12 Best White Sand Beaches in the world


There are numerous ways for spending a relaxing vacation. While some people strive to find peace in the mountains, on the other hand, some people like to spend their time binge-watching movies in their homes. There’s nothing wrong with either of them, but no one can deny that beaches are one of the best, if not the best, way to spend a great vacation. Nothing can beat the tranquil blue water crashing on the sand.

In this article, we will talk about White Sand beaches. White Sand beaches are liked by many due to their whitish and soft texture. They are different from regular sand beaches as they are made up of fish sediments. With this small brief, let’s look at the 12 best white sand beaches on the planet. 

White Sand beaches

Here is the list of the best White Sand beaches in the world that you must visit.

1. Hyams Beach

Apart from being known for its pristine white sand, Hyams beach is also known for its clear waters. Another striking feature of this place is that you can do whale watching here. That being said, you can also do various snorkeling activities here. Hyams Beach is just a 3-hour drive from Sydney.  There are plenty of options in terms of accommodation and food. 


2. Matira Beach

White Sand Beaches in the world: Matira Beach

Matira Beach is the largest publicly accessible beach in Bora Bora. It is often referred to as the ‘Gem of Bora Bora’. It is extremely popular amongst visitors worldwide. The clear waters and soft white sand beach are coupled with the plethora of cafes and food joints all over the beach. It’s a perfect place to visit with family and friends, especially on a weekend. 

3. Kaunaoa Bay

Almost everyone is guilty of dreaming about a vacation in Hawaii. And it’s totally worth it. Kaunaoa Bay proves the point beautifully. Kaunaoa Bay attracts a lot of people with its crescent-shaped beach. There are tons of colorful fishes for you to see. The place is also famous for its luxurious hotel: Westin Mauna Kea Beach Hotel. The beach is a must-visit for photo lovers. The best time to visit this beach is from April to October. 

4. Siesta Key Beach

White Sand Beaches in the world: Siesta Key Beach

This white sand beach is in Florida. Siesta Beach is one of the most acclaimed beaches in the United States of America. The beach consists of crushed quartz and is considered to be one of the finest sands on the planet. You can also participate in the weekly Siesta Key Drum Circle to get a glimpse of the local culture. There are many amenities surrounding the beach like spas, food kiosks, and more. There are also many kinds of water-based activities that can be done here. 

5. Varca Beach

White Sand Beaches in the world: Varca Beach

Located in Goa, India, Varca Beach is a fun beach, that is surrounded by lush green trees. Varca beach is adorned by beach lovers from all over the world. Its white sand when combined with Goan cuisine and Indian atmosphere makes it very wholesome. There are many resorts and hotels where you can stay. And since you are in Goa, that means that there is great nightlife waiting for you. 


6. Playa Flamenco

Located amongst dense green forests in Puerto Rico, Playa Flamenco is one of the best beaches for picnics. There are several amenities like a restroom, lifeguard, etc. that make Playa Flamenco very family-friendly. There’s a dedicated parking lot that is an added benefit if you are visiting here by car. This white sand beach is famous among locals too. You can reach here by ferry or by plane.    

7. Grace Bay Beach

This picturesque beach on Turks and Caicos Island is worth every effort it takes to visit the place. You can enjoy a good amount of activities here like Windsurfing, Swimming, Kayaking, Parasailing, etc. The beach is known as Provo among the locals. The beach boasts highly of its 5-mile-long coastline. There are several other attractions like shopping complexes around the beach area, that make collecting souvenirs and shopping a lot easier. 

8. Titikaveka Beach

Titikaveka Beach is a world-renowned beach known for its great snorkeling activities. Now, this doesn’t mean that the beach is not relaxing. It is as relaxing and beautiful as all the other mentioned beaches. There is one thing to note though. The beach is located on Cook Island, NZ. The Cook archipelago is known for tropical cyclones and trade winds. It’s thus advisable to visit here only during May-April. 

9. Tulum Beach

White Sand Beaches in the world: Tulum Beach

Tulum Beach is a gem. Tulum beach is a combination of two large beaches: North Playa and South Playa. The former consists of Playa Ruinas, Playa Paraiso, and Las Palmas while the South Beach is a single beach without sub beaches. You can enjoy spectating the Mayan ruins along with the usual water activities like snorkeling here. 

10. Cayo de Agua

Situated peacefully in the Caribbean Sea, Cayo de Agua is a part of the Los Roques Archipelago and comes under the governance of Venezuela. The name ‘Cayo de Agua’ literally means ‘Water Key’. Cayo de Agua also serves as a national park also. The best time to visit here is in November-May.

11. Whitehaven Beach

White Sand Beaches in the world: Whitehaven Beach

This white sand beach is located in the amazing lands of Queensland, Australia. It is the largest among the 74 islands in the Whitsundays. The sand of the beach is one of the purest sands in the world. Another popular tourist spot on the beach is Tongue Point which serves as a very photo-friendly point. 

12. Johnny Cay

This seahorse-shaped island is known for two things: Its abundant amount of coconuts and second well.. its shape.  Apart from these two, the island is famous for its white sand beach, green vegetation, seafood, and local music. The best time to visit here are the months of April, May, November, and December. 

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Thus, we come to the conclusion of the article about the best white sand beaches that are worth visiting. Most of these beaches are easily accessible via ferries or a small road trip.