10 Budget International Trips under 50000 INR from India

Indians, like me and you, who love to travel, discover places and spend time with our families during vacations often search for the best trip under budget. Traveling within the country doesn’t cost much but going overseas can cost a lot more than you expect.

Often, the budget for an overseas trip becomes an overbearing factor and we can’t enjoy our trips. But what if we tell you there are few places in the world where you can travel from India with minimal expense.

Following is the list of best overseas trips Indians can go on under a budget of 50,000 rupees. I know this is an amazing deal to go on a foreign trip under Rs. 50000 from India.

NOTE: Due to Covid-19, some of the countries banned the travel. So, do proper research before going on any trip.

Budget International Trips under Rs. 50000 from India

These are the best budget trips to foreign from India under Rs. 50000 per person.

1. United Arab Emirates

Image by Elena Jones from Pixabay

The UAE has become a much sought after holiday destination due to its affordable travel and accommodation costs and major attractions. One in UAE, you shouldn’t miss visiting Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. You can go on cultural tours, desert safaris, dolphin shows, shop in the largest malls and go for various adventure sports.

Air tickets to Dubai from Mumbai start from just ₹6757 and you can also book awesome stays for a price of only ₹7,000. If you don’t want to go through the hassles of booking your accommodation yourself, you can book packages that include meals, transit, and activity fare for only ₹20,000 per head. You can also get a visa on arrival.

2. Bhutan

Image by Suket Dedhia from Pixabay

This little neighboring country has an abundance of beautiful landscapes, that are yet untouched by man. If you plan a trip to Bhutan, there is a lot you can do. To reach Bhutan, you can take shared cabs/buses, which cost approximately ₹2,000. If you want to fly in, you can book tickets from Mumbai to Paro Airport for just ₹5,000. Rooms in hotels start from ₹3,000 per night and you can choose anyone according to your needs.

Bookings can be done online. Or you can book a package on swantour.com, with the Thimphu Paro Tour package available at ₹22,000 per person for 5 days and 4 nights. Airbnb also arranges a homestay for those who want to spend time in the rustic landscapes at $20 per night.

3. South Korea

Image by Sofia Terzoni from Pixabay

When traveling to South Korea, you shouldn’t miss going to Seoul, the capital city. Seoul is the only city to have five UNESCO World Heritage Sites and numerous modern landmarks. While you are there, you should also go to the Sevit Floating Islands on the Han river. Also, you can see the National Palace Museum of Korea, along with trying out the famous traditional and eccentric dishes.

Flights from Delhi to Seoul start at ₹15,000 and you can find awesome stays at ₹1500 per person per night if you are traveling in a group of six people. The best time to visit is in the months April to June and September.

4. Singapore

Image by Jason Goh from Pixabay

Singapore is one of the highest visited countries in the world, with tourism contributing a great chunk to the country’s economy. A trip to Singapore should include visits to the beaches, the Gardens by the Bay, and Civilian War Memorial.

Tickets from Mumbai to Singapore are available for as low as ₹19,600 and you can find hostels charging ₹2,000 per night per person. Even though Singapore is a year-round destination, you should avoid going in the months of May and June if you can’t take the heat.

5. Qatar

Image by Konevi from Pixabay

This holiday destination is slowly gaining popularity for being an affordable trip. There are a lot of things you need to do once in Doha, you need to go on helicopter and camel rides, visit beaches, go dune bashing, and do some local sightseeing.

Trip Advisor has various package deals from India to Doha, Qatar, all under INR 50 K, which includes the flight and the hotel expenses. Alternately, you can fly to Doha for ₹20,000 and then rent a house at homeaway.com for ₹2000 per night. The best months to go on this trip are from November to early April.

6. Thailand

Image by Honey Kochphon Onshawee from Pixabay

This little country in Asia is full of surprises that will amaze you. The local shopping dotting the landscapes is a specialty, along with floating markets. Thailand is also famous for its Elephant Tourism, which any animal enthusiast would love on a trip.

To fly into Thailand, you should take a flight from Mochi, which starts from as low as ₹9,170. During your stay, you can rent a property from homeaway.com, or you can simply book a package from thomascook.in from ₹32,000. These packages include flying costs as well. The best time to visit this year-round destination is whenever you deem fit.

7. Indonesia

Image by Michelle Maria from Pixabay

This small country is known for its rich cultural heritage. Volcano tours, Nature Tourism and cultural visits are sure to be on your itinerary if you are planning to go to Indonesia for a holiday. The best thing to do is to go on a seven-day backpacking trip for ₹40,000, with ₹13,000 for the flights, ₹2,500 for the visa and ₹3,500 for the stays.

8. Malaysia

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Malaysia is known for its picturesque landscapes, clear water, and relaxing beaches and it has become a tourist hub. You can stay in awesome properties rented using homeaway.com or any hotel. Various packages under ₹50,000 are available on MakeMyTrip. In Malaysia, there are lots of places you must visit, which are the Petronas Twin Towers, the Islamic Arts Museum, the Langkawi Cable Car and the Langkawi Sky Bridge.

9. Nepal

Image by Simon Steinberger from Pixabay

Nepal is a backpackers paradise, for those who want to visit the lofty peaks. Stays are available for as low as ₹4,000 at Airbnb. A flight from New Delhi to Kathmandu costs around ₹9,000, and taxi costs lesser. You can also go on various treks according to the places you want to visit. If you are not into adventure, you can roam the colorful Kathmandu Bazaar, or take the Kathmandu Heritage Tour, starting at ₹5,784. You can also take a Nagarkot Sunrise Day Tour at ₹2,335. Don’t miss out on Religious and Cultural visits during the tour.

10. Vietnam

Image by Vietnam Tour from India from Pixabay

Hop onto a flight to Ho Chi Minh City Airport from Kochi at just ₹16,872 and enjoy this tour of a lifetime, going on boat cruises, local market tours, caving cultural tour, island tours, wildlife tours and much more. The stay at the timelessly charming country can be managed within ₹8,500 for a seven-day tour and you can visit the cities of Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Nha Trang, and Ho Chi Minh City.

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These are the best Budget Trips that you can take under Rs. 50000 per person from India. Try to plan 2-3 months before vacation. This will make your trip lest costly. The price of flights and hotels are inversely proportion to time left for your vacation. That means, if you book your flight and hotels 2-3 months early, then your trip will cheaper.

Enjoy your foreign trip and share your beautiful stories with us.