12 Best Destinations for Wedding in India


A wedding day is one of the most important and awaited days for any person. Everybody wants it to be perfect. Indian weddings are grand, it is not for the namesake that it is called ‘The Big Fat Indian Wedding’. In India, the recent trend of destination weddings seems to be on the rise. People want to go to exotic places with their family and friends to tie the knot with their special someone. Thankful to the rich heritage and culture of India that suffice to the requirement of an exotic and beautiful destination for weddings. 

India has in its store a variety of places starting from beaches to mountains which make perfect for destination weddings. Whether one wants a royal wedding, a beachside gathering or a mountainous escape, India can offer it all. Here are some beautiful wedding destinations in India that you can consider for the perfect wedding that you desire and deserve.

Destinations for Wedding

This is the list of best Destinations for Wedding in India that you can book for a dream wedding. You can also choose one of the best places in India to visit for your marriage ceremony but these places mentioned here are the best Destinations for Weddings.

1. Udaipur

What other places than Udaipur would top the list of wedding destinations in India. It is best for a traditional wedding in India. With royal palaces, lakes, and buildings, Udaipur makes a perfect choice. It has become the hub of destination weddings in India. It is said to be the best place for a fairy-tale wedding.


Various old buildings are now redesigned into modernized styles yet keeping it royal e.g. The Leela, Taj Lake Palace, and The Trident. Udaipur also has exotic fort locations to choose from. Some of them are Manek Chowk, Durbar Hall at the Fateh Prakash Palace, Devi Garh, Oberoi Udaivilas and so on.

2. Jaipur

Jaipur: Destinations for Wedding

Jaipur is the best location to choose for a grand wedding. It has a lot of palaces like Raj Palace, Gold Palace, Samode Palace where one can admire the grandeur of a royal wedding. Known as the pink city, Jaipur offers a variety of festive ideas and venue options. The blend of exquisiteness and rich heritage of the region adds to the royalty of the wedding which often takes place in erstwhile palaces and mansions.

3. Kerala

For people who want a subtle and picturesque wedding, the beaches and backwaters are a perfect destination for the people. It is going offbeat on houseboats and a pretty view of the beaches and backwaters. For the people who do not like a huge and crowded wedding, Kerala is perfect. There are also some of the best wedding resorts in Kerala like The Leela in Kovalam. For a beach destination, the best choice is Samudra Beach.  

4. Havelock Island

Havelock Island: Destinations for Wedding

Getting hitched by the beach is a dream for many people. The white-sand beaches, blue waters, cool breeze, and lush green scenic beauty is a wedding paradise for people. But one thing to keep in mind is the season. It is advisable to avoid monsoons for weddings in this place. September to May is the best time to tie the knot by the beaches of Havelock Island. Munjoh Ocean Resort, Barefoot Andaman, Peerless Resort and Fortune Resort Bay island are some of the most popular places for weddings on the Island. 


5. Shimla

If one is looking for a not-so-royal and beach wedding and love the idea of getting hitch amidst lush green hills and streams, Shimla is the place. The wedding can be arranged at a very low budget without compromising with the beauty desired. It is a paradise for mountain and snow lovers. However, the best time to have a wedding here in the summers as winters are way too cold. Occasional snowfall during winter is also unavoidable. So, an outdoor wedding may be ruined because of it.  

6. Rishikesh


Rishikesh is not yet famous for a destination wedding with an exotic location yet, it is popular among the people who want a holy ceremony along the riverside with the view of the mountains. It is by the river Ganga which is considered to be holy and thus religious people tend to rush to this destination to seek the blessing to start their new life. There are resorts which are destinations for weddings. The best month to have a wedding in Rishikesh is from October to March. 

7. Goa

Goa: Destinations for Wedding

Goa is the perfect place for people who would love to throw a party for their wedding. There are beautiful beaches and greenery that make Goa perfect for a destination wedding. It is also a great place for Christian weddings in the old churches. Wedding arrangements can range from a happening party by the beachside to a quiet ceremony in the church. It has also attracted many celebrities to tie the knot in its aromas like Yuvraj Singh, Lara Dutta and more. 

8. Jodhpur

Jodhpur: Destinations for Wedding

Rajasthan never falls short of exquisite and exotic wedding destinations. If royalty is the word, Rajasthan is the answer. Jodhpur is the best place to tie the knot in the Rajputana style. The most famous place is the Umaid Bhavan Palace, an amazing palace hotel located on a hilltop. Ranbanka palace, the Ajit Bhawan or the impressive Mehrangarh Fort are some of the other venue options in Jodhpur. It is best to have a wedding in Jodhpur during the winter season. 

9. Agra

It is best to tie the knot in the place which boasts of having the perfect epitome of love, the Taj Mahal. Agra is home to some of the most exotic hotels and resorts, overlooking the Taj Mahal, for wedding celebrations. It is off late overshadowed by the grandeur of the destinations of Rajasthan but is still considered as lovers’ paradise. The best place to arrange a wedding in Agra is between November to March. It is best for a romantic wedding. 

10. Lavasa


Lavasa is a recently popularized destination for weddings. It is located near Pune and has an Italian touch as it is the first planned Hill station in India modeled after a town in Italy. The place is cladded with waterfalls, winding roads, mountains, lakes, and breathtaking views blended with beautiful architecture

It is mostly favored by the people of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Lavasa International Convention Center, as well as a lot of hotels, organize the events. It is perfect to have a destination wedding away from the hustle-bustle of the city. 

11. Mandu

Mandu is a little town in Madhya Pradesh which is underrated as a wedding destination. It is very less heard of but is one of those places whose beauty is sure to leave everyone awestruck. This place is tailor-made for the perfect destination wedding with architectural beauty, streets overflowing with history and the romantic tale of Prince Baz Bahadur and Rani Roopmati.

Mandu is set amidst the Satpura Mountains. It has a wide range of choices to choose from for the perfect venue for weddings like Malwa retreat, Mandu Palace or the nearby town of Pachmarhi. 

12. Madurai

Madurai: Destinations for Wedding

This city in Tamil Nadu is known as the city of temples and is yet another perfect destination for weddings in India. It has witnessed the legacy of Pandya Kings. The city is in the shape of a lotus. The most famous destination for weddings in Madurai is the Meenakshi Temple. It is popular among couples. It is advisable to avoid the summers to arrange the ceremony as the weather becomes unbearable. 

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Weddings hold a special place in the hearts of people of India. It is considered an auspicious occasion of coming together of two souls. Destination Weddings are charming in their own ways. There are a lot of options that India offers to the people to make their special day exotic and memorable.