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Feel like sipping cocktails under the tropical sun and enjoying yourself laying your back on the beachside. Sri Lanka is the ideal place to be this season to enjoy the cocktails under the tropical sun by the beachside. Sri Lanka is an island nation which is located south of India in the Indian Ocean. The turquoise blue water of the beaches gives you the effect of basking in the sun as well as making use of one’s skill in adventure sports and trying it.

Sri Lanka is known for its diverse landscape that ranges from rainforest and arid plains to the highlands and sandy beaches. The island is officially known as the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. The island is also famous for its Buddhist ruins and its rich cultural heritage which is buried in the writings of Buddhist writing. Sri Lanka is known for giving special privileges to the religion of Buddhism which is also a state religion and is accorded the foremost place in the Sri Lankan Constitution.

The history of this country spans over 3000 years old along with evidence of pre-historic settlements that date back to 125,000 years. Sri Lanka ranks 25 in the list of top biodiversity hotspots in the world. The small size of the country is not a hindrance to the dense biodiversity of this land with a remarkable number of species among its flora and fauna.

Sri Lanka is known to have 24 wildlife reserves that are home to a plethora of native species such as the Asian elephants, leopards, sloth bears, purple-faced langur, and many more. It is home to about 250 different species of resident birds and has many sanctuaries dedicated to these birds. The weather is primarily tropical and complements the beaches of Sri Lanka which makes it the ideal place for this holiday season visit.


There is a total of 24 beaches in Srilanka and every beach has its own beauty and specialty like Unawatuna is famous for tranquil Blue water, Mirissa is famous for whale watching and more. We have listed 10 best beaches in Srilanka to visit during your trip. Although every beach of Sri Lanka is beautiful.

10 Best Beaches In Sri Lanka

Here are the best beaches in Sri Lanka that will amaze you by its beauty. If you are planning your next trip to Sri Lanka, you must visit these beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka once.

1. Unawatuna

unawatuna beach

Unawatuna is one of the top selections among tourists visiting this country. This coastal town is situated in the Galle District of Sri Lanka and has one of the best beaches this country offers. Famous for its coral reefs offer you the scenic beauty of the sparkling waters coupled with the sand.  This island is situated at an elevation of 5 meters above the sea level and traces its roots back to the great epic Ramayana.

The coast of Unawatuna just beneath the Indian Ocean becomes the ideal place to spot shipwrecks, coral reefs, and a huge variety of fishes and turtles. The famous coral reefs known are the Rumassala that can be located at the east end of the Galle Harbor, this coral reef has a  notorious reputation for attracting a large number of divers. This place also offers eco treks in the shrub jungles of Rumassala.


On the west end of the beach, there are some rocks and stairs that head up to a small hill with a pagoda and a big Buddha statue and the small walk towards this spot ends with an overview of the beach from the top. In between the aisle of palm trees, one can find a street full of small restaurants and shops selling traditional food and souvenirs, clothes, jewelry and a lot more, just behind the beach.  The beach is considered to be an ideal spot for spotting some jellyfishes if one turns out to be lucky.

2. Bentota

bentota beach

 Source: Flickr

Bentota beach is ideally known for its watersports and windsurfing. The sailing equipment can be hired locally from the shops on the beach. The beach is a coastal town located in the Galle District of the Southern Province, Sri Lanka. The town is situated approximately 65 kms south of Colombo and is precisely located on the bank of Bentota River mouth, at a height of 3 meters above the sea level. Bentota is home to Ayurveda, the ancient art of healing.

The famous toddy is produced in the same place which is basically an alcoholic beverage made out of coconut nectar. The name of the town is known to be named after a demon called ‘Bem’ who had ruled the riverbank in the mythical story which the town claims. This place has a handful of world-class hotels. One can visit the brief garden that was designed by Bevis Bawa during their stay here. It is also a host town to the Kosgoda Turtle Conservation Project which is located at a distance of 11 km south of Bentota.

The beautiful Galapata Vihara is a temple that holds its roots back in the twelfth century and has underground tunnels.

3. Hikkaduwa

hikkaduwa beach

Hikkaduwa is a popular beach as well as a small town located on the south coast of Sri Lanka. The name is said to have been derived from two main words ‘ship kaduwa’ with the ‘ship’ being the shorter version of knowledge and ‘kaduwa’ meaning the sword and hence, it means the sword of knowledge. The town is located in the southern province, at a distance of about 17 kms northwest of Galle and 98 kms south of Colombo.

The town is famous for its beach life and nightlife that makes it a hot spot among the tourists.  The Hikkaduwa beach has a reputation for the best surfing spot in Sri Lanka. The beach is ideal for party lovers to dance along with the music by the beachside witnessing the sunset and waiting for the dawn to arrive.

The Hikkaduwa Coral Sanctuary is also located in the same town just a few hundred meters off the shore. The sanctuary is said to have approximately seventy varieties of multi-colored corals. The Hikkaduwa beach is the perfect location for board surfing and is an internationally acclaimed destination for the same. The town has come to recent fame due to its location being telecasted on an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s television show ‘ No Reservations .‘

4. Mirissa

mirissa beach

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Mirissa is a small town located in the South Province in the Matara District. One can see the Palm trees lined at the outskirts of the beach with crystal blue water which reflects a combination of blue and green. Surfing is one of the most prominent water sport at this place. One can also rent a board from the corner of the beach and practice catching those waves.

The water near the reefs is perfect for snorkeling. This small town is located approximately 150 kms south of Colombo. Mirissa is popular for its beach and nightlife that makes it a tourist hotspot. This town is situated at a height of 4 meters above sea level.

