30 Disney World Facts

Disney World is a chain of Disney themed resorts, that have rated the happiest places in the world. Not only this, the rides, the pools and the shows that anyone experiences in the Disney World are truly magical. The park was first opened in 1971, and it is now forty-eight years old. Starting from admission of only $3.50, this park has now become one of the most expensive theme parks in the world.

facts about Disney World
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If you are a Disney fan, a trip to the Disney World must be on your dream destinations list. Whether you have already gone to the Disney World or are planning to go anytime sooner or later, here are thirty Disney World facts to amaze you.

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Disney World Facts

1. Huge Area

The Disney World is spread over an area of fifty square miles. Although a part of the land is used for conservation, this park has an area comparable to San Francisco or two Manhattan islands.

2. Large Gardens and Landscapes

A lot of the parking area has been dedicated to parks and landscapes. The total area in which the gardens and landscapes have been maintained sums up to 4,000 aces, which is the size of about three thousand football fields.

3. Half-a-hundred thousand visitors

When opened in 1971, the Disney World welcomed up to 10,000 visitors a day. Presently, almost 50,000 visitors frequent the place daily.

4. Thousands of rooms

If all the Disney World resorts are combined, there are about thirty-thousand rooms for guests to stay in. That is, if you stay in a room a day, it will take you 8 years, 1 month and 0 days to stay in all the rooms of Disney World.

5. The cast is very big

The employees at Disney World are not called employees, rather they are called cast members. In the Central Florida Disney World, there are about 74,000 cast members. The cast members have to be in characters for the time they are on duty.

6. Laundries are heavier than anything

The laundries of the costumes amount to a huge 285,000 pounds every day. And not only this, about thirty to thirty-two thousand garments are dry-cleaned on a daily basis.

7. Secret Tunnels Everywhere

In order to facilitate cast members to reach places while they are off-duty, the Disney World has been constructed above the ground levels and tunnels have been constructed below the surface.

8. Always Open

After its opening in 1971, the Disney World has never been closed, without the exception of a few incidents. In 1999, it was closed to the Hurricane Floyd, and them due to the 9/11 attacks, the third time due to a power failure in 2002 and the most recent in 2006, due to the Hurricane Matthew.

9. Largest Christmas Celebrations

During the Christmas season, the Disney World has over 1,500 trees placed at various locations to create a magical atmosphere for the visitors. Miles of gardens and other decorations also accompany the trees.

10. Animal Kingdom

The largest theme park in the Disney World is the Animal Kingdom, which covers over 580 acres. This site has been dedicated to the natural environment and animal conservation.

11. Kilimanjaro Safari

The Kilimanjaro Safari in the Animal Kingdom is a treat to nature lovers. Not only can visitors spot giraffes and zebras, but also gorillas and elephants. To lure the animals towards the Safari, the staff uses a technique such as putting honey over the Safari vehicles and throwing raisins towards the animals.

12. No straws, balloons and drink lids

Straws, balloons and drink lids are banned in the Animal Kingdom as a precaution to the animals.

13. Cleanest theme park

The Disney World is one of the cleanest theme parks and had dustbins throughout the site. Chewing gum is not sold on the site so that the parks are clean.

14. Lost and found department

On average, two hundred pairs of sunglasses turn up at the lost and found section every day. This section gets about 18,000 hats, 6,000 phones, 3,500 digital cameras and 7,500 autograph books annually which are lost.

15. No washrooms

At the Liberty Square in the Disney World, there are no washrooms as the place represents the colonial time period. The adjoining Liberty Tree Tavern and Columbia Harbour House have washrooms.

16. Dead lives

Many people want to spread their ashes at the park after their death. This is done so actively that cleaning protocols have been put in place for clearing the ashes.

17. Epcot

The Epcot is a showcase in the Disney World that is spread over 305 acres. It stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. It was Walt Disney’s idea to create a place where people could live in a futuristic Atmosphere. It was opened on October 1 in 1982, years after the Disney World opened for public.

18. Fruit garden

The Epcot is more than just a theme park as the fruit and vegetable gardens in the place produce about thirty tonnes of fruits and vegetables for the visitors.

19. Second Largest Aquarium and Spaceship Earth

The Epcot’s aquarium is the second largest in the world with a whopping 5.7 million gallons of water. The Spaceship Earth Installation in Epcot weighs about 16 million pounds.

20. Flags at Main Street USA

The American flags at Main Street USA in Disney World have one less stripe and one less star than the flag of the United States. This was done because the national flag regulations require the flag to be raised and lowered at half mast.

21. 199 feet tall

The tallest rides in the Disney World are Mountain Expedition and Hollywood’s Tower of Terror are 199 feet tall, as any 200 feet tall buildings require red flashing aviation lights.

22. Real studio

The Disney Hollywood Studio was once a real studio, where many films and Disney features like The Mouse Club were filmed.

23. Mickey and Minnie Wardrobe

The Disney character Mickey Mouse has at least 300 pairs of clothes in this wardrobe, whereas Minnie Mouse has over 200 pairs.

24. Stay at Cinderella’s castle

The guest room at Cinderella’s Castle is open to stay. This room can house up to six persons. Originally built for Walt Disney, the construction of this room was completed only after his death. One has to win a Disney Sweepstakes Prize to be able to book this room.

25. Incredible fountains

The water fountains at Epcot Innoventions Plaza can shoot water up to a height of 150 feet. If all the fountains are fired together, there are a whopping 2,000 gallons of water being shot into the air.

26. Bathroom guides

The cast members can direct you to the nearest washroom, but other than that, conversations with cast members can only take place in English.

27. Oak Parent

The Liberty Oak in the Liberty Square is parent to over five hundred trees, as the acorns harvested from this tree have been harvested.

28. Lots of Water

The Beach Club Resort at Disney World has pools which store a total of 750,000 gallons of water. A lot of water indeed!

29. Largest pool with a sand bottom

The Stormalong Bay at the Beach Club is the largest pool in the world with a sand bottom. So if you haven’t been to a pool with a sandy bottom, you know where to go.

30. Coca Cola and More Coca Cola

Approximately, 45 million bottles of Coca Cola are sold every year at the Disney World. We can conclude that Disney lovers are cola lovers too.

31. The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life in the Disney World is larger than tall, with a height of 14 stories tall and 50 feet wide.

These facts are sure to make your trip to the Disney World even more memorable.

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