12 Best Vacation Spots In The US For Couples


There’s nothing better than photographs to stop time and there’s nothing better than traveling to revive your romance. One of the best things to do to keep that romantic spark active is to travel. Travel different places in different countries and different seasons. You always get to spend some quality time with your loved ones when you travel and also, it kicks out the stress of life. So to make it more easy for you to pick your next holiday destination, we are here with the top 12 best vacation destinations in the US which are not just romantic but also, adventurous mysterious and stunning to visit at least once.

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Couple friendly vacation spots in the US

1. Santa Fe, New Mexico

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When it comes to Mexico, you cannot miss the unique architecture of this place. Low slung designed houses and earthy tone building color makes this place a cool tones summer spot to chill out and enjoy. Santa Fe blossoms with some spring flowers in the mid-spring season and rocks the place with some fresh and romantic vibes. From folk art to local outdoor festivals, the place is a one spot to live the different colors of music and celebration for the couples. There are some top-notch restaurants with the city views which one should not miss at all. The Canyon Road is a nature’s gallery in Santa Fe with some of the best and largest landscapes where you can feel the art that lives within you. From art to history, there are different things to explore and know in this beautiful city of Mexico.

2. New York, New York

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It isn’t easy to sum it up in words when it comes to New York city the city is romantic, active as well as busy with hustles. A combination of everything for everyone here. Empire state building is a must-visit place for couples in New York City. It is one of the calm and divine romantic spots in a city that has so much to offer. Take a tour down to the rowboat and witness the beauty of the Manhattan skyline. New York City has plenty of good restaurants and cafĂ© with some extraordinary menu list and ambiance. Enjoy a delicious meal at a gourmet restaurant and book your date to the American Museum of Natural History. We promise there’s a lot of interesting things to enjoy there. If you ever happen to visit the place in winters, then don’t forget to enjoy the ice skating at the Wollman Rink on the East Side of Central Park. Your winter holidays can be a perfect one with some hot chocolate drinks and perfect nature’s ambiance to mark your romantic moments.


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3. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

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Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming has America’s first national park covering up a total of 2.2 million acres of land with a rich variety of wildlife wonders. The next thing to witness here is the awe-inspiring Old Grand Canyon waterfall of Yellowstone. You can enjoy this spectacular yellow stone view with the world’s largest log cabins at the old faithful inn to see the beauty of the place. For couples, it is an ideal place to spend a few nights at the Yellowstone hotel and cabins to experience the warmth of witnessing the high elevation lake along with the oldest national park of the place. To add some more of wild adventurous experience, take a safari tour at Lamar valley where herds of bison and pronghorns reside. The town is for sure one iconic place to visit or at least add to your wishlist.

4. Scottsdale, Arizona

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We know not all of you might enjoy vintage corners and adventurous spaces to enjoy your holiday. Some like to explore and experience their romantic vacations on rough and rugged hilly surfaces. This place is the perfect spot to stop by and get some desert elegance and experience. Stop by the main streets and discover some amazing dining places, visit the museums there or yes, you can also wake up early and go a hot air balloon ride. This place for sure has a lot to offer for all those who look forward to experiencing a holiday beyond a simple romantic trip.

5. Savannah, Georgia

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Savannah is one of the oldest and classical places in Georgia. It has all that beautiful fall vibes oak trees, Spanish moss, historic spaces and some unique mansions around. The impressive gardens and authentic southern cuisine along the savannah river is something to live for. If you and your partner have a thing for long drives then you can take one across the Isle of Hope to see antebellum houses and quaint cottages across the place called Intracoastal waterway.


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6. Molokai, Hawaii

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Making your way through some tropical vibes and colorful views, Molokai in Hawaiian island is a place with some friendly isle lanes without any high-end luxury stay spot or resorts. Molokai is a Hawaiian paradise where young couples can enjoy cascading waterfalls and hike through the Halawa Valley. A perfect place to warm up your holiday this season along the shores of calm waters and sea turtles playing around the place.

7. Hocking Hills, Ohio

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Hocking Hills of Ohio is a perfect place with an even balance of nature. One can enjoy the beauty of soaring cliffs, layered waterfalls, ancient caves and some intense deep forests in this place. The natural attractions here such as ash cave and old man’s falls are stunning to look at. These places remain less crowded throughout the year in every season and every month. Hocking Hills Canopy Tours is another must to experience gateway in Hocking hills. The spot has a gushing hocking river, dense forest and some pretty colors of autumn leave all blended. Hocking hills also have some well-equipped resorts to offer you luxury night stay in winters.

8. Snowmass, Colorado

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Snowmass is the small town of Colorado and one of the uncrowded and private spots to relax by without any hustle crowds and noises. Bringing out your cool adventure side, this place is ideal for those couples who know how to enjoy solitude and high height sport. This place is a winter playground with perfect high big mountain views which makes it the second-largest vertical drop in the US. Apart from the usual sport and entertainment, you can also enjoy moonlight trekking, fly fishing and rafting trips in the pleasant weather of Snowmass. If you ever happen to visit here in summers, do visit the Snowmass balloon festival. It takes place at one of the highest altitudes in the country.

9. Big Sur, California

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For all the adventure and mountain lovers, California’s central coast is a perfect spot to stop by to enjoy some picturesque landscapes and romantic adventurous holiday by the sea and mountains. The hugging curvy coastlines and freshwater springs are a must-visit here. Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park is one of the best-secluded beaches with the mesmerizing waterfalls to enjoy some quality time. Big Sur for sure has some better and bigger options when it comes to staying in this place. You can choose from a list of options for resorts to enjoy your rustic solitude holiday this time.

10. San Francisco, California

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California has something or the other to offer for all the vacation couples in every season. Some incredible views, great food, fancy dancing, funky galleries, beautiful coasts and much more. Some of the major highlights of the city that never fails to attract people and tourist here are the sunset view by the golden bridge, cable car tour across the city and the beautifully landscaped gardens of San Francisco Botanical Garden. Hitting across the beach is one of the best things here to enjoy some pleasant weather and free of space.

11. Key West, Florida

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Nobody could ever deny the fact that Florida is a place to be visited at least once in a lifetime. The bright sunshine and fresh winds are extremely beautiful on the land of Florida but, Key West seems to win down the list for couples who are looking to spend some quality time with their loved ones. Key West is a colorful place with some conch styled houses and quaint type streets, vibrant and pleasing to eyes. Besides, you can also see amazing florals all around with their beautiful scent playing in the air of Key West. Apart from all these beauties, you can also enjoy here some sunset sailing cruise, snorkeling in the warm waters, take a tour to seaplane in the nearby Dry Tortugas National Park or witness the street performances at Mallory square.

12. Charleston, South Carolina

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Charleston in South Carolina is extremely famous for its cobblestone streets and majestic street crosses. It is one of those places that offers you some vintage romantic vibes with historic mansions, Mongolian scents and a lot of scenic views in every corner. This place is something unique for all those couples who want to experience a honeymoon with some simple minimal vibes with lots of things to experience and enjoy. The pastel-colored houses here are the perfect picturesque spot for you to take some romantic photos with your soulmate.

We hope our blog helps you to pick your next vacation destination. Do share with us if you know more romantic vacay places in the US.