This town is host to a fishing port as the ideal location for whale and dolphin watching and the best season to enjoy it would be sometime around October to May. The town is known for its tuna, mullet, snapper and butterfish.

5. Dickwella

dickwella beach

Dickwella is a perfect spot to plunge into the waters and unwind from the hustle-bustle of everyday life. Dickwella is also known as Dickwella South as it is located in the Matara district in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. It is a small coastal market town situated at a distance of 22 kms east to the city of Matara. It is famously known for its long sandy beach, reefs, san-bars and is the ideal destination for swimming this holiday season.

This town contains the largest seated Buddha Statue which stands at a height of 50 m. The prominent Dickwella market is held next to the beach which is protected by headlands. The headlands are known to have reefs along their rocks which are very close to the beach. This small town is located at a distance of 220 kms from Colombo. The ideal time to enjoy the beach in this town is from May to July.

6. Weligama

weligama beach

Weligama is situated along the southern coastal belt of Sri Lanka at a distance of 144 km south to Colombo.

Weligama is host to many boutique hotels which makes it a popular tourist destination. The beach stands at a height of 9 meters above sea level. While one is in the town, they can be witness to local women sitting outside of their homes with pieces of laces and crochet turning out exquisite products like blouses, clothes, table mats, which is considered to be the local specialty of the place since Dutch times. This practice was introduced by the Portuguese in the 16th century. During this lace-making has remained a traditional handicraft along the coastal stretch of Weligama since.

The name of this place is derived from Sinhala which means ‘Sandy Village’ that is a reflection of the sandy bay beach in the town. The Weligama beach is popular amongst stilt fishermen. The water in the beach is known to be chest-deep. The loveliest stretch of the bay beach is around the island of Taprobane, which is also the most enchanting feature of the bay beach and is located at a distance of 200 meters off the shore of Weligama.

7. Induruwa

induruwa beach

Source: Flickr

Induruwa over the years has come to be known as a prominent destination as an excellent starting point for excursions and day trips. This small fishing village is located on the South Western Coast of Sri Lanka. The sandy beaches of this small village are considered to be ideal for a little time away for some introspection are carefree walks along the beach. This village is blessed with silence contrary to the commercial cities.

The local market of this village has small shops which cater to travelers and tourists who come here. The town is rich in fern and flora and is known for its ayurvedic practices that are carried out in a number of hotels. The ravishing and low-key un-crowded beaches that offer scenic village life.

The beaches are ideal for sunbathing and swimming and the stream is flourished with a number of water bodies which are located in and around the area making Induruwa.

8. Koggala

koggala bech

Source: Flickr

Koggala is a small town located on the south coast of Sri Lanka. This small town is situated at the edge of a lagoon. Koggala beach is a combination of the warmth of the sand and the sea breeze of the waters that flow along the side. The beach is located at a distance of 140 kms from Colombo and is a heaven for beach lovers who wish to spend some time away from city life.

On one side the town is bounded by reefs and on the other by a large lake that is the Koggala Lake. The Koggala beach is located just 12 kms down from one of the Unawatuna Bay beach. There is a small turtle hatchery from where one can witness how the newborn turtles are cared for.

9. Negombo


The Negombo beach is located just 15 minutes away from the Bandaranaike International Airport in Sri Lanka. If you are going to the Negombo beach, you can explore this city too. This city has some of the country’s oldest churches, other untouched beaches, and fresh seafood. 

10. Arugam Bay


The Arugam Bay which is also locally known as “Arugam Kudah”. It is located 320 kilometers (200 mi) due east of Colombo. This beach is famous for Surfing And Fishing.

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All the above are the best beaches in the Sri Lanka. Below we listed all the beaches in Sri Lanka and why to visit that beach. Hope this can be helpful for your next tour to Sri Lanka.

  • Unawatuna – Best For Tranquil Blue Waters
  • Bentota – Best For Beaches And Mangroves
  • Mirissa – Best For Whale Watching
  • Dickwella – Best For Romantic Staycations
  • Weligama – Best For Instagrammable Beaches
  • Galle – Best For Postcard-Perfect Colonial Architecture
  • Induruwa – Best For Scenic Beaches And Villages
  • Hikkaduwa – Best For Untouched Nature’s Bounty
  • Koggala – Best For Rare Turtle Species
  • Negombo – Best For Peace And Relaxation
  • Arugam Bay – Best For Surfing And Fishing
  • Uppuveli – Best For Delish Lankan Cuisine
  • Trincomalee – Best For Stunning Temples
  • Polhena – Best For Endless Water Sports
  • Mount Lavinia – Best For Diving And Snorkeling
  • Kalpitiya – Best For Meeting Dolphins
  • Tangalle – Best For Weekend Getaways
  • Pasakudah And Kalkudah – Best For White Sand Beaches
  • Talalla South – Best For Swimming In Clear Waters
  • Matara – Best For Ancient Forts
  • Nilaveli – Best For A Fine Stretch Of Sand
  • Muhathuwaram – Best For A Private Experience
  • Wijaya – Best For A Stretch Of White Sand
  • Pigeon Island – Best For The Best Coral Reefs
  • Rekawa – Best For The Sea Turtles  
  • Pottuvil – Best For A Stunning Time
  • Casuarina Beach – It is An Unexplored Beach
  • Kahandamodara Beach – A Best Coconut Fringed Beach

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These are the gorgeous beaches in Srilanka that everyone must visit on their trip to Sri Lanka. You will find peace in these beaches.