12 Exotic Honeymoon Destinations in India


After marriage, couples in India spend an enormous amount of time thinking about their honeymoon. If it is an arranged marriage, the stakes are even high. A honeymoon is one time, where couples can take a break from their life and work and get to know each other better.

The destination for the honeymoon matters a lot.  Some destinations are perfectly suited for both and sometimes there can be a debate on where to go. Many couples find each other’s interest and bond over it. It creates a balance between the couples of their likes and dislikes. It is also possible that couples might find love during their honeymoon. The destination has its charm to brew the chemistry between couples.

Therefore, we curated the best places for honeymoon in India for lovely couples to know each other and fall in love with each other again.

Honeymoon Destinations in India

List of famous honeymoon destination in India:


1. Andaman

honeymoon in Andaman

Most weddings in India are held in winter which makes Andaman the perfect honeymoon destination. This tropical island is trending for couples to append their honeymoon. The islands offer so many things. The secluded beaches can be ideal for a quality bonfire night and dinner. There are so many things that couples can do together if they love adventure. Isn’t it romantic to do scuba diving or snorkeling together in the warm blue waters?

The best time to visit Andaman is from November to February.

2. Goa

Honeymoon in Goa

This is India’s party destination but is also ideal for honeymoon and destination weddings.  Goa is a beautiful place for couples who love adventure and like to discover things together. Other than its beaches and adventure sports, couples can go for treks together or picnics. Taking a drive to the Goan villages is one of the precious moments. Sitting at the shacks or shopping together or dancing together in a pub, Goa is a place for couples to have fun.

The best time to go for honeymoon in Goa is from October to February.


3. Kashmir

Honeymoon in Goa

A honeymoon in paradise on Earth is the best thing. Couples can go apple picking or take a stroll in the Shalimar Gardens. The shikhara ride in Dal Lake or buying Pashmina together, Kashmir is really a romantic destination for couples. And if they are a bit adventurous, couples can head to Ladakh together on a road trip.

The best time to visit Kashmir for honeymoon is anytime of the year. You can experience different whether all over the year and every season is best to explore Kashmir.

4. Landour

Honeymoon in Landour

If you want a simple and quaint honeymoon, Landour is the ideal destination. This British cantonment is away from the tourist ghetto of Mussoorie. Landour has an old-world charm of its own. With your partner take a morning walk around the Gol Chakkar trail to see the beautiful sunrise amidst the deodar trees. Sip some hot cocoa and croissant at Landour Bakehouse. As a couple stay and dine at the Rokeby Manor. If you want to venture out more, take a car and head to the corn villages at Bhatoli and Sainji and get a taste of Garhwal culture.

You can go here anytime of the year.

5. Rann of Kutch

Honeymoon at Rann of Kutch

Have you ever thought of a honeymoon in tents under the moon? Well, Rann of Kutch becomes the ideal honeymoon destination for those who want to experience the earthy rural culture. It is quite romantic to stay in mud houses or bhungars. It is a great way to experience a Kutchi culture. The white desert becomes even more beautiful at night.

Take a camel ride in the desert with your beloved or watch the desert in its serenity when there is the full moon. It is a romantic destination. You can also visit nearby travel villages and eat Kutchi food and homemade mawa milk cakes. The beaches of Mandvi are just an hour away and you visit it for a day.

Winter is the best time to explore Run of Kutch.

6.  Agra

If you are a lover of art and history, this destination is great for your honeymoon. Agra is transportation to the Mughal world. You can stay at the royal resorts and give your honeymoon that opulent touch. Visit the Taj Mahal with your beloved to see love turned into a beautiful architectural wonder. Visit the Agra fort or marvel at the beauty of anguri bagh. Add Fatehpur Sikri and the tomb of Itbadudaula to the sightseeing list. Relish on the Awadhi food and see the beautiful Mughal town with your beloved.

7. Jaisalmer

Honeymoon in Jaisalmer

Honeymoon in the sand dunes is a real romantic idea. Jaisalmer is a beautiful honeymoon destination in India, where couples can enjoy royal hospitality amidst the sand dunes. Stay at the heritage hotels and visit the royal Havelis and forts.  The local music and folk dance are a treat to the ears and eyes. The beauty of Jaisalmer becomes vivid in the evening. Couples can plan a picnic in the desert shamiana. The camel ride across the Thar desert is one of the beautiful sites, especially during sunsets.

8. Udaipur

Honeymoon in Udaipur

Udaipur is called the Venice of the East. The destination is a perfect spot for newly married couples to have their honeymoon. Udaipur is known for its beautiful forts and havelis and heritage hotels. It is a royal place for decadence. What makes a honeymoon even more special is a boat ride in the Lake Pichola.

9. Darjeeling

Honeymoon in Darjeeling

Couples from Kolkata who are newly married often head to this beautiful hill station for a honeymoon. Darjeeling, though, is touristy, it still has retained its beauty. Sipping some tea with your beloved at tea estates or just taking walks along the St Andrews church and shop at the mall road. Couples normally go together to see the beautiful sunrise and the magnificent views of the Kanchenjunga from the Tiger Hills. If you want some days off the touristy crowd, head for a day or two to Kurseong. It is quaint and you and your beloved can be just surrounded by nature and the beautiful mountains. Darjeeling is ideal for a perfect summer honeymoon.

10. Kerala

God’s own country is a beautiful honeymoon destination for couples. The destination has an exotic landscape and culture. Spend some quaint time at the boathouses on the backwaters of Alleppey with delicious food. You can head to the hills of Munnar for some natural site seeing or sipping tea. If you are there in August, then as a couple you can enjoy the celebrations of Onam at Thrissur. If you want some urban life, Fort Kochi is both a cultural and commercial hub. Couples can enjoy the art and a taste of Portuguese and Jewish culture. The honeymoon trip to Kerala is incomplete without a stay in the beachside town of Kovalam.

11. Meghalaya

laces in indiathat are not allowed to visit

Meghalaya is the heaven on earth after Kashmir. If you explore this place in the monsoon, you will get the awesome experience of living in-between the clouds with your lover. There are numbers of waterfalls and trails in Meghalaya that you can explore. Meghalaya has the world’s wettest place where you can experience the highest rainfall in the world. If you and your partner love hiking then you can get the best views of the Himalayas and the waterfall in Meghalaya.

You can visit this place during and after monsoon.

12. Coorg

Views of Coorg from Raja’s Seat, Madikeri

The Coorg is also known as Scotland of India. It is a very popular coffee producing hill station which is located amidst imposing mountains in Karnataka. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of this misty land of hills.

Enjoy the smell of tranquilizing coffee and scenic beauty of Coorg with your better-half.

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These are the best honeymoon destinations in India. Explore these beautiful places with you lover and get lost in the beauty of nature.