the perfect place for you to enjoy a picnic at. Spend some quality time with your loved ones at the lake and enjoy the breathtaking beauty that surrounds you. The lake is also home to some endangered and rare flora and fauna species.

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These are the best things to do in Madagascar during your trip to this place. Madagascar is an amazing island to enjoy a perfect trip with your lover or friends. Include as many of these things as you can in your itinerary and we’re sure that you will have the best time of your lives.