15 Most Exotic Beaches With Black Sand in the World

Beaches all across the world are known to be a one destination spot to chill, calm, relax and have your own time across the beauty of these deep waters. But not all are the same when it comes to certain features. Black sand beaches are rare to spot and find but on an honest note, they are more exotic and beautiful when captured through the lens.

Most of these black sands are a result of eroded lava rocks into fine soil over a few years. To our surprise, you cannot walk barefoot on all beaches at any time of the day. Some beaches may vary in temperature and is advised for visits only in the evening. 

Here’s a list of most stunning beaches with black sand across the globe. Each one of them has its beauty and charm. Make sure you check them out!

Black Sand Beaches in the world

The Beaches With Black Sand are a rare but most exotic place to visit.

1. Punaluu Beach, Hawaii

Beaches With Black Sand
flickr: sshreeves

Hawaii is a beach dream destination with all vibrant hues sparkling in the sky along with some tropical surroundings. The black sand beaches of Hawaii have different colors of sand due to the volcanic eruptions taking place.

To walk barefoot on the black sands, head on to the Punaluu Beach on the southeastern Kau coast of Hawaii Island. The beach is blessed with green turtles, coconut palms and lots of deep black sand around. One thing is that the giant turtles here and the sand, both are protected and strictly forbidden to take along. The beach is considered one of the most beautiful black sand beaches of Hawaii and is preserved to maintain it in the same way.

2. Black Sands Beach, California

Beaches With Black Sand
flickr: Caldera’s Photos

This beach in California stretches over 3.4 m long with some pretty beautiful black sand and dark black pebbles lying across the coasts. This 20 m coast stretch lies between Shelter Cove and Mattole River Campground. This place sees some huge tides on its shore with weather fluctuation hence swimming is an occasional sport for visitors. But on a positive note, the reef that protects the beach from washing away is beautiful. You’ll probably for sure love in to walk here barefoot on the soft black sands.

3. Black Sand Beach: Cahuita Beach, Costa Rica

flickr: R Alenius

Cahuita Beach is one of the latest black beach discovery of tourists in Costa Rica.  Cahuita is a small village that meets at the Caribbean coast with absolutely stunning views and sceneries. The black sand here is a result of volcanic origin yet completely safe to walk on. One can easily swim, go snorkeling or even dive into the beautiful sea to discover the beauty of this stretch. Being one of the Costa Rica beaches, this place has an abundance of marine life residing in its waters.

4. Kamari Beach, Greece

Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

Kamari Beach is situated in the Greek island of Santorini, covered by the steep slopes of Mesa Vouno. The beach resort here is extremely beautiful with rich blacks sand and crystal light waters presenting the beauty of the ancient city of Thira back from the 9th century. There are various bars, cafes, and restaurants on its shores that set in for a calm relaxed mood. The place is great for so many activities including swimming, snorkeling, and diving. 

5. Anse Chastanet, St. Lucia

flickr: Eirik

Anse Chastanet is one of those spots where you can swim and enjoy the calm water vibes alongside the Caribbean coast. Almost all the beaches here are extremely beautiful with black sand on its shore. They are extremely unique and beautiful as a result of the Island’s Volcanic origin. The beaches are perfectly maintained here with the stately aligned palm trees. Make sure you also check out the resorts which offer so many things to do and enjoy here.

6. Langkawi Island, Malaysia

Image by travelphotographer from Pixabay

Langkawi Island is located in Malaysia and is one of the best budget tourist spots. It is an archipelago of 99 islands surrounded by the sea. This island has a lush green tropical surrounding with almost all the water activities for its visitors. Scuba diving at Underwater World Langkawi at Pantai Cenang is a famous place for diving. The beaches here have black sand mixed in with some white sand as well, making it all look extremely beautiful. The place is usually crowded but no doubt, one of the best to enjoy visual treat.

7. Playa Jardín, Canary Islands

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

This black sand beach is the most unique and refreshing of all. Playa Jardin is a canary Island of touristy town of Puerto de la Cruz. This beach was designed by a local artist named César Manrique who added a unique concept of lush gardens full of native Mediterranean plants and trees to be planted on the entrance of the beach.

A beach is a perfect place for all its visitors. From lounge chairs to umbrellas and the lateral breakwaters to stop the waves from hitting the coast, the beach is quite well maintained and developed. The black sand here adds up more to the charm of this lovely place.

