10 Best Clothing Optional Beaches Around the World


Certainly by its name and style these places are not for everyone since many do not feel comfortable to bare it all out in the open. But this idea has been in practice for at least a couple of centuries until the free beach movement of the 60s saw an enormous rise in a number of such beaches around the globe. Now several countries have legal areas that permit a clothing-optional experience at the beach and give you a chance to experience nature in a most natural form.

Many people ask about these clothing-optional beaches or naked beaches but get no solution. So, we decided to curate this list of no clothing beach for you.

Best Nude Beaches Around the World

Here are the top 10 clothing-optional beaches in the world that you should know about.

1. Black’s Beach, La Jolla, San Diego, California

Started in the rave of the 60s, Blacks was once the only legal nude beach in the entire United States. This beloved beach of California sits at the foot of 100-meter-high cliffs of Torrey Pines. It has all the perks of a normal beach; a long wide turf and great waves for the surf due to a submarine canyon that funnels underneath.

Managed by the State Department, Blacks is the largest beach of its kind in California. One way to access this beach is from the Ho Chi Minh Trail from the Torrey Pines Gliderport and the State Reserve.


2. Lady Bay Beach, Sydney, Australia

Located in the prime location of Watson’s bay, the Lady Bay Beach was first granted legal status as a clothing-optional beach in 1976. Although pretty small in size, this secluded beach is a rare luxury in a crowded city like Sydney and is a delightful spot for a perfect weekend getaway.

It is counted as one of the best nude beaches in the country and gives a spectacular view of the Middle Head, and also provides the South Head Heritage Trail if one feels like walking around in nature. The rocky ledges and other secluded areas are frequently useful for nude sunbathing.

3. Buhne 16, Sylt, Germany

In addition to being tolerant of nudity like most of the beaches in Sylt, Buhne 16 is considered one of the most beautiful nudist beaches in Europe. Being the first in its area, it is still the favored spot for nude sunbathing in Germany, with plenty amenities like the blue and white striped wicker beach chairs and the popular Buhne 16 bar in the popular area. The water remains chilly at 17°C even in the summer but that does not keep any swimmers or vacationers away from relaxing their holidays away.

4. Wreck Beach, Vancouver, Canada

At 7.8 kilometers long, Wreck Beach is one of the longest nude beaches in the world and is a part of the 874-hectare Pacific Spirit Regional Park in Vancouver. Usually, not many beach-goers are found in this rocky beach, but it gets popular with smelt fishers in the fishing season, who bare it all and join other families in smelt fishing.

Gaining popularity with the students and faculty of the nearby University of British Columbia in the 70s, its natural ambiance with evergreen trees and snowcapped peaks also makes it an extraordinarily scenic beach.


5. Red Beach, Crete, Greece

Located on the less populous shore of the famous holiday island of Crete, this beach is named so because of its unique colored sand and accompanying cliffs. It can be reached by a short boat ride in Santorini or a 20-minute hike from Matala. The movement of free beaches in the 60s reached Crete too and produced this gorgeous nude beach which also offers beach amenities for relaxing in addition to the view. Another nude beach called Micro Amoudi Beach in Crete is renowned for its magical sunsets and clean water.

6. Anse de Grande Saline, St. Barthelemy, Caribbean

Although only a part of this beach permits nudity, it is one of its kind in St. Barth’s and the secluded beauty with the golden sand attracts visitors nevertheless. The raw and untouched beauty of this beach seems to attract most visitors here who visit the Caribbean and especially St. Barth’s; since it is one of the most popular things to do there.

Owing to its seclusion, Anse de Grande Saline (or the Saline Beach) does not cater to amenities or other luxurious of public beaches, thus visitors are advised to bring their own things including a much-needed sunscreen. But there are popular restaurants in the area to grab some food and, unlike the beach, they are not clothing optional.

7. Platja des Cavallet, Ibiza, Spain

Official beach for nudists and an unofficial one for the many flamingoes who gather here, Platja des Cavallet is set in the holiday destination of Ibiza. It offers gorgeous views of the blue Mediterranean and colorful saline pans, where the flamingoes gather, near Ibiza’s southernmost point.

The beach is divided into various areas: a beach club area, a gay-friendly region, and the clothing-free beach area. Access to this crowd less beach is convenient is approached in a taxi, else there’s also bus service available. Tourists often visit the nearby El Chiringuito beach club and also Ibiza Town from which this beach is quite close.

8. Little Beach, Maui, Hawaii

Little Beach lies on the beautiful holiday island of Maui in the Hawaiian Islands, as a part of Maui’s Makena State Park. Just like the other islands, the beach is lined by ancient lava flows and surrounded by similar volcanic presence. But unlike other nude beaches, this one is popular among families and such regulars who trust this beach for its privacy and friendliness.

The famed gnarled trees provide enough shade behind the beach to hang around, overlooking the cove and a national marine sanctuary nearby. On Sunday evenings, traditional fire dancers and drummers entertain the beachgoers against the Hawaiian sunset.

9. Cap d’Agde beach, France

One of the largest leisure ports in France, Cap d’Agde is a seaside resort town and popular for being a “naked city”. Cap d’Agde Naturist Village is the largest clothing-optional beach resort in the world, where visitors are free to hang it all out anywhere they wish including places like restaurants and banks, and nudity is obligatory on the public beach for everyone. This naturist town attracts over 40,000 guests a day during the beach season in this Southern France town.
In addition to an entire clothing-optional town, France has other such beaches like the Tahiti Beach in Saint-Tropez which started the whole topless sunbathing movement in France in the 60s.

10. Mpenjati Beach, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

A younger member of the group, Mpenjati Beach was granted the official status of a clothing-optional beach in 2014 and it remains, legally, perhaps the only one of its kind in the entire African continent. It is located in the Mpenjati Nature Reserve south of Durban and is a popular spot for tourists craving for constraint-free relaxation on the continent. But along with a list of precautionary, and certainly necessary, regulations and protection from perverts, the beach continues to garner protests from the local clergy.

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There are surprisingly plenty amount of nude beaches across the globe; in the US: the Gunnison Beach in New Jersey (with 5,000 visitors in a weekend) and the Baker Beach in San Francisco (right next to the Golden Gate bridge), in Denmark the famous Bellevue Beach, several more across the European continent and the Caribbean islands where almost all beaches permit nudity.

So, these are the top and best Clothing Optional Beaches where you can enjoy no clothing experience in public places.