8 Best Beaches in Puerto Rico

Summer holidays are one of the best memories that last life long and choosing an ideal location to make those memories more special is an important task. Puerto Rico is one of the best territories to spend your summer/spring holidays.

Talking about Caribbean vacations, they aren’t even complete without soaking up in the sun by the Puerto Rico Beaches. The places have so much more apart from beautiful scenic beaches to explore and enjoy. The crystal water, shiny coastlines, and fresh palms are all set to treat you this summer with perfect tan skin and amazing positive fresh vibes. 

Apart from being home to nature’s beauty, this place attracts a lot of water sport enthusiasts as well. One can easily find all water sports around here. Some main things to enjoy here are surfing, bodysurfing, paddleboard, snorkeling, and some other water sports too. In some places, you can also enjoy the vibrant active nightlife here. There’s ample space for partying across the shores giving you full holiday vibes around the Caribbean waters.

So, to give you a little more insight, here’s a list of the beaches in Puerto Rico that one shouldn’t miss if given a chance to visit here at least once.

Best Puerto Rico Beaches

Here is the list of best beaches in Puerto Rico that you can visit during your trip:

1. Flamenco Beach

Puerto Rico Beaches: Flamenco Beach

Flamenco Beach is located approximately 17 miles away from Culebra Island. The place is a tropical gateway to the white sand shores with crystal clear waters and fresh palms covering the space beautifully. In precise words, Culebra beach as a whole is very exotic and beautiful to explore and wander. You can also enjoy snorkeling, diving, or just going on a walk across the waters.

The island also has a wildlife refuge that can be explored around the day time to see some amazing creatures. We love the whole Caribbean vibes of this island and beach. A perfect place for honeymoon couples as well as for families as a quick holiday gateway.

2. Luquillo Beach

 Luquillo Beach
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This beach has a quite different significance and beauty. The stretch is a natural crescent-shaped coastline covered with lovely palms and turquoise waters on the shores. More than any other activity, the place is an ideal location for beach walkers and joggers.

You can also enjoy some local food vendors selling light snacks to enjoy. Flyboarding is a different experience that you’ll love doing in these crystal vibrant waters. 

3. Playa Sucia

Puerto Rico : Playa Sucia

On the southern tip of Puerto Rico lies the Playa Sucia. It is another beautiful beaches not to miss around for its perfect beauty and natural peace of the place. The beach is seen often as less crowded as most of the people don’t visit here in groups. It is more of a private personal space with ample privacy and peaceful moments.

There is a Cabo Rojo Lighthouse here which witnesses beautiful stunning sceneries of sunrise and sunset moments. You mostly find here local people selling local food and accessories around. If you can pack up something for yourself, it would be a great idea the food options are limited in this place.

4. Playa Crash Boat

beaches in Puerto Rico: Playa Crash Boat
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The playa crash boat is one of the best and largest surfing areas of Puerto Rico. This place has gained a lot of importance ever since the world surfing championship was hosted here in 1968. The waters here play around with huge gigantic waves which make it a perfect place to enjoy surfing around in the summers.

Another lovely feature of the place is that the water reflects here with some colorful vibes around. One can enjoy snorkeling or diving opportunities in the deep waters which have colorful reefs and rich marine life too. The place is also reviewed as one of the best beaches with views for an evening walk or family picnics with kids playing and enjoying around.

There are a lot of local vendors who are ready to treat you to the traditional delights and food cuisines here. Another best thing not to miss when in the Playa Crash Boat area is, the whale watching activity. It is absolutely beautiful here in the waters of Rincon to see whales play around with their humpbacks. Mostly, the whale watching takes place here in the mid of January to the end of March.

5. Isla Verde

Isla Verde
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If you are looking for a luxurious stay over near the beachside for a proper staycation/vacation with all perfect amenities, then Isla Verde is the place you should pick among the list. It is more of like a beach resort destination where you can find all well established good hotels facing the beach with all high-end luxuries and crowd around you. The beach here is also well maintained and constructed with public toilets, baths, and a lot of beach facing restaurants.

The place is best for those who are planning for an exotic beachside holiday all in style and comfort. The visitors can also enjoy water sports here such as jet skiing, surfing and much more. One thing not to forget is that this place is a little popular high-end beach so you’ll always see the crowd occupied here.

6. Condado Beach

Puerto Rico : Condado Beach
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Beaches always have that special fresh vibes around them but Condado Beach in San Juan is more than just a vibe. It is one of those tropical gateways that Is all set to give you that special holiday vibes just like the perfect Maldives experience in Puerto. Many great people have suggested this place as the best pick for family holidays and honeymoon vacations as well.

The sea faces the Atlantic ocean here and probably has a strong current vibe too. Make sure you have a place to stay nearby, the current here is too strong so, if you wish to go swimming or try out water sport here, you’ll have to wait for the perfect weather to enjoy your water experience in these waters.

7. Ocean Park Beach

 Ocean Park Beach

Another lovely beach in the same district of Condado is Ocean Park Beach. It was developed around the 1950s and is one of the most renowned tourist attractions here. This beach is extremely popular among the locals as the white sand is extraordinarily beautiful to enjoy reflecting with the blue waters creating an ombre look from far.

Though the beach is quite an old attraction, it isn’t that well developed with restrooms or shower rooms for the public. Moreover, you will feel that it is less organized in comparison to other beaches as well. But keeping all the facts aside, the place is worth every adjustment as the water here shines crystal clear and the sky reflects sliver upon it making all look magical.

8. Tortuga Beach

beaches in Puerto Rico: Tortuga Beach

A combination of beauty and remote Island holiday destination, Tortuga Beach is not that easy to access by all. You can reach here only via taxi boat or boat. But in simple words, it is like one of those dream islands where you would love to plan your private luxurious honeymoon vacations during the summers.

The island beach here is extremely breathtaking and very lovely to enjoy the views. Since the place isn’t a populated space, the basic amenities here like food and shopping aren’t that easy to find. It’s better if you pack all your essentials needed for a day here. the beach is extremely spacious and you can enjoy water sports such as snorkeling, swimming, and bungee jumping here.

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Shortlisting the best Puerto Rico Beaches, these are our top recommendations in Puerto Rico. But if you know of more such worth visiting places do share with us and let us all know it as well. These beaches are honestly very stunning to visit at least once and we promise you’ll love it as much as we do.

Just make sure you do proper research on the weather and water conditions if at all you plan to visit any of these.

Stay safe, stay happy.