10 Most Romantic Things To Do In Paris

The city of Love, Paris is the capital of France and a major European City. It’s a global hub of fashion, art, gastronomy, and culture. It has some of the most beautiful constructions in the world. It’s situated in the central part of the country and possesses an area of 104 square kilometers. It is one of the safest major metropolitan cities in Europe.

As Thomas Jefferson puts it- “A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in point of life”. The possibilities of romance in Paris are infinite. It’s one of favorite honeymoon destination for couples.

If you are planning for a Europe trip, here is the best and economical European vacations destinations that you must visit. There are many beautiful countries in Europe which are must-visit destinations. Here we curated the best and romantic things to do in Paris.

10 most romantic things to do in Paris.

Here is a list of most romantic things to do in Paris. Paris is a paradise for lovers. So, don’t forget to add ticks on this bucket list during your travel to Paris

1. Propose on Eiffel Tower

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The number of marriage proposals on the Eiffel Tower is uncountable. It is one of the most appropriate and romantic ways to propose your partner. If your partner is angry with you, take him/her to the top of the tower and apologize with a glass of champagne in hand. With the amazing view of the city, the anger will be replaced by love. The first floor contains photographs, history, and engravings about the tower. There’s also a restaurant and a souvenir shop. The second floor gives a breathtaking panoramic view of the Louvre Museum, Hill of Montmartre and the beautiful Seine river. The third floor possesses a champagne bar with a choice of rose and white champagne.

2. Rejuvenating ‘love’ by visiting The Wall of love

Rejuvenating ‘love’ by visiting The Wall of love romantic things to do in Paris
Image by Ciprian Axinte from Pixabay 

Are you bored of saying the traditional “I love you?”, don’t worry because this 612 tiled wall has the word “I love you” written in 250 languages including rare languages like Navajo, Inuit, Bambara, and Esperanto. This wall was created by a French calligrapher, Claire Kito. Don’t you think this is the most romantic things to do in Paris.

3. Walk around Rue des Barres in Le Marais

The favorite neighborhood of Parisians, this place is famous for good looking buildings, architecture and nice, cheap bars. This place inhabited by a mixture of communities. You can find Jewish, Chinese and the LGBT community here. The walls are covered by street art. The museums in this area are a must-visit. The museums are “the House of Victor Hugo” and “Musée Carnavalet” You can also see the exhibitions at the Hotel de Ville.

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4. Browse the fantastic works of Ary Scheffer

Musée de la Vie Romantique, the personal residence of Dutch-born painter Ary Scheffer, this place is a bode-turned museum which once hosted La Nouvelle Athenes’ famed Friday night salons. Today you can see romantic era sculptures, canvases and objects d’art worth looking at.

5. Watching a classic film at Le Champo

Le Champo is basically an arthouse cinema in the Latin Quarter of Paris which has been showing arthouse cinema since it was renovated in 1938. It’s a landmark for classic movies from professional filmmakers like Federico Fellini, Alfred Hitchcock, and Edouard Molinaro. The cinema was earlier dedicated to news broadcasts. It is known for its striking art deco façade.

6. Show your love stealthily on Pont des Arts

Show your love stealthily on Pont des Arts
Image by edmondlafoto from Pixabay 

Better known as Love Lock Bridge, this bridge was a favorite for couples. Earlier couples used to have lip-locks on the bridge railings. This practice is now banned. Though visitors still take a selfie here nowadays and enjoy each other’s company here.

7. Picnic at Luxembourg Palace and Gardens

Picnic at Luxembourg Palace and Gardens
Image by David Mark from Pixabay 

On the border between Saint-German-des-Pres and the Latin Quarter, you will come across Luxembourg Gardens. For someone familiar with French Literature, he can observe the collection of promenades, orchids, and flowerbeds of roses. There are many prominent eateries around the Luxembourg Gardens. Poilâne is one of the greatest bakeries in Paris. Their preparations are fabulous. Cosi is a unique shop for sandwiches. The preparations are done with focaccia like bread, with fresh fillings straight from the oven. There are plenty of vegetarian choices. For sweet lovers, Luxembourg has Patrick Roger and Henri Le Roux. Patrick Roger is famous for its bold display and unique flavors like lemongrass and Sichuan peppercorn mix. Henri Roux is for chocolate lovers. They have earned the fame of “Master Chocolatier”.

8. Have a romantic dine out Hotel Plaza Athenee

a reason to dress up like those fancy couples from Hollywood, this hotel is a symbol of Parisian glamour. It is located near the Eiffel Tower and the Champs-Elysees. This fancy restaurant has hosted international royalty, celebrities, and politicians. This hotel was featured in the final season of HBO’s “The Smurfs 2”, “Sex and the City”, and “Something’s Gotta Give”.

9. Visit the pilgrimage for Romantics in Montmartre

Visit the pilgrimage for Romantics in Montmartre
Image by cthkim from Pixabay 

Montmartre’s signature Basilique du Sacré-Cœur ( Sacred Heart Basilica) is a place of pilgrimage for both purposes- religious and romance. It’s a Roman Catholic church dedicated to Sacred Heart of Jesus. It’s a popular landmark and the second most visited place in Paris. The complex contains a garden for meditation. The top dome is open to tourists and offers a great panoramic view of Paris.

10. Walk hand in hand down Canal St-Martin

Walk hand in hand down Canal St-Martin romantic things to do in Paris
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this 4.5 km long canal was inaugurated in 1825. Its construction was by the order of Napoleon Bonaparte to provide a shipping link between the Seine and northeastern parts of Paris. The towpaths take you past locks, bridges, and local neighborhoods. The underground passage makes for an extremely interesting canal boat ride. On the outer side of the canal, there are paths to stroll along and benches for taking rest and playing areas for children.

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Paris is a nice vacation place to go to with family or with a partner. The love is in the air in Paris. The views from Eiffel Tower, the museums, the calmness of the Seine River and the delicacies available all over the place makes Paris a romantic city. A tour to Paris is basically rejuvenating the bonds among couples or between family members. If you are thinking of giving life a break or spend some time with your partner, don’t think much and plan a trip to Paris. As Howard Koch says, “We will always have Paris.”