8. Black Sand Beach: Lovina Beach, Bali

flickr: Huib Verhoeff

The Southern Area of Bali has a fascinating and beautiful place known as Lovina beach. The beach coast stretches over 12 km long and the black sands here are pretty. It is exactly located in the Kalibukbuk village/ much one of the best things loved by all. Well, there isn’t anything much exciting here if you are looking for some partying spot or adventure rides, but there are a lot of luxurious bunch of resorts here. 

9. Perissa Beach, Greece

Image by Pat_Scrap from Pixabay

Greece has some of the most picturesque beautiful beaches in the world. Perissa Beach is one of those beautiful stretches formed as a result of the volcanic eruptions from the past. The coast of this beach stretches over 7km in the southeastern end of a village named Fira. The place is surrounded by many volcanic rocks which adds up to the charm. This beach is believed to be hot in the day times but evenings are a pleasant treat here.  Apart from enjoying sports activities, one can also explore the historic check hidden between the mountains which speak about the ancient town of Thira. This place is perfect for backpackers as well as party lovers.

10. Black Sand Beach, Maui

Image by Kathy VanDeventer from Pixabay

Situated in the tropical lands of Maui, Black beach sand in Maui is a spectacular treat filled with black sands, sea stacks, some beautiful lava caves, and blowholes. It is believed that the black sand here is a result of thousands of years of the powerful surf pounding the volcanic basalt rocks. You can find this beach outside the town, Hana. People usually come for sunbathing and swimming at black sand beaches in Maui.

11. Piha Beach, New Zealand

Image by trixxxxxx from Pixabay

40 km away from Auckland, Piha is one of the most popular black sand beach in New Zealand. The beach is extremely exotic and mesmerizing with the crystal deep iron black sand the high current rips of the water. One thing that’s for sure is that you need to keep a safety check more here. The sea seems to be quite moody and mysterious with its water waves and tides. Piha is more suitable for hiking and exploring the scenic water nature around. The beach is backed up by a lush sub-tropical forest and a protected park behind it.

12. Point Venus, Tahiti

flickr: ♥ L’humoureuse 🙂

Located in Tahiti’s northernmost end, this black sand beach is lovely and beautiful. There are different types of plants in the corner of the beach which keeps the people’s vibes fresh and calm here.  It is an ideal place for family picnic spots.

13. Santo Domingo Beach, Philippines

flickr: Rodrigo Bakovi

The Philippines is a land of beauty and many breaths taking beaches to explore and enjoy. Most of them are either white or golden but this one beach, Santo Domingo is different. Located in the town of Santo Domingo in the province of Albay on the island of Luzon, the beach is uniquely black and stunning. The whole scenery of blue waters, white clouds, and black sands will make you love this place even more.  There are lots of palm trees covering the area which make the beauty of black sand more pop up in the picture.

14. Black Sand Beach: Vik Beach, Iceland

Image by jacqueline macou from Pixabay

This black sand beach of Iceland is located in the village of Vik where hardly 100-150 number of people reside in. The beach isn’t that exotic famous holiday chilling spot but it is famous for the quality and deepness of the black sand on its shores. The beach on this island is quite un tropical but the water of the Atlantic ocean that meets on the shores is stunning. 

15. Black Sand Beach, Alaska

Image by Volker Glätsch from Pixabay

Black sand beach in Alaska is a spectacular spot that is quite famous kayakers during the summer to camp and explores the tidewater glaciers. One thing that the visitors have praised the most is the beautiful scenery of coarse black sand and the glaciers overhanging across the waters which makes a majestic view to enjoy. There are also huge rock cliffs at some distance which are exposed by glaciers too. This place is a perfect spot to take those bold beach photos with a unique natural filter on it.

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Black sand beaches are unique and beautiful. Visit these beaches and share your experience with us. We hope you like the article.

Q. Are there beaches with black sand?

A. Yes, there are many exotic beaches with black sand in the world. The most beautiful black sand beach in the world is Punaluu Beach. It is located on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Q. What causes a black sand beach?

A. The black sand is made of volcanic minerals and lava fragments. The color of Black sand beaches is black because many volcanic minerals and rocks are dark in color which gives it a black look. 

Q. Are black sand beaches hot?

A. Due to black in color, the black sand absorbs more heat than white sand. Therefore, during the day, the black sand feels hotter than white sand.

Q. Is Black Sand dangerous?

A. As the black salt is made up of heavy metals and minerals, it may be hazardous to humans and other species

Q. Is Black Sand Magnetic?

A. Yes, the black sand is usually magnetic. This is because it contains a magnetic mineral called magnetite. Magnetite is a kind of iron oxide that makes black sand magnetic.

Q. Which countries have black sand beaches?

A. Hawaii, Iceland, Philippines, Maui and many more places in the world have