Top 15 Places To See Sunrise In India


India is often known for its varied cultures, traditions, and different languages and is also regarded as the land of beautiful scenic beauty. Despite being blessed with so many natural wonders, nowadays people are attracted toward superficial things, and they tend to forget nature’s scenic beauty. Watching the Sunrise is a beauty in itself and there are some places from where the scene looks spectacular.

Remember how in childhood we used to draw that image of mountains, the river flowing through it and that sunrise behind those mountains. Well, you can see that scenic beauty in real from some places in India. India is one of those blissful countries which has diversity in places. Here, you can enjoy a sunrise through mountains, sunrise in desserts, sunrise from beaches, and more.

So, Here is a list of some of the most picturesque and astounding sunrises places that will enchant you completely.

Best Sunrise Points in India

We curated this list of Places To See Sunrise In India so that you can enjoy the scenic beauty


1. Tiger Hill, West Bengal

tiger hill

Tiger Hill is one of the best places in India to watch sunrise views. Located in Darjeeling, West Bengal it is one of the must things to do for tourists if they are visiting Darjeeling. Apart from these majestic sunrise views, Tiger Hill also offers unmatched views of the majestic Mount Kanchenjunga and the coveted Mount Everest. Here, visitors can also go forest trekking and can even see Kurseong towards the south.

2. Ghats of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

varanasi sunrise

The sacred city of Varanasi offers spiritual healing to its visitors. Apart from being a holy place for the Hindus, Varanasi also offers one of the most profound travel experiences near the bank of the Ganges. Here, visitors can have enchanting views of the rising sun sitting by the banks of River Ganga. Visitors can also take a boat ride if they arrive early in the morning.

3. Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

Located at the southernmost tip of peninsular India, Kanyakumari also offers some of the best sunrise and sunset experiences. In fact, it is a beautiful spot for watching both sunrise and sunset. Furthermore, Kanyakumari is also the meeting point of the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, and the Bay of Bengal, this also makes it a unique spot to watch the spectacular sights of rising and falling sun.

4. Umiam Lake, Meghalaya

Located in the Northeastern parts of India, Umiam lake is by far one of the most splendid spots to come across. Its spell bounding scenic beauty grasps visitors from all the parts of India. It is located 15 km away from Shillong. So, visitors need to hire a car if they want to experience the mesmerizing views of sunrise near the bank of the Umiam River.


5. Nandi Hills, Karnataka

Located near the majestic town of Nandi in Southern India, Nandi Hills provides a true experience of peace and joy and takes the visitors far away from the hustle of city life. Here, visitors can find themselves lost around nature and can enjoy the fantastic views of the rising and falling sun in the lap of mother nature. However, it is worth mentioning that visitors need to reach there early in the morning to get a perfect glimpse of the rising sun, and the mist that surrounds it.

6. Wilson Point, Maharashtra

Wilson Point is located in Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra, and is a perfect spot to watch the sunrise near the coastal city of Mumbai. In fact, Mahabaleshwar is really a mesmerizing destination that offers gorgeous views of the sun and the surrounding areas. It also features several elevated viewing points, such as Arthur’s Seat, Pratapgad Fort, Waterfall, Colorful boats in Venna Lake, and much more.

7. Taj Mahal, Uttar Pradesh

Sunrise is by far the best time to visit the Taj Mahal because the early morning light turns the dome of the temple a soft, golden color, and makes it a moment to remember. As the sun starts rising from the horizon, the Taj Mahal gradually alters its color in the changing light of the day. However, visitors need to get there early in the morning to experience this majestic view. Also, Visiting around dawn will also help to beat the huge crowds that start arriving later in the morning. But, visitors should remember that it opens at 6 AM in the morning.

8. Nubra Valley, Jammu, and Kashmir

Nubra Valley Sunset
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Featured as one of the top 5 places in Ladakh, Nubra valley, offers adorable sunrise and sunset views that touch the deepest corners of the heart. Nubra Valley is one of the MUST-SEE places in Ladakh that offers panoramic views to its visitors. Surrounded by thrillingly stark scree slopes, and harsh arid mountains, the deep-cut Shayok, and Nubra River Valleys offer tremendous scenery on a grand scale.

9. Kovalam Beach, Kerala

kovalam beach sunrise

Often referred to as the “God’s own country,” Kerala also boasts numerous destinations that provide perfect views of rising and falling sun. Of these destinations, one such is a Kovalam Beach in southern Kerala that provides some of the most stunning views of the sun’s emergence over the waters of the Arabian Sea. This 17-kilometer long stretch of beach offers plenty of great points with exceptional sunrise views and makes it something really special. Apart from this, Kovalam Beach is also famed for its beauty and the azure waters of the Arabian Sea which adds to the beauty of watching the sunrise from here in a peaceful manner.

10. Majuli, Assam


The bank of the mighty River Brahmaputra also offers some of the best sunrise views to its visitors. This vast and seamless water body is a grand old river of peninsular India. In addition to enjoying the traditional culture and customs of Assam, where visitors can catch the perfect glimpses of the rising sun.

11. Puri, Orissa

The beaches in Puri offer some breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset which overwhelms everybody’s heart. The seamless stretches of the Bay of Bengal, the velvety sand beaches, and the horizon together light up in the golden-crimson hues of the sunlight that provides an experience of a lifetime. Here, visitors can enjoy the true beauty of the sunrise that cannot be described in words.

12. Great Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

Located in the Indian state of Gujarat, Rann of Kutch is a large area of salt marshes at the southernmost tip of Sindh, Pakistan. It is a great destination that offers mesmerizing experiences to its visitors from across the globe. Here, visitors can see the orange globe of a sun which shines bright and high during the daytime, slowly starting to mellow down and descend at the onset of the evening. This also leads to a changing sand color from white to orange to dark as the sun settled down and makes it an experience for a lifetime.

13. Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh

kasauli sunrise

Kasauli is a perfect destination that cherishes its visitors with an amazing and lifetime experience. Also, in the exotic and superfluous hilly terrains of Himachal Pradesh, Kasauli has a remarkable serenity and panoramic view. It is a beautiful hill station where tourists come to seek respite far from the hustle of city life. Apart from this, Kasauli has gained immense popularity and every season is Kasauli has its own charm.

Thus, for all the tourists who are seeking the mirth of heaven on the bosom of the Himalayas, Kasauli is the perfect place to visit ornamented by the perfect Sunset Point. Tourists can visit the Sunset Point at any time of the year. However, it is recommended for the visitors to strictly avoid the monsoon season due to heavy rainfall there which often leads to landslides.

14. Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh

The Pachmarhi is the highest point in the Madhya Pradesh state. There is a Sunrise Point name Dhoopgarh which has one of the most beautiful sunrise view in Madhya Pradesh. You can feel the beauty of nature that can calm your soul.

15. Ponmudi, Kerala

Ponmudi is is a hill station which is located at an altitude of 1100 m and from 55.2 km north-east of Trivandrum city. This beautiful place is blessed with magnificiant natural beauty. This place is also also known as Kashmir of Kerala. The sunrise at this place can steal your heart. So, whenever you get a chance to go to this place, never miss the sunrise here.

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These are a few beautiful places where you can enjoy the sunrise in India. Try to explore some of these sunrise spot in India, you will get peace. These Sunrise points In India have amazing scenic beauty.