Thamri Kund Trek: Beautiful trek in Munsiyari with moderate difficulty

Thamri Kund or Thamri Tal is located near the Himalayan city named Munsiyari and is surrounded by alpine trees. Unlike the layers of clouds, this lake is located at about 7500 feet above sea level. It is almost magical for a lake to exist at such a height. This lake is surrounded by snow-capped hills all around in winters and it becomes green during the monsoon. You can easily see Panchchuli peaks from here.

Thamri Kund is a perennial lake, one of the freshest freshwater lakes in the entire region of the Kumaon Valley. A beautiful trek surrounded by thick paper trees leads to this lake. The trek to reach the lake from the township of Munsiyari may take about 4 to 5 hours and hence one should start the journey carefully in the early morning. The entire lake of Thamri is surrounded by a thick network of alpine, which offers a spectacular view of the place. It provides spectacular views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks, especially the Panchchuli peak. It is one of the hidden gems of Munsiyari, often remembered by tourists and is slowly gaining popularity.

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Thamri Kund is a sacred lake nestled in the mountains. This pond has religious significance. Sometimes when the rain is low then the local people reach Thamari Kund and offer prayers for the rain. This place is truly a journey while traveling in Munsiyari. The place is an amalgam of mystic spirituality and natural charm, which enchants the mind of every tourist.

There is another belief about this Kund. We talked to a local person about this beautiful lake and he told us this story. The lake never has a single leaf in it whether it’s Autumn or any season. The people say that there are birds who clean the Thamri Kund but no one knows when.

Beautiful Trail and View from Thamri Kund Trek:

Panchachuli view: Thamri Kund Trek
View of Panchachuli from Thamri kund trek
Beautiful view of mountains from the Thamri Kund Trek
Beautiful view of mountains from the Thamri Kund Trek
Thamri Kund: View from above
Thamri Kund: View from above
Thamri Kund
We reached successfully to Thamri Kund

How to reach

You can reach it easily here. There is a well-maintained road to reach Munsyari and the Thamri Kund start point is located 10 km before Munsyari. You can stay in Munsyari and come here for the trek.

By Airplane – The nearest airport to Thamri Kund is Pantnagar Airport. The distance of Munsiyari Thamri Kund from Pantnagar Airport is about 331 kilometers. From here one can easily go by car or bus to Munsyari.

By Train– Nearest railway station to Thamri Kund is Kathgodam railway station. From here, the distance of Munsiyari Thammari Kund is about 305 kilometers. Taxis are available from here, you can easily go in a taxi.

By Road– The roads to Munsyari are narrow but well maintained. You can book a car or traveler to go there via road.

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If you are going to Munsyari then Thamri Kund trek is a must go place. Remember to wear good trekking shoes and carry water with you. The trek is difficult for children. So, avoid taking children with you in this trek.